StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.

StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2003 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft


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Honorable Mentions 10. Boxer's SCV Rush
9. Ghosts and the Shells 8. Yellow Swarm
7. Frosting 6. Oddysay's Manner Rax
5. ForU Web Slinging 4. Liquid'Drone's Pylon Prison
3. Giyom's Maelstroms 2. Boxer's Base Move
1. Nada's Amazing Maze | H.O.T-Forever's Divine Wind



Rekrul Barricade: Rekrul[pG] [P] vs Hero77 [T]


When you have a game featuring two of America's most talented players, you know that you are bound for an interesting game. In this game, Rekrul takes advantage of two Protoss technologies that allows effective blocking of Terran ramps, keeping the opponent's units either inside or outside the base, depending on where you don't want them:

  1. Dark Templar Barricade: (7:40 @ 12 ramp) Involves holding position a single Dark Templar on the opponent's ramp. If the Terran lacks nearby detection or a ComSat, he might not notice that his units aren't getting anywhere. Rekrul is undoubtedly not the first player to use this trick, but deserves credit for such appropriate use in the game in question.
  2. Stasis Barricade: (24:50 @ 12 ramp) Stasis Field is one of the Protoss Arbiter's greatest abilities and it allow you to immobilize quantities of enemy units for a long period of time. It can also be used, in certain situations, to your own advantage if you say...stick three Zealots on an enemy's ramp and Stasis them. Rekrul does exactly this, blocking all enemies on top of the ramp from coming down to the natural expansion and letting him kill the expansion with impunity.

Both of these tricks have been used before, the latter was featured in the original GX Pimpest Plays as well as SCL's Pimpest Plays 2002. However, Rekrul does deserve credit for his incredible use of Stasis in the game and most appropriate and effective use of both Protoss barricade forms in a single game, which is why this replay is featured as an Honorable Mention entry in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - rekrul_barricade.rep



Million Man March: EchoOfRain [P] vs (='.')o~DoO~ [T]


The Protoss High Templar's Hallucination ability has the potential to deal an enormous amount of damage to the opponent, if used the right way. In this replay, EchoOfRain gathers an enormous amount of Zealots (13:20 @ 6 mineral only) and starts hallucinating them. After all of his Templars have run out of energy, he merges them into Archons and beings the march up the map to attack his Terran opponent. The Hallucinations play an important part here: they trick and lure five Spider Mines into coming out...right into the Terran's own tanks. Nearly all of the tanks are taken out, leaving the Protoss open to wreak havoc with his real units. This replay has earned its place as an Honorable Mention entry in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - million_man_march.rep



Nada's BBQ: CSwcgchampion2L [T] vs iSt- [Z]


This game features Nada (CSwcgchampion2L) using a new strategy/trick involving a near invincible Firebat. With several infantry units standing outside the choke of the Zerg base, he brings in a Dropship and drops a Firebat and one or two Medics on 3's cliff (7:40 @ cliff above 3 choke). The Zerg, seeing this, sends all of his their death. Nada uses some incredible micro, dropping and picking up a few Marines as well as the Firebat and Medics to kill the Zerglings in the most efficient way possible. The Firebat ends up with 29 kills before it gets killed itself. We recommend you watch the replay at the slowest speed to see the Firebat's BBQ in the best possible "light."

Eriador's Comment
Dropping the Firebat there and surrounding it with Medics in such a fashion that the amount of Lings capable of attacking it is not enough to kill it while it is constantly healed by the Medics, is really good. But after all, it's just 30 Lings, and the Zerg didn't have to lose them; he lost them because he attacked when he didn't have to. This makes it less pimp than most of the next games on the list.

Even though the strategy worked so well partly because Nada's opponent didn't play as smartly as he could of, it nevertheless deserves an Honorable Mention designation on the Pimpest Plays of 2003.


