It's been two days since SC:L's coverage of the single player gameplay. The remainder of the information to surface from the July 20 Blizzard event can be found in the following unique articles:


- Main Article: Single Player Impressions
- Sub Article: Lead Producer Talks LAN, Expansions, Editor Features and More (Very good unique interview)

- Main Article: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Single Player Hands-On Preview
- Sub Article: Single Player Hands On: Menu Tab and Help Tab
- Movie: Chris Metzen Interview (Lore/Novel/Manga Related)



- Main Article: Coverage: StarCraft II Single Player Reveal
- Sub Article: Single Player Hands-On
- Sub Article: Interview with Dustin Browder
- Sub Article: Mission Guide/Preview
- Stub: Starcraft 2 gets basic DRM
- Stub: Piracy not a big deal for Blizzard
- Stub: Rob Pardo: PC Gaming is NOT dying
- Stub: DLC and Demo after release
- Stub: Digital Distribution confirmation



- Main Article: Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Preview
- Sub Article: Blizzard on the LAN controversy
- Sub Article: Interview with Rob Pardo ( info, Lan/Piracy replies/AMM confirmation/SP connectivity explanation)
- Sub Article: Interview with Dustin Browder(SP explanation/no SP co-op/no items or hero levels in SP)



- Main Article: StarCraft II single-player event - everything in one place
- Sub Article: Hands-On SP Starcraft 2(Good editorial for personal opinions/feel)
- Sub Article: Interview - VG247 Vs Blizzard’s Rob Pardo (Same as Starcraft-Source's, same group)
- Stub: Starcraft 2 gets new logo
- Stub: Trial versions to be released
- Stub: A blizzard console game would dominate (Only thoughts if they did go console)
- Stub: Lan will be a "great footnote" in our history
- Stub: Addon content well above 50% (Referring to people buying expansions)
- Stub: Rob Pardo: Natal may struggle with “spatial recognition” (Relates to strategy games)
- Stub: StarCraft II: “There is no co-op campaign”
- Stub: StarCraft II has online verification, but connection not necessary for single-play (Other articles refer to this as DRM)



- Main Article: Single Player Editorial/Walkthrough (Spoiler free alternative!)
- Sub Article: The Unit Upgrades that make Single-Player Shine (Statistical)

Thanks to Gifted and the folks at the SC:L forums for compiling the links. Foreign website single-player coverage translations are planned to be posted in the Beta Link Repository. Also, be sure to tell us how you liked our coverage and give suggestions for improvement!

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