A new contest is starting for all aspiring mappers/modders. Called Rock the Cabinet 2015, it's an official Blizzard contest that is offering over $20,000 in total prizes.

All games are due on Wednesday, October 28. After the deadline has passed, we’ll review all entries and present to you the ten games that we feel have the most potential. Then, the Blizzard community will get to decide which games make it to the final five by voting for their favorites. After the votes are in, we’ll closely examine (and play!) each of the games and declare the winners of Rock the Cabinet 2015.

The first place prize for this contest includes two tickets to BlizzCon 2015, a hardcover World of Warcraft Udon Tribute Art Book, two StarCrafts Cut and Sew hoodies, their game's text localized into Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Russian, and Spanish, and a chance for the winners to interact with members of the StarCraft II development team and discuss high-level game design topics. To see the full list of prizes, as well as the official rules, click here.

Battle.net - Rock the Cabinet 2015 Begins


StarCraft: Subjection is a fully voice-acted 8 mission singleplayer campaign for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty that features four difficulty levels. Search for the keyword "Subjection" on the North American server on Battle.net.

Release Trailer:

Full-Length Machinima:


Around The Community:


The StarCraft 2 custom maps platfrom "Arcade" beta is now live. In order to participate on the Arcade Beta, you will only need an active Battle.net account. Download the Beta client through your battle.net account and start playing some custom maps in this new platform.

The Patch 1.5.0 Beta introduces an entirely new Battle.net experience: the Arcade. The Arcade offers exciting new ways to find and play your favorite custom games -- and discover new favorites too -- with the option to search for games based on categories including genre, star ratings, release date, and more. After you’ve found a game that you’re interested in, the new Game Info page will provide you with all the information you need to know before you dive in, including a description, screenshots, instructions, patch notes, tutorials, as well as star ratings and reviews provided by your fellow players. The Open Games list will help keep wait times down by displaying games that are waiting for players too.

Blizzard will support their mapping and modding community through "Arcade" which will improve the distribution of custom games in StarCraft 2.

Battle.net - The Patch 1.5.0 Arcade Beta Has Begun

Battle.net - Arcade Beta Forums

Room Wars Loading Screen

The SC:L Staff has developed a brand new custom map called Room Wars. It is a custom map for StarCraft II that can be played from 2 to 8 players in Free-For-All or in team matchups. The map is similar to a Zone Control map with the exception that each zone is enclosed in a room and the room’s doors open at different consistent times. It is very fast-paced as players can quickly lose the game if they don’t protect their captured rooms.

This map can be played at all levels of skill but it gets progressively harder as players control more rooms. This would require more attention to micro units as some units are dependent on their abilities.

Room Design Map Overview

The map has 48 rooms. A general rule of thumb is that the farther the room is from your initial room, the better spawn it will have. Thus, the rooms close to the center will have the best spawn.
This map can be played on different modes:

  • Classic Mode (FFA): In this mode, players will have to capture and control 40 rooms to win.
  • Classic Mode (Teams): In teams of 2, players have to jointly capture and control 40 rooms.
  • King of the Hill: Players need to capture the center room for 5 minutes.
  • Resource Mode (Under Development): Capturing rooms grant players periodic resources and supply with which they can use to warp in a variety of units to any of their controlled points. Teams must capture 40 rooms to win.

The map is currently available on US, EU and LA servers by the name [SCL] Room Wars.

Blizzard has officially released the long-awaited awaited mods along with new achievements and portraits.  

Maybe you’ve already had a chance to experience our official Aiur ChefLeft 2 Die, and StarJeweled mods while they were in beta, but even if you have, you’ll definitely want to check them out again: the final release versions have just been published. Each mod has been polished with improvements and bug fixes, plus they now feature official achievements complete with brand-new avatars to unlock!

Eager to get into the action? It’s easy to get started -- just jump into StarCraft II and hit the Featured section of the Join Game interface to start a match! You can find all three mods featured on the StarCraft II community site’s Maps and Mods page, where you can also check out great map making tutorials to teach you the techniques it takes to create your own mod masterpieces.

