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PlayXP General Impressions

The Overall Feel

  • The writer focused on enjoying the game and reviewing it as a whole, not searching out all the changes that have been made.
  • Didn’t get to test out the observer mode.
  • Unit and building names changed to bold font.
  • The game was played in “Faster”, which was similar to the game speed of Starcraft (Translator's Note: not mentioned which game speed of Starcraft, but I assume it is Fastest).
  • Lakia, who participated in playing, said that the game was too fast and he couldn’t keep track of things (Translator's Note: remember, this is the “Faster” game speed on Starcraft II, meaning “Fastest” is probably much faster).


  • Two Vespene Geysers at each base, each with 2500 total gas.
  • Minerals mined five at a time, gas mined four at a time.
  • Game starts off with six workers.
  • One squad is 24.
  • The gas usage for each race was about the same.
  • A lot of gas was needed.

Afterplay Comments: Mass_Terran

  • Zealot became much stronger than in StarCraft.
  • Marines also became stronger than in StarCraft.
  • When you upgrade Zergling speed, they sort of fly.
  • When multiple Larvae are selected, the units to be produced have to be chosen one by one.

Afterplay Comments: Lakia

  • The progress of the game is faster than in StarCraft.
  • Almost the same speed as StarCraft (on "faster" game speed).
  • Relative to price and tech, the Marauder is a very good unit.
  • Marauder has 120 health and its attack slows units.
  • Marauder can be produced at the Barracks after Barracks Tech Lab add-on.
  • Marauder attack is 10 (Armoured +10).
  • The cost of Marauder is 100 minerals, 50 gas, two population.
  • Queen’s Spawn Larva appeared to be able to create five Larvae for one Hatchery.
  • Zerg units are quite weak.
  • Six Zerglings were unable to beat two Zealots.
  • Initial population support is 11 for Terrans, 10 for Zerg and Protoss.
  • Barely ever enough gas (with two geysers).
  • Always had enough minerals on the map (including yellow minerals).
  • The importance and value of macro seems to have decreased, partly because multiple buildings can be set to one hotkey.
  • The limit to drag selection had no limit, but only icons of 24 units were displayed at a time in the unit details frame. For example, with 25 Mutalisks, the first 24 showed up and 1/2 appeared in the unit details frame (Translator's Note: my guess is that selection is unlimited, and for every 24 units, they are put in separate pages. So 24 Mutalisks appear on the first page and you can skip to the second page where the 25th Mutalisk is shown).
  • A high probability of success as an e-sport.

Zerg Change Details

  • Queen lost ability to teleport through creep to a building and is no longer responsible for creating defensive structures.
  • Zergling attack speed and movement speed upgrades are the same as in StarCraft.
  • Infestor has a skill that creates five eggs that hatch into Infested Terrans.
  • Infestor doesn’t have Consume, so it was a bit difficult using him.

Wrapping Up

  • Resource income/outcome was just right, and starting off with 6 workers made the game progress faster.
  • The key points in StarCraft II, such as yellow minerals, are predicted to become sources of nonstop battles



GameMeca StarCraft II Protoss Review, Guerrilla Combat is Now Possible!

Calm down, the early game still depends on the Zealot!

