The cinematic experience that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis, the sequel to First Contact, is now available for viewing on StarCraft: Legacy's YouTube channel. Watch as events from StarCraft and Brood War unfold before you.

StarCraft Legacy - StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis

Hiring Staff



StarCraft: Legacy is Hiring

StarCraft: Legacy is asking for applications from interested and devoted community members to become a staff on the site. For those interested, more information about desired positions are over on our opportunities page.

We are looking for Content and Graphics staff to help out with the site, although we are especially looking for Content staff.

Content staff generally post news and write articles, even extending to writing lore editorials, special features relating to the StarCraft series, and detailed reviews. Further details about the responsibilities of the Content staff can be found on the opportunities page.

Graphics staff create art and graphics for articles, editorials, and features as well as design and layout for the site. Examples and details of what we are looking for are found on the opportunities page.


Application and Contact

For those wishing to apply, please carefully read over the opportunities page, which also includes an FAQ about the application process as well as details on the available positions and what the responsibilities are. If you're still unsure of the work involved with being a StarCraft: Legacy staff, browse some of our recent articles and news posts for examples.

For those interested in applying as a Content staff, simply send an email to opportunities[at]sclegacy[dot]com with the subject as the position you wish to apply for (read the opportunities page for the exact subject you should use) and include in the body any relevant skills, interests, or examples of any work you have written yourself.

The application for Graphics staff is the same as for Content staff, but the application process for Graphics staff emphasizes the portfolio. Include works that you have completed within the application email (online portfolio links are acceptable, such as from deviantART). Works relevant to the position you are interested is recommended, but anything that showcases your skills is acceptable.

For any further questions that are not answered by this post or the opportunities page, please contact LordofAscension through PM over the forums or by email to lordofascension[at]sclegacy[dot]com with the subject "Questions Regarding Opportunities". In addition, if you have an idea of how you can help the site, but it isn't included in any of the positions listed, you can contact LordofAscension to discuss any possibilities. Do not hesitate to ask about anything uncertain or unclear, but be sure that it isn't explicitly mentioned or answered on the opportunities page before you send a PM or email.

The application process has multiple steps, and as such may take a while for us to contact you. After reading the applications, we will contact applicants individually by the email address they used to send their application.


Thank you for being a visitor to StarCraft: Legacy. We will eagerly await your applications!

StarCraft: Legacy - Opportunities

StarCraft: Legacy |

Update: Here's a special holiday treat from our second cinematic, Final Metamorphosis, complements of our resident cinematic artist, Chris "Freespace Ciocotisan:

Keep checking StarCraft: Legacy and Freespace's site for more Final Metamorphosis updates!


The StarCraft: Legacy staff would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! May the Santa-Reaper shower you with gifts:

SC:L would also like to give animated unit avatars to our members:

Nova Kerrigan Selendis

Log into our forum's user control panel to see the rest!


StarCraft: Legacy is proud to announce the winners of our latest mapping contest. Our dedicated members provided us with many entries, reflecting the wide variety of talent in our community. Our judging staff poured meticulously over the maps, and there was a very lively debate concerning which maps stood above the others. After lots of theorizing and play-testing, we would like to present the winners:

1st Place: Valhalla by prodiG

This map is a reminiscent throwback to the old Brood War days, featuring a mineral only 3rd, along with no high yield or Xel'Naga watchtowers. The mains are nicely nestled within mostly non-traversable cliffs, while the natural and 3rd contain lots of open space.

Prize: EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (768 MB)

2nd Place: Rising Tides by Gaius
Rising Tides is a larger 1v1 map set on a beautiful beach tileset map. Double height clifs help protect the main. Expansions flow counter-clockwise, with a gold as a possible 4th. The more direct path to the center is supplemented by additional side paths. A raised ramp overlooks each natural, acting as a drop zone.

Prize: Zeratul vs. Kerrigan Poster and any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

3rd Place: Amnesia by madsquare
This 1v1 map is a quick paced map. Featuring a short rush distance and lots of open spaces, this map makes expansions critical to hold onto, even though none of them are high-yield. There is possibility for a decent deal of cheese on this map, stemming from the wide cliff-face available at each main.

Prize: Any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

Be sure to check out the 1st and 2nd place winners online, by searching for the map while creating a custom game. SC:L would like to thank everyone for all the hard work they put into their submissions. We would also like to thank NVIDIA for sponsoring this contest! Keep watching SC:L for many more contest opportunities!

StarCraft: Legacy - NVIDIA Map Design Contest
StarCraft: Legacy - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Review

This has been a StarCraft: Legacy ( Contest.

