Yep. The Legacy Weekly is back for another week! This time the Weekly has a new design which will be improved even further in the coming weeks.

We've received lots of great feedback from you after publishing the first issue of the Weekly last week. Here is one of the warm w00ts we would like to share with you:

You said in your column to e-mail For any suggestions, ideas, or a w00t, so here's a very big w00t. There's a lot of stuff in there I wouldn't have been able to find otherwise, thanks to work, school and chore [ ... ] Thanks again for the article and links. StarCraft Legacy always seems to be coming up with ways to be the best StarCraft news site (sometimes you even beat Blizzard on certain points...).
Zephyr Analea.

So remember - if you want to share us ideas, suggestions or a w00t (we're ripping off Karune here), just send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , OR send us a private message through the StarCraft Legacy interface.

Anyway, enough chit-chat - The Weekly Begins!

Features on

Last week's update on was the Protoss Mothership. Who would've thought that the next unit update would actually be LARGER than the Thor?
Here's the introduction to the Mothership's story:

Protoss motherships are mighty vessels that were constructed centuries ago during the golden age of Protoss expansion. They were intended to act as primary command ships to lead vast armadas of Protoss explorers into the darkness of deep space and bring them safely home again. Those days are long gone, and the surviving motherships later became holy shrines to the Protoss, representing an honored way of life and a part of the proud history of the Protoss race.

Since the Mothership is this month's discussion topic, many thought this was an odd timing. Why didn't Blizzard wait until they've changed the Mothership according to this month's feedback? Probably so we could get some insight to how the Mothership is now.
And what is the Mothership like now? These are the changes after the WWI:

  • Not restricted to one per player.
  • Cloaking Field added - Requires activation - Unable to move while activated - Cloaks units and buildings(!).
  • Black Hole removed.
  • Time Bomb affects a smaller area.

Want that Black Hle back? Be sure to give your opinion in our

Blizzard Talks!
This week's HOT news was the return of the Terran Firebat! That's right guys and girls, the Firebat is back to make a nice little barbeque out of those leaping Zerglings… And we know this thanks to the Q&A given to us by Karune. This week's Q&A was unique, as the questions answered were asked by various StarCraft fan sites and were not gathered from the forums. And guess what – StarCraft Legacy is there!

Here are some tidbits from the Q&A:

Can we expect units to replace the Reaver and the Soul Hunter? (
KaruneYes, we are always testing the addition of new units as well as the removal of older units. For instance, in our current build, the Terran Firebat is back in the game, as we test how he interacts with the new additions into StarCraft II. Of course, nothing is final though.
What was the reasoning behind axing spell X (lockdown, mind control etc)? ( - Yeah! That's us
As mentioned above in question 2, much like with units, we are also testing several new abilities for StarCraft II. If these abilities do not work as we would intend, it is always possible for a reintroduction of original abilities from the original StarCraft. We are constantly striving to improve and complement what has already been very successful with StarCraft for StarCraft II.

Mike Morhaime Interview - Ghost?

GameSpot conducted a long interview with Blizzard's CEO, Mike Morhaime, during the Austin's Game Developer Conference (AGDC) this week. Morhaime spoke about Blizzard, the WarCraft movie and… StarCraft: Ghost:

GameSpot: What happened with StarCraft: Ghost?

Morhaime: We were late to market with a game that was not shaping up to be competitive to some of the other top games that were coming out. We looked at it and realized that there was an awful lot of work we needed to do. Our window was closing on the older generation platforms, so we had to make a decision whether we would basically take what we'd done onto the next generation of hardware and start from scratch. Ideally, we wanted to release Ghost on the older generation and have our sequel come out on next-gen systems. And then we looked at all the resource needs we had on the PC side of the business with World of WarCraft and our other titles, and we just decided that the resources were spent better on focusing our efforts on our PC titles, so we put Ghost on indefinite hold.

GameSpot: Is cracking back into the console market still on the company's list of objectives?

Morhaime: It is not.

GameSpot: Why was the console market worth getting into in the last generation, but now you're backing away from it?

Morhaime: We thought we would be able to do it without impacting our PC teams. We just had to make a priority call when it became clear that we were getting late to the market with these things and we were not creating something that would live up to the Blizzard quality I've been talking about without additional resources. Now it's pretty clear that we really could use those resources helping us out on World of WarCraft and other things. Ideally, you try to do everything, but one of my points this morning was about not trying to do everything at the same time and focusing on what's important. And that's what we did.