Note:This replay originally received 10th place designation on PP2003. However, a better replay was found and fit into the top ten, so this was pushed down to an Honorable Mention.pp03 - nada_bbq.rep



Boxer's SCV Rush: SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Yellow [Z]


This MBC Game KPGA Winners Championship finals game was the third in a series between SlayerS_'BoxeR' and Yellow. For some reason, BoxeR felt very confident and was willing to take many risks during the first few games in the series. In this game, he rushed with twelve SCVs and a few Marines after scouting a second Hatchery building under Yellow's ramp. Because Yellow's scouting Drone happened to be near Boxer's base as the SCVs were leaving, he immediately built two Sunkens at his new Hatchery. Seeing that Boxer sent all his SCVs down, he similarly sent all of his mining Drones to rendezvous the incoming enemy units. Boxer used the SCVs to block the attacking Zerglings and Drones as his two, and later four, Marines shot at them from afar. The Korean audience and announcers scream in delight as the SCVs and Marines take out the first Sunken a split second after it's done building, and later the second Sunken before it even finishes. Yellow, having nothing in his main besides a Hatchery and Spawning Pool, admits defeat with a GG.

Eriador's Comment
What makes this game special is the fact that it was done in a huge tourney which really really mattered, and against Yellow. In addition, there's no doubt in my mind Boxer was at least 90% certain the rush would work, which he saw entirely based on his opponent's build order. I'm not even sure if it was something he had planned on doing pregame.

In addition, the execution is flawless. The reason why it's not higher is that quite honestly, almost every good Terran has at some point used the same or a very similar rush with success. It's not really innovative or anything, but I admire his confidence.

Unfortunately, this game was taken from a VOD, so we do not have a download for your enjoyment. Boxer's flawless execution of such a risky strategy at this important finals tournament game makes it our number ten pick in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.




Ghosts and the Shells: igOr[pG] [T] vs z7-devaztaYta [P]


Why did Blizzard choose to center its first sequel in the StarCraft franchise based around a single unit, the Ghost? Simple: the Ghost is both incredibly versatile and intriguing. Last year you saw SlayerS_'BoxeR' launch six lockdown missiles within a second. This year we give recognition to igOr[pG]'s extraordinary use of Ghost tactics in a game.


After landing on top of his opponent's natural cliff (16:00 @ 9 natural cliff), he uses a Ghost to keep his units safe by locking down incoming Shuttles. Three minutes later, he launches a Nuke at his opponent's expansion (19:10 @ 6 natural cliff). Immediately afterwards, he brings his six Ghosts to the island at 5 and attacks the Nexus and Pylon warping there (19:50). As he is attacking, he sends his Dropship out a little to scout for any incoming Shuttles. Lucky enough, the three Shuttles fly right into view of the Dropship. igOr locks all three Shuttles down in time and later a fourth. He kills all of the Shuttles as well as a few Dragoons that were dropped successfully. He finishes off the expansion and flies back to 6 natural where he launches a second Nuke (23:30 @ 6 natural), this time taking out a Nexus, several Probes, a Pylon, an Assimilator, and a Cannon in a huge explosion.

Eriador's Comment
Not picked just so much because of the ghosts on the island, but because of the general strategy used, with both M&M, Vessels, Tanks, Ghosts, a really sweet nuke, EMP, DMatrix, Lockdown and Blind are all used.

In fact, igOr takes advantage of nearly every single Terran spell to frustrate his opponent, and doing it in style. This is why it is our opinion that this replay deserves a spot at number nine in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - ghosts_shells.rep



Yellow Swarm: YellOw [Z] vs Korean gamer [T]


Although losing to Boxer in one of the previous entries in this feature, Yellow is an amazing player in his own right. Terran vs Zerg is always interesting to watch, and Terrans do have many advantages they can put to use in the matchup. Unfortunately, they also have a giant weakspot: the lack of a versatile melee unit. The Zerg, on the other hand, have the perfect spell to exploit this weakness, the Defiler's Dark Swarm. An often overlooked and underused ability due to how high it is on the tech tree and the high amount of micro necessary to use it effectively, Dark Swarm can in a matter of seconds level the playing field, as Yellow demonstrates amazingly in this replay.


