There has been a recent influx of false information being discussed in the Starcraft 2 General Discussion Forums surrounding a fake Community Manager releasing unconfirmed information through twitter.

Karune took time to clarify any confusion caused.

We wanted to remind everyone that information concerning Blizzard games released on Twitter that does not originate from our official Twitter pages (linked below for reference), is not legitimate. Furthermore, while our Community Management team remains active on Twitter, we only make official "tweets" on our official Twitter pages.

Official Blizzard Entertainment Twitter Pages

@Warcraft -
@StarCraft -
@Diablo -


The @starcraft twitter account also revealed that Blizzcast Episode 11 has finished it's recording phase.

@StarCraft @Warcraft @Diablo #WoW CMs just finished recording the #BlizzCon recap for BlizzCast Episode 11.


Sources: - Twitter Imposters - @Starcraft


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