Evolution is a tricky subject.  We've all got our own opinions; we can't even agree if it happened or not.  It has spawned countless science fiction tales from the genetically enhanced super soldiers of Games Workshop's forty-first millenium to our own hyperevolved parasitic lifeforms - the ever menacing Zerg.  It boils down to change, change that is necessary for lifeforms or elements to continue to exist.  SC:L went through its own evolution: sprouting the wings of 7.0, powerful beats forging a new path through the turbulant air of the StarCraft community.  This segment changed with it and it hasn't stopped.  The start of an upgrade to bring new features begins in the latest issue of what we like to call the...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


Not our most productive week, but the contests (the fruits of which shall provide reading material to you masses) are ongoing.   Check out our latest, the fan fiction contest, here.  A challenging word count provides a little variety from Blizzard's own contest, so get to it.


Blizz News


There were some rather detailed blue posts this week, with the EMP ability taking centre stage early on

Yup, EMP is currently on the Ghost and does 100 shield damage to all units and drains all energy in that area of effect. Having a Ghost presence in any TvP match up is crucial, especially if there are casters in the opponent's army. In the original StarCraft, the EMP used to kill all shield hit points, but since in StarCraft II the ability has been added to the Ghost, which is more easily attainable unit than in the original StarCraft, we have reduced it's potency a bit. 

Plus a one-click ability that reduces an opposing army to half health near instantly isn't something that we want to promote. 

To combat EMP, Protoss players have huge new additions to their arsenal that can help them attack, defend, and buy time for tactical retreats (to allow shields to recharge since they recharge 2x as fast as the original StarCraft). These new additions would include but are not limited to: Force Field (Disruptor), Temporal Rift (previously known as Time Bomb) (High Templar), Colossus AoE lasers (with upgradable range), Phase Shift (Disruptor), Shield Regeneration (added to Obelisk [known previously as the Dark Pylon] replacing 'cloak'). 


In response to this, battle.net questioned Karune on various specifics of Protoss shields and units.  One question asked why not just deploy multiple ghosts, for example three, to demolish Protoss armies.  The response was that this would cost more, both in resources and time; also requiring more micromanagement.  It still sounds like a strong tactic, one the Terran players will enjoy perfecting.

Further enquiries were made as to the state of the Dark Pylon, which has now been renamed the Obelisk and no longer cloaks.  It still fulfills its role as the additional macro-management tool for the Protoss.  Additionally, as we draw closer and closer to the horizon that is beta balance questions have begun to have more confident and solid answers - Karune explaining that mass infantry will be easily countered by a Collosus or two.  There is a logic here, fast teching to Collosi resulting in early observers to counter the Ghosts that would be an inherant part of any infantry strategy.  The pieces begin to fit, as they do in the current iteration.

There was also the release of a Q&A this week, bringing some news for the map/mod makers out there.


Fan Art
Infected Zealot by RobotPencil
Our new segment for this week is a fan art section.  We'll find one piece of amazing fan art and show it off. This week's piece comes from Anthony Jones AKA RobotPencil.  You can read about the piece and his ideas for this unit to be in StarCraft 2 here.  If you have any suggestions for the fan art segment, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Community News


An interesting tidbit popped up on Kotaku this very day, stating that games journalists have received e-mails asking them to ensure they have a battle.net account.  Just another tantilisingly small step towards beta, but a step none the less.

TeamLiquid provided two very nice pieces this week.  One some speculation on beta and information about keys to be given to professional players.

Secondly, a report that SlayerS_`BoxeR`'s biography has been made available to the foreign community in English.  A great thank you to the translator, marencielo, who made a post here annoucing the finishing.

This concludes another edition of the Legacy Weekly, until next time.

The Legacy Weekly approves: Prototype.  Also this.

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