Anniversaries mean a lot.  StarCraft Legacy's approaching one, we celebrate our game's one and hay; every now and then we have a reason to mention one out in the real world.  These all pale in comparison when something truly momentous and extraordinary occurs, continues and then has a red-letter day.  In that fashion, we present to you: the tenth in the series we like to call...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary

Its been a big week for translations.  Karune reported he had been away in Asia showing off StarCraft II.  SC:L, bringing you all the scoop out of the StarCraft nation, translated what information was made available by the Korean press. You can read it all here.


Blizz News


In the true spirit of fansite news, this section is unbelievably longer than last week's.  Thanks for spreading our work out Blizz.

Arguably the most important event in recent weeks was the sale of Blizzcon tickets.  On two different days in the past couple of weeks, over 10,000 tickets were sold in a total combined time of roughly an hour.  Congratulations to those who received them - to those who didn't, almost all fansites (WoW, Diablo and StarCraft) have received tickets to give away in competitions.  As was mentioned earlier, our own should be up soon enough.  The Community section of the Legacy Weekly will also feature those contests held by other StarCraft fansites.

On to the blue posts, first we have Karune on the general usefulness of the Medivac and how it relates to Brood War's Medic.

I too believe it is much better than the Medic from the original. The Medivac heals quicker and are less susceptible to the same units that the Marine is susceptible to and they also increase the overall mobility of the Terran army. At all times they aren't healing, they can be dropping Tanks and harassing. Word on the street has it that Thors too may be able to be transported by them ;)

The ability to transport Thors could be the be-all and end-all of harassment strategies, what with their massive single target damage (for main structures) and huge AoE abilities.  Along with this will be standard "elevator" movements made possible, adding another possible unit to the army taking the high ground.  Karune also mentioned that the Thor will take up all the storage space of a single medivac - mass drops will cost a lot; but may win games.

Moving on, a rather detailed question was asked in relation to how balanced the much discussed Hunter Seeker Missile would be versus the intended implementation of Mutalisk stacking:

It is true, if you can get close enough with the Raven (previously known as the Nighthawk), the Hunter Seeker Missile(HSM) is likely to do some major damage. Nonetheless, a Zerg opponent should have an ample amount of time to react to it, and the HSM has a slight delay launch when it comes out from the Raven. Additionally, there will be a visual that will show exactly which unit is being targeted by the HSM, allowing the possibility of more micro by the Zerg player to limit the damage taken.

In the true spirit of StarCraft, this is another example of an ability that could be massively overpowered against less skilled players but will be easily countered with fast reactions and good micro.

Last but not least, Cydra clarified the way in which damage will be calculated against an Immortal's Hardened Shields.

Hardened Shields reduce the damage of incoming high damage attacks to 10 if Immortal's shields are up. After Shields are depleted, the damage hurts the Immortal's life directly.

About the Shield upgrades, it goes like Damage - Shield Upgrades and then - Immortal's Hardened Shields. For example, if your Immortal shoots the enemy Immortal with fully upgraded shields, the damage will be 10: 35 (20+15 vs Armored) - 3 (full shield upgrades) = 32, and it's more than 10, so the enemy's Immortal takes only 10 damage by Hardened Shield. But if your Disruptor shoots the enemy Immortal with fully upgraded shields, the damage will be 7: 10 - 3 (full shield upgrades) =7 (it's below 10 damage and so Hardened Shield won't do anything).

It's little bit complicated to explain how the damage goes but basically it is like, Damage - Shield upgrades - Hardened Shield.

In shorter terms, upgrading standard shields will be useful against attackers who deal 12 damage or less.  This will help alleviate the Immortal's main weakness - low damage, fast attack units such as the Terran Reaper.

As a reminder, also released this week was Q&A 51 along with some other tidbits.  Read the full details here.


Community News started their video contest.  With 18 beta keys to give away, this is a perfect opportunity for the encoding-minded among you to win yourself a place in the StarCraft event of the year.  Get working!  We'll report on the winners.

Blizzard announced the winners of the May Comic Contest, viewable here.  Those outside the US be sure to set the main site to ENG(US) to view the comics.  In fact, those of you in the EU will also notice a few more months worth of new comics for your perusal.  Enjoy.

In addition to the official Q&A above, SC2Armory also received their fansite Q&A, the 5th in the series.

This concludes another edition of the Legacy Weekly, until next time.

The Legacy Weekly approves: Gamecubes.

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