For a long time, fans have been wanting to see clan support in StarCraft II. It's been a question since day one whether or not Blizzard would eventually implement a clan system into the game. But now, Blizzard has revealed that clans will be possible starting in the next patch of the Heart of the Swarm beta!

Anyone can create or join a Clan, and doing so gives you access to the Clan window. In the Clan window, you’ll find a completely private chat channel, a News tab where Clan affairs can be posted for all members to read, an Info tab where officers can post Clan information, and a Members roster.

When you create a Clan, both a Clan name and a Clan Tag designation are required. All of the members of your Clan will have their character name pre-pended with the Clan’s Tag. The Clan Leader is able to promote members to the rank of Officer in the Clan (and demote, when necessary).



Source: - First Look: Clans Coming in Heart of the Swarm

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