Official Mods Achievements

Aiur Chef

Executor Chef - Cook at least one of each dish in all three rounds of one game of Aiur Chef.

Virtuoso -Win a game of Aiur Chef. Awards Zealot Chef portrait.

Supreme Cuisine - Score over 2000 points in a game of Aiur Chef.

The Heat Is On - Kill another zealot chef when hit by the Great Equalizer.

Allez Cuisine! - Cook two dishes within 30 seconds of each other.


Left 2 Die

Live and Let Die - Complete the "Left 2 Die" scenario on Normal difficulty.

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em - Kill a Stank before it kills anything on Hard difficulty. Awards Stank portrait.

Die Another Day - Complete the "Left 2 Die" scenario on Hard difficulty.

Here Comes the Hammer - Complete the "Left 2 Die" scenario before the fifth night on Brutal difficulty.

License to Kill - Complete the "Left 2 Die" scenario on Brutal difficulty.

Night Of The Living - Survive 5 Infested Horde Attacks in the "Night 2 Die" mode of the "Left 2 Die" scenario.

Night Of The Living II - Survive 10 Infested Horde Attacks in the "Night 2 Die" mode of the "Left 2 Die" scenario.

Night Of The Living III - Survive 15 Infested Horde Attacks in the "Night 2 Die" mode of the "Left 2 Die" scenario.



Tag Team - Win a 2v2 game of 'StarJeweled' with no A.I. players.

Jewel Crafter - Win a 1v1 game of 'StarJeweled' against a Medium A.I. opponent.

Jewel Star - Win a 1v1 game of 'StarJeweled' against a Hard A.I. opponent.

Jewel Super Star - Win a 1v1 game of 'StarJeweled' against a Very Hard A.I. opponent.

Jewel Rock Star - Win a 1v1 game of 'StarJeweled' against an Insane A.I. opponent.

Jewel of Denial - Heal 3000 points of damage in a game of 'StarJeweled' using the Healing Wave ability.Awards Ornatus portrait.

World of Orecraft - Do a 6 combo gem break and receive "For the Swarm" notification in a game of 'StarJeweled'.

    StarCraft II Official Mods Now Available

    Aiur Chef, StarJeweled and Left 2 Die are the newest Blizzard-made custom games for StarCraft II. These maps announced at BlizzCon 2010, have been available for beta testing on Battle.net for the last few weeks. The SC:L staff has closely followed the development of each of these maps during their beta testing. Players who are just discovering these maps will surely find this editorial useful as it summarizes most of their gameplay aspects as well as some strategies and tactics to improve player’s understanding of the maps. In addition, the staff has explored the maps in the Galaxy Editor to discover unreleased content and unimplemented features. To read our thoughts, click here.

    SC:L Reviews: Blizzard Beta Maps
    Development for the popular StarCraft mod StarCraft: Team Fortress has resumed. For those of you not familiar with it, StarCraft: Team Fortress is based on Team Fortress Classic - a highly regarded and popular team-based online mod originally made for Half-Life. The mod merges the unit concepts of Team Fortress Classic with the real-time strategy environment of StarCraft, and creates an entirely new style of gameplay. STF's creator, Hercanic, has finally resumed development of the mod:

    It's BACK! StarCraft Team Fortress creator Hercanic never gives up! He's secretly been back in action working on his pride and joy, STF! From the dark corner of his cubicle in the Campaign Creations HQ (non-existing at the moment) he has partnered up with famed programmer Poiuy_qwert (creator of PyMS) to reproduce STF from the ground up. Using new elements and tools to modify StarCraft, he's brought back something worthy of making you reinstall your most prized memory, if you had for some unknown reason uninstalled it. Trust me, I've played it, and it's worth every waking morning that you sat up on your bed and murmured.. "I wish STF would of kept going.."

    Welcome back the active updates of StarCraft Team Fortress!