  • Early game, due to Terrans Reactor add-on and the Queens Spawn Larvae ability, the Protoss only have their Zealots to rely on. Also, making Photon Cannons early game was risky, as there wasn’t plentiful resources to make Zealots afterwards and it could leave you vulnerable if the enemy is left to tech up.
  • Balance between Photon Cannons and Zealots are crucial to early game.
  • Stalkers are available at the Gateway after Cybernetics Core is built.
  • Stalkers don’t do as much damage as Dragoon did in StarCraft, but can attack both ground and air and have the Blink ability, allowing them to teleport a short distances.
  • Stalker has better AI and pathing than the Dragoon did.
  • It seemed effective to have a fighting force of 70% Zealots and 30% Stalkers
  • This is because Zerg have Banelings and Terrans have Marauders, both of which can destroy a 100% Zealot army quickly
  • The early game Protoss player has to decide whether to make a Zealot/Stalker push or endure with Zealots to tech up
Should I fight directly, or should I go guerrilla: the mid game Protoss strategy!
  • Immortals are available at the Gateway after Cybernetics Core and Twilight Council is built.
  • Immortals are strong against Terran mechanical units because of its shield ability.
  • Melee units can destroy Immortals easily, so they must be coupled with Zealots for protection.
  • Zealot Charge and Stalkers Blink are available at the Twilight Council.
  • Zealot Charge makes Zealots much more effective.
  • High Templar are available at the Gateway after Cybernetics Core, Twilight Council, and Templar Archives are built.
  • High Templars Psionic Storm is less effective than in StarCraft, but can still ‘melt away’ Thors.
  • Dark Templar are available at the Gateway after Cybernetics Core, Twilight Council, and Dark Obelisk are built.
  • The writer of the article did not get a chance to try out the Dark Templar, much to his regret.
  • Archon could be made with two High Templar, two Dark Templar, or one High Templar and one Dark Templar.
  • Archon has high shields, low health, ranged attack, and weakness to melee units.
  • Observer could be made at the Robotics Facility, which can be built after Cybernetics Core.
  • Warp Prism could be made at the Robotics Facility after Robotics Bay is built.
  • Warp Prism can carry and transport units (Translator's Note: no mention of if it can act as a Pylon).
  • Colossus available at the Robotics Facility after Robotics Bay is built.
  • Colossus can walk over cliffs, cannot attack air, can destroy buildings easily.
  • Gateway can be upgraded to a Warp Gate which warps in units anywhere on the map, but the writer didn’t have a chance to check or try this out.
  • Phoenix can be produced at the Stargate, which can be built after Cybernetics Core.
  • Phoenix can attack air and ground, with a powerful air attack (5 Phoenixes beat 3 Carriers).
  • Void Ray can be produced at the Stargate.
  • Void Ray can attack ground or air, and its attack gains strength the longer it focus-fires.
  • Void Ray is too slow in charging up to full attack power and too slow to move, so it was found to be quite useless, since any human player could easily kill them before they destroyed a building or ran away.
  • What the Void Ray was able to do, though, was to pressure attacking forces to retreat, since the Void Ray’s attack got stronger the longer it attacked.
The Carrier of Truth, the Mothership of Grace, the Protoss late game strategy
  • Carrier can be built at the Stargate after Fleet Beacon is built.
  • Carrier is initially produced with 4 Interceptors, and an additional 4 can be built. No upgrade required.
  • Mothership can be built at the Nexus after Stargate is built.
  • The Mothership’s movement is so slow, it makes you think that it’s almost unbearable.
  • When Carriers and a Mothership started off at one point, the Mothership arrived a while after the Carriers destroyed the entire enemy base.
  • Mothership can cloak other units like the Arbiter in Starcraft and has decent attack power.



Starcraft II Terran Review, Can Live Well Without the Medic!

Terran, they changed like this!

