The big release of StarCraft II is rapidly approaching.  Feel like your gaming gear is a bit behind the times? Are you hoping and praying that your wooden keyboard and trackball mouse can keep you competitive? Fret no longer, because StarCraft: Legacy and Razer Gaming are here to rescue you from PC peripheral mediocrity!  

 All you have to do is show us how badly you need new gear:  toss your old mouse off of the Golden Gate Bridge on YouTube! Turn your old keyboard over and revolt us with the hairy, dusty unknowns that spill forth onto your desk! Anything you can imagine that will make us feel sorry for your current gaming set-up may qualify you to receive brand new StarCraft II gaming gear from Razer!

1st Prize: Something better than the Keyboard I got for 40 bucks at Best Buy!

2nd Prize: Something StarCraft II related, oh I dunno know maybe one of those STARCRAFT FUCKING 2 products these guys make!?

3rd Prize: NOT EARBUDS.

 We look forward to your submissions! Please submit all entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and best of luck to all particpants! 


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