As many of you know - StarCraft Legacy is currently the home of the Authorized Blizzard Fansites Database. But for the last several years the backend supporting the database did not function correctly and its policing and moderation was sadly, non-existant. One of the new Alpha features is the revival of our fansite links database. With a new integrated software package and a renewed vision for our links section we're ready to once again house one of the most complete and influential link compendiums on the net.


Beginning on September 28th, site entries will be uploaded. Please consider these guidelines, rules, and general protocol:

[*]This is an English database. If you are a non-English site, please indicate this in your description.
[*]Submissions will be deleted if [I]A.[/I] all fields are not filled out or [I]B.[/I] the description just repeatsĀ  the website name.
[*]We reserve the right to add, change, or remove content from entries.

StarCraft Legacy strives for a highly developed and high quality database. Please expect an entry you submit to be edited, at minimum, for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Rewording may also occur; however, we respect your right and ability to use varying sentence structure to advertise your site (e.g. short, long, simple, complex, etc...).[/quote]

Any registered user can submit a link for consideration. Once we've visited and authenticated the site to ensure it doesn't violate any Blizzard Terms of Service, we'll promptly add it. To protect the system from being abused, we'll be doing frequent check-ups on the site to make sure they aren't violating copyrights, still exist, and are in good standing. This database will seek to be complete and will not discriminate on content, member count, or professionalism. However, SC:L will be announcing its own affiliation program in the future for the mutual benefit of qualifying sites.

This database relies on the community and we hope that it will be the first of many positive contributions to the community. We have many exciting things planned for this project including some great inter-site collaboration. To submit a link you can either click [url=http://www.sclegacy.com/links/addlink.php?c=0]here[/url] or click on Fansite Links menu item on the left. We'll definitely be adding periodical updates to the system and more site profile details (suggestions welcome).

And to everyone waiting for the return of our award winning content - fear not. Nothing is lost and we're working on converting it as quickly as we can. Regular news posting is right around the corner along with much of our promised new material (and maybe a teaser of the completed Alpha concepts?). If you have any questions about the database or anything else don't hesitate to PM any staff member. Remember we exist because of you!

- The SC:L Staff"

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