IGN is currently hosting a shoutcasting contest in which the winner has a spot to cast in IPL5 in Las Vegas, as well as a full-time job with the IGN ProLeague. This contest is currently taking votes to decide who out of the 16 finalists will make it to the round of 8. Not only that, but one of the StarCraft:Legacy Contributors, Vinson "Crota" Yuen, is one of the finalists!

To vote, head over to the IPL Caster Search Playlist on YouTube and like any of the casters you want to move on to the next round. The shoutcast from Crota is a game between Thorzain and sLivko. Head on over and vote for him, as any support is appreciated!

IGN - The Top 16 Finalists of the SC2 Caster Search
YouTube - Vinson "Crota" Yuen: IPL Caster Search: Top 16

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