Seeing that he is basically on the losing end of the game, Yellow makes a Defiler and launches it from above the battlefield, on a cliff and uses Lurkers to run in and smite all of the attacking Terran units. He uses this combination with Hydras mixed on to take out expansions and generally frustrate his Terran opponent. The anonymous Korean gamer does not know how to react, most likely because there really is no simple rock paper scissor counter to this strategy. At one point several cloaked Wraiths chase down a Defiler, brining it down to 6 health when the Defiler launches a Dark Swarm above itself (38:20 @ center of map). The Defiler stands there invincible and untouched, as five Tanks, four Wraiths, and six Marines attack it from outside. There could not be a more awesome metaphor of the power of Dark Swarm from that single, harmless Defiler standing there at the center of the Lost Temple, protected from an entire Terran army.

Eriador's Comment
This is one of the most insane comebacks ever, Yellow being one third of the Terran's supply at several stages of the game, and coming back to win. Unfortunately I was feeling that Yellow didn't win purely because he was playing amazing (although he was), but more because the Terran kept losing units. I guess coming back from 62 vs 180 supply is pretty much impossible unless the Terran fucks up though. Some very cute moments like when Yellow's Defiler is attacked by Wraiths and saves itself with 6 hp left by throwing a Dark Swarm on top of itself. Would have been higher, but Terran could have ended the game whenever he wanted between 15 and 20 minutes.

By using a combination of Dark Swarm and Lurkers, Yellow shows Zerg players how to effectively bring a Terran army to its knees. For this, he deserves the number eight spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - yellow_swarm.repNote: This game was played on Patch 1.09 and is not compatible with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download this file. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.




Frosting: Obi-1_ElkyNobi [T] vs uT)BeastyZerg [T]


Elky is one of the very few foreigners to successfully make it on the big professional gaming scene in Korea because in many situations, he knows exactly what to do and how to do it. In this game versus uT)BeastyZerg on Bifrost, Elky uses a Terran trick on Bifrost by building a Barracks on the cliff above 6 (1:45) and floating it across the river to wallin his opponent. He then makes a few Marines after landing, and the Marines harass his opponent's SCVs from above. In the meantime, Elky sends an SCV into Beast's base to scout, and finding the choke open upon exit, he closes it off with an unfinished Supply Depot (3:20 @ 7 choke). This delays Beast's Vultures almost exactly long enough for Elky to bring in a few Vultures from behind. As Beast turns around to respond to this new threat, Elky brings in a few more Vultures from the front, through the open choke Beast had just created by destroying the Supply Depot.


Elky did a very similar strat on Neo Bifrost during a 2003 OnGameNet Olympus tournament versus SM_Kingdom [P]. During this game, he simply sent an SCV in from behind and built a Barracks at the same landing spot, and then used some SCVs to make Bunkers above the Probes. Good game.

Eriador's Comment
I'm not sure if calling it the Elky wallin is correct or whatever, simply because I think someone else did it before him. I'm not certain of that though, but I think it's the case. Either way though, the lifted barrack has been copied by all Terran players on bifrost, and has given very many easy victories against unsuspecting opponents. In addition, cool moves like blocking Beast's wallin with an unfinished depot and then coming with Vultures from behind and then when units move to kill that Vulture, he comes with Vultures from the front, make this game stand out. The only problem is that nobody who has played Bifrost before loses against the floated Barracks anymore.

For the lack of a better word, we call this strategy "Frosting" since it is a very Bifrost specific strategy requiring walling in the opponent and hitting him up from above. Precision is key. This is why we are giving Elky an honor for being the seventh Pimpest Play of 2003.


Note:We are aware that "frosting" is also a derogatory term used by the NoHunters community in reference to a stupid, ignorant, or trolling forum post. We assure you that this is an entirely different type of "frosting."pp03 - frosting.rep



Oddysay's Manner Rax: EsSay_kr [T] vs sOOv' [P]


One of Korea's high profile, professional gaming elite is EsSay_kr, otherwise known as Oddysay. The game in question features a combination of last year's Use Your Illusionand Rax Wall. Basically, both players tried to be cute by building away from their respective base, sOOv' building his Gateways near Oddysay and Oddysay building two Barracks in the center. Soon, both sides take out most of each other's bases. After chasing each other around, Oddysay succeeds in reducing sOOv''s base to a Nexus, a Probe, and two Zealots. With 42 minerals in the bank, sOOv's Probe is about to bring one last shipment to make it an even 50 minerals for another Probe to be warped in. Unfortunately, Oddysay times it perfectly so that he landed his floating Barracks directly inbetween the Probe and the Nexus (8:10 @ 12 main). As the Zealot tries desperately to destroy the intervening Barracks, Oddysay makes one Marine and attacks the Probe immediately after popping out. The Zealot cannot get all the way around the Nexus in time to kill the Marine. GG.

