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Day 2 of IngroMir continued to provide the same epic experience to those attending as the day before. Two Starcraft II tournaments were planned for its attendees to try their might against each other instead of computers. People who did well received prizes including the Starcraft II Board Game and Razer Naga™ MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse. Images, opinions and articles came from the internet throughout the foreign news circuits about the many games showcased in Moscow, Russia.

While the second day had no new panels, the StarCraft II panel from our Day 1 coverage has some nice information worth restating. Chris Sigaty, Lead Designer of StarCraft II, confirmed to the Russian audience that beta is planned for 2010. Many people in the StarCraft community wonder if this is truly a worldwide announcement or if it's only referencing a Russian beta. There is no concrete information to speak either way, the only information iterates from the quote below in their QA portion of the transcribed panel:

Question from Audience: When is StarCraft 2 coming out?
Chris Sigaty: Tomorrow (audience laughs). Of course not. Normally at Blizzard we don't speak of dates. So far we're planning on making the beta-test next year. As soon as we feel that the game is ready, we'll release it.


Imba.Adolf [RA] continues his coverage with a second article at Starcraft Legacy's community member, Pure.Wasted, took it upon himself to translate it all from Russian to English for both days. You can read the each translated article at A Report from IgroMir: Day 1 and A Report from IgroMir: Day 2 . They provide great information from his impression of the units, the way the interface feels, build orders, macro mechanic impressions and even provides reports of each game he played in the tournaments. His articles also provides many pictures of the event which we've linked below.

Viewing the Desktop Attendees at IgroMir 2009 playing at the StarCraft 2 playing area Another view of the StarCraft 2 Player Area

Terran medivacs hover above their passengers Prizes won at IgroMir 2009 Razor Mouse Advertisement

Waiting in line for StarCraft 2 The crowd around the StarCraft 2 Play Areas Blizzard Staff watches over the scene

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