The winners of the first ever Blizzard Entertainment Global Writing Contest have been announced:

The first ever Blizzard Entertainment Global Writing Contest is now complete!

We would just like to say how impressed we are by the overwhelming number of high-quality entries we received. Ranging from epic to earnest and hilarious to horrific, your stories conveyed true devotion, passion, and insight. The judges went through several rounds before selecting the finalists, but in the end only the big man himself, Chris Metzen, could choose the winning entry. We would like to thank all of the contest entrants for the time and effort that they put into their stories. It is always a pleasure to see our fans demonstrate their immense creativity and talent!

The grand prize winner will be flown to Blizzard Entertainment headquarters to meet the Blizzard creative writing staff, and will be the owner of a brand new shiny (and pointy) Frostmourne replica sword by Epic Weapons.

Grand Prize Winner!

In the Shadow of the Sun by Sarah Pine

Runners Up - (Alphabetical Order by Author)

The Runners Up will be receiving signed copies of the Diablo Archive, StarCraft Archive, Warcraft Archive, and Warcraft War of the Ancients Archive.

Kuma's Song by Tzu-Mainn Chen

The Baron's Bird by Andrew Moeller

Where Loyalties Lie by Michael Edmund O'Reilly

Into the Void by Benjamin P. Reeves

The Last Days of Crank Fizzlepop by Sean Lucas Riley

Why We Fight by Jason Matthew Rodriguez

Flag of the Black King by Erik Sabol

Honorable Mentions - (Alphabetical Order by Author)

While the Honorable Mentions haven't won a place in the contest, they've won a place in our hearts, and their stories have earned at the very least a mention to their greatness.

Eyes of the Dead by Luke Jackson

Dalaran Noir by Eric F. Kelley

The Princess and the Peon by Ben Lappin

Vengeance by Pamela Manasco

Windmills by Brendon Mroz

A Feast Fit For a Murloc by Kyle Schliesman

Mason by Charles Shattuck

The Defias Gambit by Craig E. Stalbaum

By Whatever Means Necessary by Laurie Tom

Inevitably Northward by Sam Zucchi

Thank you again to everyone who entered! We'll be posting select stories and excerpts on our website in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to share in these truly inspiring stories.


As mentioned, Blizzard plans to reveal some of the stories on their website. Considering the amount of high quality material submitted, it will no doubt be a joy to read the top StarCraft stories.

Source: - Global Writing Contest - Winners!

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