Blizzard Entertainment has just created twitter accounts for its three main franchises, StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. They are all skeleton accounts at the moment, however, with Karune's recent comment about Twitter, it's possible that they might be used for BlizzCon:

There will be lots of ways to get information, including the fan sites as well. In addition to that, I hear Twitter isn't to shabby of a way to getting info too ;)


The following is a press release from Blizzard regarding the Twitter accounts:

You can now follow all of your favorite Blizzard Entertainment news on Twitter. Just head over to @Warcraft, @StarCraft, or @Diablo for all of the news, events, contests, and more. We’re starting off with a bang, so you can enter contests for each of the franchises:

1. @Warcraft -- Let out your #BattleCry to show your allegiance to Horde or Alliance in preparation for BlizzCon! Win Horde and Alliance prize packages while showing off your pictures during the ongoing battle across Twitter!
2. @StarCraft -- Are you the biggest #SC2fan? If you are, you will have a chance at 500 StarCraft II beta keys we’re giving away in this challenge.
3. @Diablo -- Have you always wanted to have an item in a game that you've named? Enter the #d3unique contest with your best item name and you could win the grand prize of seeing your item wielded by Diablo III players worldwide.

As we head into BlizzCon, we’ll also have live coverage and provide a spot to talk about news as it happens in real time. Be sure to check it out for contests and more over the next week. Do you plan to watch the DIRECTV Pay Per View or Internet stream? We’ll be Twittering live at the event and looking for your tweets! Things won’t end there, and we’re looking for you to help us reach a twittercal mass on our new Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo Twitter communities.


Also, be sure to follow StarCraft: Legacy's Twitter as well as's for all the latest news.

Sources: - What should I do to see Blizzcon stuff?
Blizzard StarCraft Twitter
Blizzard Diablo Twitter
Blizzard Warcraft Twitter

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