    Those of you who still have your StarCraft installed might be interested in downloading STF and exploring the intense multiplayer gameplay; you can also find regular updates for the mod at Campaign Creations. Otherwise, feel free to check out some of the lore and artwork developed for the mod.

    Campaign Creations - Starcraft Team Fortress (Beta released!)
    Recently, StarCraft Zone interviewed ITSTORRASQUE4U, the project director of the StarCraft: Sons of War modification. Sons of War is a total conversion for StarCraft: Brood War, which features an originally voiced campaign with custom units and cinematics. The interview discusses the roots of the Sons of War project and divulges some detail about the new units and storyline.

    StarCraftZone: We've seen some pretty amazing 3d models from you guys, but we've noticed some completely new units as well. Units such as the Terran "Tomahawk", Zerg "Bane" and the Protoss "Vanguard". Can you share with us a bit about these new units and their roles in the game?

    ITSTORRASQUE4U: The Terran Tomahawk is a heavy bomber that also shoots short range anti-ground missiles automatically at any enemy between it and it's target: great for dealing with Zs under Dark Swarm, or a rather big mass of zealots for example.

    The Zerg Bane is a Scourge evolution, a much more practical fighter. If you morph your Scourge into a Bane you won't get it back, but you gain rapid melee (which if abused correctly with the creatures potential "massability" can be devastating) and the Suicide Dive, which can snipe ground and air targets from a safe distance.

    The Protoss Vanguard's role is still under discussion. She's currently a heavy anti-organic unit, which deals massive damage (almost always instant KO, but with VERY long cooldown) and slows down the units around the primary target. Melee units such as Zerglings and Zealots are greatly affected.

    Sons of War has been in development for over a year. The group is mostly known for their outstanding 3D generated artwork. Here is a shot from one of their upcoming cinematic cutscenes:

    Sons of War promises to be one of the most visually stunning modifications for the StarCraft genre. Its creators had originally envisioned it to serve as a replacement for StarCraft II itself! However, now that StarCraft II is officially announced and in development, the Sons of War team plans to finish their project before StarCraft II goes gold. They're always interested in talent and if you would like to help out, feel free to create a post in our forums.

    SCZ - Interview with StarCraft: Sons of War

    As alluded to by an earlier comment, StarCraft Legacy recently conducted a roundtable chat with members from Snowflake Entertainment - the quiet team behind the legendary Project Revolution. Snowflake made a massive announcement out-of-the-gate, so this interview crosses some interesting and unforgettable territory. We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we have.

    You can access the 'interview' here.

    Snowflake Roundtable Chat #2
    "Tuxedo Templar and the modding community over at Maplantis.org have released a brand new map unlike anything you've ever seen before: Astrogears! Here's what the Maplantis homepage has to say on this revolutionary map.

    This is a novel new concept map for Starcraft featuring one of the most dynamic multiplayer tactical and strategy experiences ever seen! This map pushes practically all of the game's physical limits and introduces many powerful new concepts going well beyond the game itself. You've never seen anything like this before!

    Astrogears is a team versus game that will pit up to 6 players against one another across two teams. Players must push their strategizing, lateral thinking, and tactical abilities to the limit in order to win. It plays out in real time utilizing numerous layers of gameplay elements. Combat is driven by many dynamic systems based upon automatically-generated NPC forces and the players' Gears: Powerful tools of war featuring a rich medley of abilities and customizability options.
    In Astrogears, players command flying Command Centers, or ""Gears"" and their Ghost controllers called ""Gear Masters"". Using the many ""Bits"" launched from the Gear in tandem with the NPC forces your Gear can help cultivate, you must loot the platform for asteroid resources and destroy your enemy's HQ before they destroy yours.

    Astrogears is truly a step above and beyond maps before it, and an excellent game in its own right. Many thanks to Tuxedo Templar and the good people at Maplantis for developing and releasing this incredible piece of modding! Visit the Astrogears homepage and download v2 of the map today.

    Astrogears Homepage
    Maplantis Homepage"

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