The Legacy Weekly tradition continues! There were some great news this week and as usual we summarize everything for you.

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The 16th Q&A from Karune is live, and we're heading deeper into the latest development changes of StarCraft II.
Here's some of the most interesting parts of the Q&A:
Karune wrote:
Over the coming weeks, we can expect to see even more Terran related updates, as the Dev Team are working hard to have them play distinctly as the Terran Faction.

Chat with Devs: Since BlizzCon, the Terran Bunkers have been increased in size (to 3x3) and given added hit points, making it a more viable defensive structure for the Terrans. The Dev Team really wants to further define the uniqueness of how each faction plays, giving Terrans a strong character of defensive type tools. Watching the Firebats flame from these Bunkers sure do bring back memories!

Does Drop Pods make new units or use this recruited before? (www.starcraft2.net.pl)

There are plans to have the drop pods be manually loaded with units created by the player, to better allow the player to adapt to their current tactical needs.

What was the design team's rationale in adding a second siege style unit (Thor) to the Terran race? (www.starcraft2.com.au)

The Thor's role compared to the Siege Tank, is more of an assault unit rather than a siege unit. The Thor is much more exposed when attacking an enemy location, while the Siege Tank has a much larger range and is able to hit the enemy at a larger distance. The range of the Siege Tank has also been increased since the BlizzCon Demo.



Karune added few more comments during the week as well:

In our current builds of the game, the Reaper is definitely one of the most powerful units in the hands of a skilled player, as its hit and run ability is unmatched in early game. The mines that they drop also do significant damage to buildings. But it is important to keep in mind, they rarely survive direct confrontation with most enemy units. These are definitely considered skirmishers.
There are still various unannounced abilities that are being added to both the Terran and Protoss sides. You are far from seeing a final version of this game. Nonetheless, feel free to speculate :)


Er... Ex-Blizzard talks as well! For those of you who don't remember Bill Roper, he was the Producer of StarCraft and the Senior Producer of Diablo II. Bill Roper left Blizzard and started fresh with Flagship Studios, who are developing Hellgate: London and Mythos.

Anyway, Roper has this to say about Diablo III:
Bill Roper wrote:

It would be that challenge of giving the Diablo players the things that they'd expect... I think with Diablo, for example, the camera angle is a big part of it. I think with the Diablo series there is a level of expectation about only using the mouse to move.

I think people that are hardcore Diablo fanatics... people that, if you are making Diablo III, you are making that game very, very specifically for. There are some things that they are going to want.

He also mentioned StarCraft II:
Bill Roper wrote:

To be honest, the way that Blizzard is approaching StarCraft II is really smart. They're saying, 'OK, what do the millions of StarCraft fans very specifically want from a StarCraft experience? Great, well that's what we're going to give them. Yes we're going to do updates, yes we're going to create the units, yes there's new technologies'. [But] you look at StarCraft II, and right away you feel comfortable.

To read the whole thing, go here.




The Carrier has arrived, along with 3 new screenshots, at StarCraft2.com. And it's introduction is as follows:

The massive carriers serve as operations centers for leaders of the Protoss fleets. Heavily armored and shielded, carriers can punch their way through enemy blockades by unleashing flights of robotic interceptors at vital enemy targets. These maneuverable, computer-guided craft tear through enemy flight formations and relentlessly strafe slower ground targets with potent plasma charges.

Interceptors are automatically manufactured and serviced inside the carriers’ bays, and a number of prepped interceptors can be launched in rapid succession. In battle, carriers appear to be virtual hornets’ nests of activity as their agile offspring dart out to launch their attacks and retreat just as rapidly to repair any damage they sustain. Terran scientists have long yearned for an opportunity to study just how the smoothly orchestrated operations of a carrier are achieved in detail.

Most carriers have no weapon batteries of any kind, but their deployment of interceptor flights makes them devastating in a ship-to-ship battle. However, a handful of heavily armed "super carriers" exist, most famously the Gantrithor. This was the flagship of Executor Tassadar when he led a Protoss expeditionary force in its attempts to eradicate the Zerg in Terran space. The Gantrithor was powerful enough that it single-handedly defeated an entire Terran Battlecruiser squadron under the command of General Edmund Duke. Tassadar later sacrificed himself and his ship to destroy the Zerg Overmind when it manifested on Aiur.

