This world marches constantly onwards, ever-presently poking at your brains; demanding the latest information - the most up to date stories. Providing this for you are the fansites: the best and brightest arranged in a collection of ragtag groups; dispensing judgement and knowledge like so many diligent soldiers in the war against misinformation. SC:L is the best, we're the Alpha squadron, the Omega team; "when all else fails, we don't". This is our final word on the week and we call it the...



The Legacy Weekly



SC:L Summary

We brought you news and features noone else could this week; here's the best of it.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Admittedly inexcusably late, still the greatest collection of clips available on the internet.  We hope it was worth the wait.  Comments here.

SC:L Exclusive Q&A - As the fansite Q&As continue, we get our turn.  Some questions that are now out of date but others that provide some vital answers.  Comments here.

GameMeca Impressions - We translated that latest preview of StarCraft II by Korean site GameMeca. The opinions of the StarCraft nation should not be unrepresented or downplayed and this is a very positive piece.  That is a good thing.

We also had some gorgeous new images from the game itself. Also some pictures of the upcoming Frontline Volume 3.  We'll have a review after release.

In addition, be sure to watch SC:L this week for some upcoming contests!


Blizz News


Well, Cavez (Dustin Browder) posted about the Infestor's Neural parasite, an ability that works as a temporary version of the mind control ability alotted to the Dark Archon in Brood War.

If you control a critter it switches to your side. So it would be targetable. 

You can build buildings with parasited units. The SCV case is a bit of a challenge (though you could just parastie him again mid-build) but the Protoss and Zerg work easily enough.

Although doubtful that it will be used in professional play; the ability to mix races is always a hilarious one in more casual games.  The spell itself, however, could be an interesting ability for drastically changing the outcome of battles - particularly against Battlecruisers, Carriers or Colossi.

Community News

Fomos, a large Korean e-sport site, posted two interesting things this week. translated them and we posted them:

Observer Modes - Not the most vital of possible informations, but the APM counter will be a good way to tell the skill of lower level players.  The overlays in general will be useful for commentators in telling what strategies players are going for.

Impressions - A preview akin to any other, but of the latest build.

Last but not least the Writing Contest Winners were announced.  Congratulations to those of you who are mentioned, comiserations to those who are not.  A round of applause for whichever poor intern got the job of sifting through the hundreds of entries that must have been received.

This concludes another edition of the Legacy Weekly, until next time.

The Legacy Weekly approves: Backstabs.

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