  • Reactor add-on allowed Terran to come close to Zerg unit production speed.
  • The Reapers cliff jumping almost make buying air transport a waste of money.
  • The Thor is able to be used in many occasions.
  • The Battlecruisers skills allow for more diverse strategy.
  • There are 50 minerals and 6 SCVs at the start of the game.
  • When multiple SCVs are selected and they are told to mine, they each go to a separate mineral all by themselves.
Wait a second, let’s learn about the interface!
  • When multiple buildings are selected, and you click to start unit production while holding down Tab, then all the selected buildings start making the unit at once.
  • The maximum number of units that can be set to one hotkey is 200, but they are divided in groups of 24, into 1,2,3, etc. in the control group.
  • Idle worker icons show up on the right of the screen, and you can select them with the "`" button (Translator's Note: I felt that this part of the article was very vague, so don’t take these points to be 100% accurate).
How about minerals and gas?
  • Minerals are mined 5 at a time.
  • The speed at which minerals are mined is two times faster than StarCraft.
  • Each map has golden minerals around, which give 7 minerals instead of 5 at a time.
  • The Vespene Geysers empty out, meaning they can’t be mined at all after it is depleted.
Early game supply count change.
  • Common build order for latest build was 8 SCV Supply -> 9 SCV scout -> 11 SCV Barracks.
  • Initial supply is 11, not 10 like in Starcraft.
Changes to the Command Center.
  • Can be upgraded to a Planetary Fortress which has missile launchers on top of it.
  • Can be upgraded to an Orbital Command which has Scanner Sweep ability.
  • One Command Center cannot have both upgrades at once.
  • The Orbital Command can summon stronger workers, called MULEs, that carry more minerals but explode after a limited time.
Use those supply depots!
  • Supply depots can go underground, allowing units to walk over it.
What kinds of units from the Barracks?
  • Marines, Marauders, Reapers, and Ghosts can be produced from Barracks.
  • Barracks have add-ons now.
  • Marines now have defence upgrade as well as Stimpack.
  • The defence upgrade increases the normal defence and health by 10.
  • Stimpack and defence upgrade are available at the Merc Compound, built after the Barracks.
  • Marine + Medivac rushes are definitely possible, since the Barracks can get the Reactor add-on and by the time you get Medivacs you have tons of Marines.
  • Medivac can be produced straight away from the Starport without further tech.
  • If Merc Compound is built, Reapers can be produced at Barracks.
  • Reapers can jump over/down cliffs, and can get an upgrade from the Merc Compound that allows them to throw bombs that have a 5 second fuse.
  • Ghosts require the Ghost Academy.
  • Ghosts have Cloaking, Nuclear Launch, and EMP.
  • All skills can be bought from the Ghost Academy, but Nuclear Launch is available after Factory is made and Cloaking is available after Starport is made (Translator's Note: no mention of nukes themselves having to be produced).
  • EMP then Nuke is very effective against Protoss.
Stop, let’s look at add-ons!
  • Barracks can have Reactor add-on or Tech Lab add-on
  • Units attacks and armor are upgraded in the Tech Lab.
  • Reactor allow Barracks to produce two units at once, but only Marines.
The Engineering Bays role.
  • You can upgrade Bunker capacity at the Engineering Bay, increasing it from 4 to 6.
  • Engineering Bay allows construction of Missile Turrets, but Missile Turrets no longer have detection and can only attack air units.
  • Sensor Tower has detection, and can show locations of units in fog if they are in range (Translator's Note: no mention if Engineering Bay is required for Sensor Tower).
What kinds of units from the factory?
  • Factory produces Hellion, Siege Tank, and Thor.
  • Hellion has fast movement and flame thrower.
  • Siege Tank is available after the Factory gets a Tech Lab add-on.
  • Siege Tank has range of 7 normally and a range of 13 in Siege Mode.
  • Thor is available after Tech Lab and Armory.
  • Thor is about twice as large as an Ultralisk.
  • Multiple SCVs can repair the Thor at one time for a longer lifespan.
  • Thor has a cannon ability (Translator's Note: not further elaborated).
What role does the Armory have?
  • Siege Mode and attack upgrade for Hellions flamethrower are available at the Armory.
From the Starport, what kinds of strategies?
  • Starport produces Viking, Medivac Dropship, Raven, Banshee, and Battlecruiser.
  • Only Viking and Medivac available in the beginning.
  • Tech Lab add-on is required for Raven, Banshee, and Battlecruiser.
  • Viking has a fast move speed but cannot attack air, but can transform to obtain ATA attack but with slower move speed (Translator's Note: makes it sound as though it is produced in ground-mode, and can immediately transform to air-mode).
  • The Medivac Dropship has a heal that is stronger than the Medic’s in Starcraft.
  • The Banshee has cloak.
  • Raven has detect, and can also attack.
  • Battlecruiser has 3 other abilities besides Yamato Cannon but only one skill can be used at one time.
  • Starport unit skills can be obtained at the Fusion Core building.
  • Fusion Core requires all buildings.



StarCraft II Zerg Review, Overload with Mindless Swarming!

Zerg, they changed exactly like this!

