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Originaly posted by AJ:

Well, here it is. Welcome to the first morning of this year’s BlizzCon. BlizzLive will be providing live coverage of the Opening Ceremony via our Twitter Feed that you can find on the right-hand sidebar.

Our current plans are for Twitter to be our main method of communication during the day, while on the floor of the convention, and then we’ll also be providing round-up article coverage and news updates as more information is shared and available for you all. There will additionally be large amounts of photos uploaded throughout each day, so keep an eye on the photo feed on the right as well.

While we’d like to be able to get it up faster, our Video feed will be updated each night with the appropriate official Blizzard cinematics/gameplay videos, as well as our own personal video coverage from the floor and nightly wrap-up video.

More immediately, there will be a 1st Day Live Q&A with our representatives at the convention, hosted live on this page at 6 PM (Pacific). Make sure and have your questions saved up and we’ll answer them as well as we can. And don’t be afraid to invite your friends, we’ll answer their questions too.

We’re looking forward to today’s events, we hope you are too!




IRC Header


We're happy to inform you of our new IRC channel.


Firstly, we will use the channel for live event coverage. This is the current plan, but as both the website and forum grows and is updated with new content and features we will use it at a larger scale.
In an IRC channel it's very easy to communicate with multiple people at once, without having to make a thread on a forum. By having this IRC channel we can get rid of some of the smalltalk on the forum, talk that fit better in an IRC channel. It's also a nice way to get to know other SCL Users without having to PM and similar in the forum. Easy access to SCL Staff, moderators and users, as long as they are online.

And it should be mentioned, that we will integrate web based IRC to our site or forum somewhere down the line.
If you'd rather not install mIRC now, and instead connect through your browser, you can simply go to http://webchat.quakenet.org/ and type in your nick and channel #sclegacy and click connect.


Learn how to join here.

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