Read the Entire Interview...

Some people, like MedievalDragon of BlizzPlanet, think that Morhaime words might imply on a PC version for StarCraft: Ghost. Here is what he had to say:

On with the StarCraft: Ghost discussion, based on Morhaime's answers and Rob Pardo's comments during the Hollywood & Games Summit back on May that StarCraft: Ghost could be brought to the table at some point ... it makes you wonder if StarCraft: Ghost will make a return on the PC exclusively. That's speculation. Judge for yourself.

Shadow Hunters Details

The description for the second book in the Dark Templar Saga by author Christie Golden, Shadow Hunters, was released by publisherSimon & Schuster during the week. Take a look:

An original tale of space warfare based on the bestselling computer game series from Blizzard Entertainment.

Driven by the living memories of a long-dead Protoss mystic and hounded by the Queen of Blades' ravenous Zerg, archaeologist Jake Ramsey embarks on a perilous journey to reach the fabled Protoss homeworld of Aiur.

Seeking a vital piece of Protoss technology, Jake finds that Aiur has been overrun by the Zerg. Descending into the shadowy labyrinths beneath the planet's surface, he must find the sacred crystal before time runs out -- for him...and the universe itself.

Yet, what Jake discovers beneath Aiur is a horror beyond his wildest nightmares -- Ulrezaj -- an archon comprised of the seven most deadly and powerful dark templar in history....

Why is Kerrigan chasing Ramsey? What is that vital Protoss technology? And what the hell ULREZAJ is doing on Aiur?! For those of you who don't know who he is, we explain: Ulrezaj was a renegade Dark Templar villain in the bonus campaign, Enslavers II: Dark Vengeance, which Blizzard has released to Brood War many years ago. At the end of the campaign, Ulrezaj merged with a few more Dark Templars to create a mad Dark Archon. Although Ulrezaj plans were compromised, the Archon was never found.

The appearance of Ulrezaj in Shadow Hunters is a probable proof that the Enslavers campaigns are canon Ever since the release of StarCraft, lore fans have been arguing whether these are canon. Seems like they got an answer&

One last thing regarding the subject: Simon & Schuster also published this week some information about the 3rd book in the series: It'll be called Twilight and should be released on August 28th, 2008.

Read the Enslaver's Transcript | Download Enslavers II

SCV Community Scouting

This week our SCV, piloted by our forum member, Carsickness, has brought some fun stuff from across the web:
  • Lego Viking - Someone made a complete dynamic Viking model from Lego pieces. Transform and Roll out (but care not to drop it on the floor)& Check it here (Originally posted on StarCraft Live).
  • Korean Go Wild! - A YouTube movie including a funny Korean guy and lots of StarCraft voices. Hilarious!


There was no new official art this week. Instead, we are introducing some fan made Zerg art posted in our forums:You also might want to check out the Blizzard Fan Art section, as it received an update this week.

Other Blizzard News

Enough StarCraft! There are other Blizzard
reported that he had received information about Blizzard's projects: Medusa (which is StarCraft II) and Hydra (has also been called as …Something really awesome by Blizzard). Many within the community speculated (and keep speculating) Hydra is a codename for a Diablo sequel.

This week, Hydra made it to the headlines again. The Inquirer was stalking some Blizzard employees during AGDC and overheard the following:

Blizzard Employee 1: What are you working on?

Blizzard Employee 2: Starcraft II, and you?

Blizzard Employee 1: I am working on Hydra.

What is it Blizzard?! WHAT IS IT?! *hype fever*

Contest - The Weekly Zerg Rush

We're glad to introduce The Weekly Zerg Rush. The Rush is a weekly contest where you can win fame, glory, and your name posted on the next issue! Each week we will present a task for you to accomplish. This issue's Rush is a StarCraft themed riddle:

My name originates from the song,
and in your eyes I may seem to be long.
On BlizzCon it was known,
that I'll continue to lead them on.
Who the hell am I?!

Please send your answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Good luck!


Thank you for reading the 2nd issue of the Legacy Weekly. Next week we'll return again to give you updates on everything that is StarCraft and beyond!

Until the next week…


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