  • In general, in StarCraft II you control more units than in StarCraft.
  • The Queens Spawn Larvae lets Hatcheries (and by extension, Lairs and Hives) have 7 larvae for 40 seconds.
  • The Infestors Spawn Infested Terrans can be used to make 5 Infested Terrans.
  • The movement speed of combat units increased drastically and was faster than that of the other races.
  • The health of all the buildings fell compared to Starcraft.
  • Zerg was a bit weak when a large Zerg force met a large Terran or Protoss force, because each individual Zerg unit was weakened for balance, so that Zerg could produce more units than in StarCraft.
  • Zerg had a slight upper hand from early to mid game, but became disadvantaged as the max supply (200) filled up.
I’m so curious about the new units!
  • Baneling can be mutated from a Zergling after the Baneling Nest is built, which can be built after a Spawning Pool is built.
  • Banelings can wipe out early game units like Marines and Zerglings with ease, but lose most of their usefulness by the mid game.
  • The Roach can be spawned after the Roach Warren is built, which can be built after a Spawning Pool is built.
  • The Roachs attack is great, but only GTG is possible.
  • The Roach doesn't have much use or adaptability, and has no special skill to speak of.
  • A Corruptor can be spawned after a Spire is built, which can be built after a Lair is built.
  • A Corruptor can only attack air, and can upgrade the passive ability Corruption, which has the effect of converting your enemys unit to your army and stopping its movement after the Corrupter damages the unit a certain amount. Corrupted units explode after a few seconds.
  • The Infestor can be spawned after an Infestor Pit is built, which can be built after a Lair.
  • The Infestor can move while burrowed, can use spells while burrowed, and has no attack.
  • The Infestor has Neural Parasite, which makes the targeted unit yours for 10 seconds.
  • The Infestor has Spawn Infested Terrans, which makes 5 Infested Terrans that fight for 10 seconds before dying.
  • A Queen can be spawned right from the beginning, same as Drones and Overlords.
  • A Queen can attack both ground and air, but is weak.
  • A Queen has the Spawn Larvae ability which creates 4 additional Larvae for a Hatchery.
  • There are rumors that you can only spawn one, but in the latest build multiple Larvae could be spawned (Translator's Note: It might look like he confused Larvae with Queen beforehand).
  • The Overseer can produce creep around it and can use Spawn Changeling to create a Changeling.
  • Changeling is extremely small and can transform into the base unit (Marine, Zealot, Zergling) of an enemy, but dies after its limited life ends.
  • Zergling, Hydralisk, Mutalisk, and Ultralisk don’t have any notable changes, except that Hydralisk can be produced after a Lair, and Lurkers can be evolved after a Hive.
  • Mutalisks cannot be stacked.
Mutalisk later! Lair fast! Plenty of resources!
  • The chance/probability of multi is lower in Starcraft II.
  • Due to change in minerals/vespene and mining speed, there isn’t much need of multi.
  • Queens Spawn Larvae and Infestors Spawn Infested Terrans are used to boost unit production rate.
  • Since Mutalisks no longer clump together the usefulness of Mutalisks has dropped and the usefulness of Hydralisks has increased.
  • But since the Hydralisk can only be made after Lair, fast tech to Lair is important, and also because most of the tech tree is finished at Lair, so Hive is less important.
Starcraft II tips for Zerg users!
  1. When you start the game you start with 6 workers, and you don’t need to divide them.
  2. Radars on the map show nearby enemy units as exclamation marks, and only activate when one of your units are near it.
  3. Hatchery has two separate rally points: one for workers, one for offensive/spellcaster units.
  4. Minerals are mined 5 at a time, and vespene by 4, but the gathering speed is about 1.5 to 2 times faster.
  5. When a Vespene Geyser is depleted, no more gas can be mined from it.
  6. Whenever a Zerg building is destroyed, Broodlings appear, but they have low health and low damage.
  7. Larvae conform to the same rules that Barracks and Gateways have: you have to click the same number of times as you want units.
  8. Gold minerals give 7 mineral at a time.
  9. You can select idle Drones with the "~" key.
  10. You can set 200 units (nearly all) to one squad but only 24 show up in the frame for unit details.
  11. Overlords can’t detect invisible units, so evolution to Overseer is necessary.
  12. Sunken Colonies changed to Spine Crawlers, which can move after being built.
  13. Ultralisk lost its speed and armor upgrade (It is fast and strong as soon as it is spawned).
  14. Zerg buildings require Creep to build on. Also, Zerg units move slightly faster while on creep.

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