SC:L is proud to announce the winners of our unit contest. We have received over 75 submissions and were impressed with their quality, both in the realms of art and writing. Indeed, our community has a plethora of talented artists and creative minds. We would like to thank everyone for participating. Without further adieu, here are our winners:

1st Place: Dread_Reaper's Barralisk
Prize: Razer Lycosa

2nd Place: GRUNT's Mantlet
Prize: Razer Abyssus

3rd Place: Drake Clawfang's Redeemer
Prize: Razer Moray

Semi-Finalists: Technoscream's Custodian, zeeble's Exolisk, boom's Anvil, and Fuper's broodmother.

See this forum thread for the top three units. Thanks for all the submissions, and to Razer for sponsoring this contest!

This has been a StarCraft: Legacy ( Contest.

Legacy Weekly #32 has just warped in, bringing you all the StarCraft news from the last week in an easy to read format delivered straight to you here on the front page. You can read the latest issue here.

StarCraft: Legacy - Legacy Weekly #32

Welcome back to the Legacy Weekly. This is the first issue after the release of StarCraft II. Now more than ever, we want to inform you on everything StarCraft related through each week. Issues 31 contains a summary of the events around StarCraft II, artwork from the community, and a large "Custom Map Review" by Asfastasican. SaharaDrac's classic "Plays of the Week" will be included in the upcoming issue 32.

You can read the latest issue here.


StarCraft: Legacy - Legacy Weekly #31

Have you ever lost at the hands of a merciless Terran tank push, and thought to yourself "If only those back rocks weren't so easily exploitable for the race I currently dislike! These map designers really need to get their act together!", wringing your hands with contempt? Have you thought up a great new idea for a ladder map that could completely alter the way certain matchups are played? Then StarCraft: Legacy and Nvidia want to hear from you! All you have to do is design a great new map in the map designer - then submit them to our contest staff.

By this point, you're probably aware that we like to give away great prizes when we ask the community to undertake such tasks. How right you are! The prizes for this contest are:

1st Place: EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (768 MB)

2nd Place: Zeratul vs. Kerrigan Poster and any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

3rd Place: Any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

starcraft 2 gtx 460

Here are the parameters by which your submission will be judged:
  • Map balance. The StarCraft Legacy staff will judge your map based on perceived racial and overall balance.  The top left corner should not have two free island gold expansions, for example.
  • Creativity.  We would love to see map elements that are new and not before used, such as triggers, or doodads, that could be plausible for Ladder play and add to the fun of a competitive StarCraft II match.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Was the tileset(s) used in an artful, pleasing manner?   

Entries will be judged by these qualities, originality, and ingenuity. 

The deadline for the contest is September 5th. Please send your submissions to contests[at] with your SC:L username and "Map Design Contest Submission" as the subject. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy ( contest.

Have you ever sat and daydreamed "what-if" or "if-only" in the StarCraft universe? Have you ever been driving down the freeway, and imagined that 18-wheeler as a Terran war machine? Then Razer and StarCraft: Legacy have the contest for you! All you have to do is design a new unit for the StarCraft II singleplayer campaign - Terran, Zerg, or Protoss - and submit them to our contest staff.

But why should you design a new unit, when the people at Blizzard get paid exorbitant salaries to do so? Well, of course there are fabulous prizes involved! The prizes that are up for grabs are:

1st Place: Razer Lycosa

2nd Place: Razer Abyssus

3rd Place: Razer Moray 

That's a lot of gear, just for having an imagination!



Here are the parameters by which your submission will be judged:

  • Art for the unit is strongly encouraged. You don't have to be Mr. Jack, but some kind of visual representation is a must! This can be a unit render made in the map editor or other 3d program, or hand drawn concept art. It must all be original art, unless Blizzard art is used. 
  • Statistics. Tell us just how formidable your new unit is, how much it costs, and where you can find it on the tech tree.  
  • Lore. Where is your unit from? How was it discovered/created? Does it have any special abilities?  
  • Strategies. How would you use this unit? What creative tactics can be implemented with your new unit?

Entries will be judged by these qualities, originality, and ingenuity. 

The deadline for the contest is August 25th. Please send your submissions to contests[at] with your SC:L username and "Unit Contest Submission" as the subject. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy ( contest.

Tonight at Day[9]'s StarCraft II launch party, StarCraft: Legacy revealed our latest teaser for our upcoming fan-made cinematic StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis. We also announced that the voice actress for this cinematic is none other than Brynna Talken, Glynnis Talken's (the original Sarah Kerrigan voice actress) daughter. We are very excited with the progress we have made on the cinematic and we hope to be able to release it in the near future.

StarCraft: Legacy - Teaser - StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis Cinematic

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