Eriador's Comment
Apart from the first Use Your Illusion, this one has some really nice micro in it. However it also looks even more staged. The ending is really really cool, with the protoss having one Probe WITH minerals trapped behind a Barracks, 42 minerals in the bank (thus if the Probe had returned it's cargo, he would have money for more), the Terran having one SCV at the island, and then the Probe's death. Unfortunately this defeat could have been avoided by the Protoss, which is never cool. Letting his probe mine one of the mineral fields it could get trapped in was such a bad move it moves this one down from the very top of my list. Still, it's definitely a really cool game. =]

Oddysay's Manner Rax echoes the excitement we saw last year when Boxer pulled a similar but not identical trick on Valhalla. The audience roared in excitement then, and we do not doubt that they would have done the same for this game. That is why this game deserves recognition as number six in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - oddysay_manner_rax.rep



ForU Web Slinging: [PrO]GunS.. [P] vs blaze.s-power [T]


Your professional gamer Terran opponent is Tank pushing along with Vultures and Turrets. What is a Protoss player to do? [PrO]GunS.. aka ForU had a pretty unorthodox solution in this situation versus blaze.s-power aka Sync. Massing Dragoons, he built a few Corsairs on the side and flanked Sync, who had taken over the center of the Lost Temple, from both sides. Using his Corsairs, he launched several Disruption Webs over the sieged Tanks (13:00 @ center of map). The immobile Tanks were forced to endure several free shots from ForU's Goons as they took their time unsieging and moving away from the pounding Protoss units. Once they resieged away from the Carnage, ForU simply launched a few more Webs over the Tanks, effectively killing any chance Sync had of coming back. A replay that you really need to watch to appreciate, ForU Web Slinging makes our list at number five on the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - foru_web_slinging.rep



Liquid'Drone's Pylon Prison: RANDOMINATOR [P] vs sexygirl [P]


Don't you hate it when your units get trapped behind a building after they are made due to poor base layouts?


So did sexygirl in this case, but it was definitely not her own fault.


For some reason, there is a certain fascination that comes with making buildings in your enemy's base and that is why so many of them have been featured as Pimpest Plays. The game you are about to witness is no exception. In one of the most crafty and spontaneous StarCraft moves ever, RANDOMINATOR, better known as Liquid'Drone or eriador[pG], uses his scouting Probe to do more than harass his opponent's workers and buildings. He uses it to create a wall out of three Pylons next to his enemy's Gateway, in effect fencing in whatever unit was next to pop out (3:00 @ 12 main). A Dragoon comes out but is helpless as Liquid'Drone's scandalous Probe and a Zealot attack sexygirl's Probes. For some reason sexygirl warps in another Dragoon through the same Gate, and both are trapped until they eventually break out after killing one of the Pylons. This move is enough for Liquid'Drone to weaken his opponent and win the game not long after.

Eriador's Comment
I feel this move is the best move I've ever made that I have a replay of (anything better was done 4+ years ago and might have been enhanced by my memory). When Eriador's Zealot arrives in sexygirl's base, the two players are fairly even. However, due to the Pylon block making the Goon unable to help the poor Probes, after the Zealot is dead Eriador has a 12 supply advantage. However, the best part of this move is that it is doable against every Protoss who makes Gate Core Goon while skipping Zealot, which is a fairly common opening (well, okay, if they have their gate right next to their ramp making it impossible to make a Pylon there, no, but that would be stupid in most other ways. And, it's game deciding. The rest of the game isn't very good, but that's due to the Pylon wall winning the game.

