It's that time of the year again; the time of the year when Blizzard Entertainment announces exciting new products and thrilling games! *confetti*

There are a lot of StarCraft-related products announced this year, one of them being the Zergotchi. This virtual-authenicator-pet will keep your account secure - in style!


For those that are less pet-friendly and more supply-hungry, there's the upcoming game Suppy Depot. Follow the gripping single-player story as you unlock hats, raise your expectations, and play the game right on your browser! Comes with free flying cowburgers!


For more kid-friendly Blizzard games, look no further than the new Blizzard Kidzz line of educational games! Let the Zergling teach your kids exciting new words such as skzzt, wrkca, and many more! Also, take a look at Turbo Science Vessel for exciting science trivia, or let your kids hang out with the fun-loving Edmund Duke to blast some numbers in Strat Blaster!


Last but not least, there's the new book series called Fledgling Heroes, where heroes such as eleven-year-old Ross join the Dominion military to save Tarsonis from the Zerg!

Eleven year-old Ross can’t stand life on the Dominion homeworld of Tarsonis. Sure, the capital of terran civilization offers plenty to do, but Ross’s adoptive parents are terrible, terrible people. His “mother” is a staunch disciplinarian who makes him eat, sleep, and go to school in the bathroom and complete 5-mile forced marches while carrying his fat brother in a backpack. And his “father” is an insufferable despot and the reigning All-Districts Hate Crimes champion.


Be sure to check out all these great products over at, because these revolutionary new releases will soon disappear. Like they never existed in the first place.

Blizzard - Zergotchi
Blizzard - StarCraft: Supply Depot 2
Blizzard - Blizzard Kidzz
Blizzard - Fledgling Heroes

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