Update 2: A fourth BlizzCon ticket contest from StarCraft-Source has just emerged:

Epic Fail Contest - Come up with the wackiest / funniest idea that would be rejected by Blizzard. Whether it's an NPC in Diablo, a new unit in Starcraft 2, a game mechanic. Use your imagination, the options are endless.

Franchise Fan Contest - This contest is designed for everyone, no creativity required. Just follow the simple steps listed below and you have a chance to win!


See the contest page for full details on how to enter.

Update: The StarCraft Wiki is giving away three BlizzCon tickets as well:

Thanks to Blizzard, we have 3 tickets to BlizzCon 2009 to give out to all the Blizzard lovers on Wikia! Now, rumors abound regarding what awaits at BlizzCon, and we've got a few guesses as to what might be revealed - StarCraft II beta news, Diablo III characters and possible beta key info, as well as a possible WoW expansion due sooner rather than later, but you'll have to tell us!

Fresh out of, ahem, more creative ideas and desperately in need of a good laugh, we decided to have a limerick contest. Submit your most creative limericks for a panel of judges to peruse and get a chance to win a coveted BlizzCon '09 ticket.

See the contest page for full details on how to enter.

SC2Pod is giving away three BlizzCon 2009 tickets in a raffle:

Both opportunities to buy BlizzCon tickets have passed, didn't manage to get any? Or got yours but would like to bring a friend? Now is your chance, we've got 3 tickets to give away and we're going to keep it real simple this year with just a big raffle, without any entry requirements.


See the news post for full details on how to enter.

StarCraft2Forum is also giving away three BlizzCon 2009 tickets in their joke contest:

So you didn't manage to get BlizzCon tickets during either buy period? We're here to help. With a simple joke you can earn yourself entrance to one of the premiere gaming conventions in the world.
How do I win, you ask? Just make sure you're registered on StarCraft2Forum.org, visit this thread and post your best StarCraft joke. You only get one post, so make it good! Edited posts will also be disqualified so be sure to submit only when you're sure of your joke! Submissions are due by June 11th, 2009.

The best jokes will be voted on by SC2F Hyperion and the top joke will receive (2) BlizzCon Tickets and (2) StarCraft2Forum.org T-Shirts. The runner-up will receive (1) BlizzCon Ticket and (1) StarCraft2Forum.org T-shirt.


See the contest page for full details on how to enter.

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