What an awesome play that PvP players will now have to watch out for. This move that changes the way some will look at the early game, even slightly, definitely deserves its spot as the fourth Pimpest Play of 2003.pp03 - eriador_pylon_prison.rep



Giyom's Maelstroms: GiYoM [P] vs LeeChangHoon [Z]


"The best game I have ever seen in my entire career as a game caster."
- MBCGame Commentator



X'Ds~Grrrr..., four R's three dots. A name recognized since before StarCraft blew up into the international sensation it is today, he remains a dominant figure on the StarCraft progaming scene. In Korea he is simply known as Giyom, the way Koreans have adopted in pronouncing his first name, Guillaume. In what can be considered one of the most action packed games of the year, Grrrr revolutionizes the way anyone will ever look at the Dark Archon's Maelstrom ability again. The map is on Blade Storm and Grrrr is playing against Boxer's teammate ZergLee. The game begins normally and soon transforms into anything but. The game does not finish until every expansion, except for the islands, are mined out. This Pimpest Plays is not a specific event, but a strategy that Grrrr uses throughout the game so you cannot miss it. At 16:00, watch 5's natural as ZergLee spawns several Guardians. This is where the carnage begins.


I don't think I can explain it better than Mensrea and Eriador of, so I will just let them explain what happens in the game as well as add their personal comments:

Mensrea's Comment
Grrrr played the game of his life, countering wave after wave of mass adrenalings and Ultras with Archon/Dark Archon/maelstrom combos. ZergLee gave up after 40 mins when his econ flatlined. Just incredible to watch. The MBCGame center commentator swore it was "the best game I have ever seen in my entire career as a game caster." Even members of MBCGame's other programs could be seen in the background glued to the big screen overhead they were so amazed. Geezus what a game.

But the real reason why this match may end up being a classic is what it showed Protoss could do against Zerg on an imbalanced map. ZergLee didn't make any mistakes. He should have won it with the ultimate Toss killing mass Adrenaling/Ultra combo. But, Giyom played for the mid-long game and just beat him with a different strat (guess no one should be surprised).

Eriador's Comment
What can I say. Protoss players have been struggling with fully upgraded Ultra Ling for years now. Here Grrrr not only shows how to beat it, he shows how to beat it with style. [In] every battle he Maelstroms the Ultras, making the Lings easy victims for his forces when the Ultralisks aren't able to soak up damage. And then when the Maelstrom is gone, the Ultras are able to soak up damage quite nicely, but the lings, who are supposed to deal it, are long gone.

This game just rapes in general, with very solid micro from Grrr. And it's quite apparent, at least to me, that he has an idea of how he thinks the game's outcome will be after the first half is complete.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Grrrr at his very best. This is for everyone who has criticized him for being "washed up" this late in his career, when in reality this very game defies all of those claims. Congratulations Mr. Guillaume Patry, for the third Pimpest Play of 2003 and for the game of a lifetime.pp03 - giyom_maelstrom.repNote: This game was played on Patch 1.09 and is not compatible with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download this file. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.




Boxer's Base Move: SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Yellow [Z]


- MBCGame Commentator


You may remember the tenth Pimpest Play in this feature, when Boxer successfully rushed with SCVs and a few Marines to beat Yellow during an MBC Game KPGA Winner Championship finals game. That was game three of the series, and the play we are about to show you is the second of the series. Apparently Boxer felt very daring, for some reason, during this championship tournament.


The game takes place on Blade Storm, where Boxer is at 11 and Yellow is at 5. Boxer's original plan is to proxy Rax at the center of map, which he does from the very beginning. Yellow sends out a Drone, first scouting to see if Boxer is at 2. Seeing that he isn't, Yellow sends his Drone towards 11, where Boxer's base is of course. Moments later, Boxer, in a spontaneous moment of pure genius (or craziness depending on how you look at it), lifts his Command Center (the only structure in his base, the Barracks being at the center) and floats it toward his mineral only expansion. He sends all of his SCVs there to anticipate the landing. That very moment, Yellow's Drone enters Boxer's former base, stops, and turns around.


Although Boxer succeeded in confusing his opponent, the move slowed him down enough to lose the game a few minutes later. Regardless, his move was pure genius and you can tell it was spontaneous and totally thought of on the spot because he cancelled a building Supply Depot moments before the move. Notice that this move could only be possibly done by Terran on Blade Storm or a very similar map, where there is an expansion behind the main.

