Blizzard has just released a new short lore story called Collosus. It was written by Valerie Watrous.

Aldrion, a respected high templar among the Aiur protoss, is plagued with visions that he is unable to understand.

There was no way out. The screams made him certain of that. He could sense the dark templar huddled together in panic, their structure surrounded on all sides, but he was powerless to intervene. Their fear burned into his mind until his consciousness was pierced with it, each sensation bright and distinct before bleeding away into the abyss. He already knew how it would end. The machines were coming....

Despite his desire to meditate and calm his mind, Aldrion has been called to serve; he is to work in concert with another Aiur protoss and a dark templar in their search for an artifact hidden away long ago by their people: the colossus. This dangerous relic is from a time when protoss mistakes led to genocide—the Kalath Intercession—but the rise of the zerg threat and the fall of Aiur have driven the protoss to desperate measures.

Will latent animosity between the Aiur protoss and the dark templar foil the mission before it can be completed? Is the timing of Aldrion's visions more than just a coincidence?

Check out the latest short story in the StarCraft Lore section: Colossus by Valerie Watrous!

New Lore: Colossus Short Story!

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