Blizzard is continuing the Lost Transmissions series that began a few weeks ago with the release of part two. The first part can be found here, and the newly released second part can be seen below:

UNN Evening Report:

Traitors in the Flames

(UNN) – The fires raging throughout the Mirsale subcontinent on the moon Haji have been brought under control due to the vigilant efforts of dedicated Confederate forces. However, General Sol Kervock, commanding officer of the local garrison in the city of Geladi, has reported that relief efforts to affected civilians are being hampered by a sizeable gang of looters and pirates that has sprung up in the wake of the disaster.

"Sadly, this type of activity is far too common in these parts of the system," Kervock said. "The despicable act of taking advantage of the pain and suffering of our fellow Confederate citizens is treason, pure and simple. We plan to deal with these scavengers to the full extent of our military purview."

Private Data-txt Sent from MSpeer to MLiberty

Hey Mike,

Seen the latest spin on the fires out here in Haji? I almost wish I could congratulate the creative minds behind all of this deceit -- they are really rolling with the punches on this one. So, your airtight story about a reactor fire has sprung a leak? Well, just give the people a tiny, measured dose of honesty amidst all the fluff, and they won't ask any questions about why a simple "accident" has turned into a weeklong standoff.

Here are the facts:

The fire is still out of control. The local relief forces were completely unprepared for this, and the military is actually cordoning off entire neighborhoods as "potential escape zones." People are dying while Sol Kervock jockeys for recognition as The Man Who Captured the Devils. He obviously wants off this rock, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get a promotion.

Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay are still at large. They actually stole a pair of vultures from the garrison by simply walking in and taking them as the Confeds were out dealing with the fire. And while they could have easily escaped from this burning, smoking, out-of-control mess that our dear general has created, the two so-called traitors have spent the better part of the past few days helping civvies get free from burning buildings.

The natives are starting to see them as heroes. If General Kervock isn't careful, he's about to have a full-scale rebellion on his hands.



An interesting read, giving a bit of background on some main characters from an outside perspective. Also, the two characters that are communicating to each other have never been in a StarCraft game, and it's great of Blizzard to try and inform the newer fanbase to some of the people in the background, some of which may make appearances in the future.

The upcoming parts will also be posted here on StarCraft: Legacy, so keep an eye out for updates on the front page.

Source: - Haven's Devils: Lost Transmissions

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