Also, if you saw the Carrier Action demo(the one with 3 Carriers slowly destroying 1 Battlecruiser), and thought that the Carriers suck. Fear not! For Karune had this to say about the Carrier Action demo:
Karune wrote:
The Carrier is not at all balanced in that video. The video is more showing off the animations involved in the Carrier's attack, so no need to worry about it being completely 'nerfed.'


Read more at StarCraft2.com.




The highlight of this week - our exclusive Q&A with Chris Metzen about the StarCraft Lore.



(Look at his face, we tackled him alright)


Many mysteries originated in Brood War and the bonus maps have been cleared, although Metzen was not too much revealing in other fields (leaving the best to StarCraft II we assume). Here is a sneak-peek in case you have missed it:

SC:L - In Omega (last Zerg mission in Brood War), Kerrigan sounds like she doesn't have any knowledge about Duran's true nature or whereabouts. Does she have any suspicions or knowledge about him, and how does that and his disappearance factor into her decision to remain quiet on Char after Brood War?


Metzen - Very good question. Suffice to say, there are few beings in the universe that know who and what Duran really is. Kerrigan didn’t have a clue. Her isolation on Char for these past few years has little to do with Duran. However, as our story begins to unfold, she may be starting to put some pieces together as to what he was trying to accomplish...
You can read the entire article here.




What?! No SCV illustrated adventures this issue?! This week we have three things to share:


For next week we'll post a comic done by you. Send us (through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) a short comic strip describing the tales of our community scout SCV. We'll pick the best pieces and post them here. Drawn strips will have a better chance to be picked.

Remember, if you spot anything interesting for our SCV scout, send it to us!



The World Cyber Games 2007 (WCG) was held this week in Seattle. Until we will have our own SC:L coverage next week, you can read MeetYourMaker's complete summary of the StarCraft tournament, watch the finals at GG.net or read our interview with Testie just before the WCG.




This week we finally have some new official and interesting art by Blizzard:

  • Blizzard has released its long awaited StarCraft II Fansite Kit this week. The Kit contains the basics for anyone who wishes to create his own StarCraft II fansite, and among these there are several art pieces, including high-resolution versions we already know and a few new ones. Two of these artworks raise interesting questions:


The above art was already introduced to us in the WWI artwork trailer. Its labeled in the Fansite Kit as "Relic_crater". What Relic? O_o. This shot might be related somehow to the Xel'naga.



"Zeratul vs. Kerrigan". Everyone already know this one. It was also seen as CGI in the WWI Teaser. The interesting thing is that it's labeled as "Protoss_Cinametic" in the Fansite Kit. As far as we know from BlizzCon, each race is going to have only cinametic at the end of its campaign. Before the Fan site Kit we didn't know if this battle was a Protoss or the Zerg cinematic. Now we know and can thus better gauge (though not definitively) the outcome of that battle.

You can download the Fansite kit and check these yourself here.

  • With the Carrier update on www.StarCraft2.com, Blizzard also added an artwork for the new Protoss female executer, Selendis. Thankfully, It seems like Blizzard abandoned the awkward "female Protoss with breasts" concept that could be seen in some old StarCraft: Ghost screenshots. You can read about Selendis on our Q&A with Chris Metzen.


Ding! We have a winner for last week's Zerg Rush. The answer was Artanis. Why?


My name originates from the song + try reading me backwards

Artanis name spelled backwards is Sinatra, as in Frank Sinatra the musician.


And in your eyes I may seem to be long.

Long = Tall = Protoss.


On BlizzCon it was known, that I'll continue to lead them on.

Metzen said on BlizzCon Artanis will be the new Protoss grand-leader.

Although we've received lots of correct answers from many of you, the credits has to go to PrecisionTime for solving it even before we have given the clue.

This Weekly's Rush will be something different. Your task is to find a StarCraft related connection for the following text:


It's all over now. Tell me - The last time, as tears go by... Time Is On My Side...

Hard, we know ^^. Send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The winner will have his name posted in the next issue.



That's all for this issue. We hope as usual you've enjoyed reading this one. Stay tuned for StarCraft Legacy this week for some more treats from the staff.

Until the text time...




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