Eriador's Comment
The #1 Pimpest Play on my list is in fact a strategy which failed. What can I say. It's the one strategy so insanely innovative that I've never even thought about doing anything similar. And Boxer does it with tons of money on the line, facing none other than Yellow. Surely he must have practiced it like 50 times to get the timing down but nonetheless even thinking out a strat like that (which is totally map-dependant mind you that would not work anywhere else then on Blade Storm) gets my respect like nothing else could.

Boxer is the number one pimp in my eyes.

Boxer is undoubtedly the king of the Pimpest Plays. He has done so many things to change the way we look at the game to make us look outside of the box to make us see that StarCraft can be pure art. The true Emperor of Terran. Boxer's Base Move truly deserves its spot as the second Pimpest Play of 2003.




Nada's Amazing Maze: Nada [T] vs H.O.T-Forever [Z]


The only person that could possibly have a chance at taking the throne away from SlayerS_'BoxeR' is none other than fellow Terran Nada. A GhemTV match played between Nada and Zerg H.O.T-Forever this year was an amazing showdown between the best of T and Z on Isles of Siren. It is not surprising that a game featuring two of the best from both worlds would produce two incredible Pimpest Plays both of which we consider to be equally Pimp. Thus they are tied at #1.


The first Pimpest Play of the game was by Nada. About 26 minutes or so into the game he dropped twelve Marines and four Medics onto the edge of HOT's base. After popping three nearby Overlords Nada makes a dash with his troop of M&M into the heart of HOT's base. HOT conveniently has nine Ultralisks in that base and he sends them all to attack what should have been only a small enough threat. Nada's alert Marines quickly dash past the incoming Ultralisks with one target in mind: HOT's Greater Spire. Using some incredible micro Nada moves one or two Marines/Medics at a time to absorb the least amount of casualties possible. With two Marines and two Medics left and the Greater Spire at 1/3 health it seemed obvious that the mission would be a failure. Someone should have told Nada.


The two Marines made a mad dash down crossing inbetween the Greater Spire and an adjacent Hatchery. The bulky Ultralisks of course could not follow the Marines through the narrow mazelike path of the Zerg base so Nada had effectively bought some time for the two Marines to do as much damage as they could before the Ultralisks could go around the base and reach them. As they finally approached Nada sent one Marine away and let the other do as much damage as it could with one Medic healing him. Eventually the Marine died so the live Marine ran up and around a Hydralisk Den to where they were before once again losing the Ultralisks in the maze. A group of Science Vessels arrive and give the Marine one last chance with a Defensive Matrix. However even this safety measure proved to be unnecessary as the Marine finished off the Greater Spire a split second before the Ultralisks reached him.


And that is the story of how twelve Marines thwarted nine Ultralisks.pp03 - amazing_maze.gif

    - Animated GIF for your enjoyment. To download right click the link and click Save Target As...


H.O.T-Forever's Divine Wind: H.O.T-Forever [Z] vs Nada [T]


- Nada


The second Pimpest Play of the game was by H.O.T-Forever in what could only be described as an equally stunning moment. With around eight to ten Battlecruisers Nada is about to attack one of HOT's expansions when his BCs are around eighty Scourges. HOT micros the swarm of Scourges so that they are perfectly clones. All nine or so Battlecruisers are demolished with four Scourges left to spare. This was enough to get a "T_T" out of Nada which one of the commentators mistook in a particularly comedic moment for GG. For the most of us being at the receiving end of such a jaw dropping move would have definitely been enough to immediately admit defeat.pp03 - divine_wind.gif

    - Animated GIF for your enjoyment. To download right click the link and click Save Target As...


Thanks for joining us in our celebration of the greatest moment in StarCraft for the year 2003. Once again we hope you enjoyed this feature and we hope you look at StarCraft differently from now on whenever you play. StarCraft is far from being just a game and we hope this feature has helped you realize how much deeper StarCraft is than meets the eye. We hope that 2004 will be another year of StarCraft greatness so that we will be able to invite you once more at the end of the year to enjoy the Pimpest Plays of our time.


- The StarCraft Legacy Team



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