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IgroMir 2009 has concluded with the closure of its third day. As a flood of gamers and press flow out of its doors one last time to further share their knowledge with the world, StarCraft: Legacy has found further information for the community.

Imba.Adolf [RA] of has been providing large articles discussing his experiences with StarCraft II and all the little nuances that he's been testing. So far he's written an article after Day 1 and Day 2 of the event. The final day is no exception as we present our English translation of his newest gameplay article, A Report from IgroMir, Day 3. If you want to catch up on his previous opinions, his first article and second article provide additional gameplay impressions.

Again, StarCraft: Legacy appreciates the work that Pure.Wasted put into translating for us.

We played Starcraft 2: A Report from IgroMir, Day 3
IgroMir 2009 StarCraft II Coverage - Day 1
IgroMir 2009 StarCraft II Coverage - Day 2

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