2007 is over. Once again, it is time for those titans of StarCraft to be recognized for their outstanding plays. It's time for [b]Pimpest Plays 2007[/b]. SC:L, in association with TeamLiquid and the PP editors, are proud to announce that we are now taking submissions. We now have a new submissions form, available [url=http://limitedgaming.com/pp/index.php]here[/url], to streamline and significantly speed up the process. In addition we have a larger PP team ready to go to craft your submissions into a [i]timely[/i] feature. For any of you that have followed the scene this last year, you know it has been an excellent year with many worthy plays. But also keep in mind that these awards are not exclusively for the pros but can also be awarded to amateurs. If you have an amazing play be sure to submit it.

Submissions will be taken until [b]January 31st[/b]. Please feel free to submit more than one play and of course, leave your commentary to help us make the selections. If you are a video-editor and are interested in making the official Pimpest Plays 2007 video, please [EMAIL="" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ""]email us[/EMAIL] to apply! Eternal fame and glory await!

The art and the coding have been in production for some time now and the editors are extremely excited to get started - send us only the best!

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StarCraft continued to change during 2007. StarCraft II was announced and covered exhaustively. The impact of “Web 2.0” started to affect the community; websites and organizations are changed to reflect this. The foreign scene exploded through international tournaments and shout-casting (which came into, devolved from and reinvented itself during and since). And the quality of innovation has gone from the obvious to the subtle.

During all of this, there were still some Pimpest Plays to be found.

Pimpest Plays has always been a balancing act. On one hand, there are feats of mechanical skill. There are people who continue to refine what “perfect” play is. On the other, there are plays that scream of innovation. The environment is, and has always been, highly calculated. The limits of skill and knowledge are generally known, but those boundaries, those limits are occasionally shattered. How do you decide which is better? Do you choose clicks, or do you choose tricks? The correct answer is, “both” because you must master the fundamentals to master the game. Our top picks are the combination of skill, thought, and innovation. The best – the pimpest – plays come during the heat of competition, in front of the screaming crowd, when the stakes are highest. SlayerS `BoxeR` is the embodiment of this amazing mentality. He changed the rules of how the game was played - live in front of you, on prime time.

StarCraft: Legacy welcomes you to Pimpest Plays 2007. Use the index below to navigate:


Honorable Mention - Zelniq's Cliff Jump

One of the reasons why StarCraft is such a great game is because of the extremely dynamic metagame. Throughout the years players have found many ways to surpass standard play. This honorable mention goes to Zelniq for taking advantage of an entertaining bug in StarCraft that allows players to jump cliffs. In this game he was Protoss playing against a Terran. Zelniq scouted his opponent and subsequently built a Pylon and Gateway right next to his cliff. After blocking off all possible exit routes for the Gateway near the cliff, Zelniq began warping in a Dragoon. The Terran player, ignorant of Zelniq's plan, thought himself safe behind his wall as Dragoons were being warped into his main, effectively giving us a retro version of the Protoss Warp-In mechanic in StarCraft II.

Honorable Mention - Chalrenge's Draw

This is certainly a rare one - two players so equally matched the game simply cannot continue. The story here is that one player has turtled, which would normally take a massive amount of effort to defeat, and the other player has no resources and lacks the ability to acquire any more. If either player attacks, he will lose. This is a one of a kind and a well deserved Honorable Mention award.

Unpimpest - Pokju Getting Horror Gated on Peaks

In this game, Bisu uses a cheesy build against Pokju, and Pokju literally reacts in all of the worst possible ways. Bisu built a Pylon on Pokju's mineral line and then two Gateways on the other side of the minerals. While the Pylon in Pokju's mineral line was being destroyed, another Pylon was being warped in on the other side. Even as another Pylon is being warped in again on Pokju's mineral line, Bisu warps in Zealots and takes out Pokju's Probes.

8) Boxer's fake SP

The darkest day in StarCraft was when SlayerS`BoxeR` retired. Military service is one of four constitutional duties in South Korea; males are conscripted into the Military, Navy or Air Force for between 22 to 26 months. Ironically, Boxer became the leader of Ace, the Air Force StarCraft team. Although he had a greatly reduced practice schedule, he was able to return to the StarCraft scene that still bears the effects of his brilliance. His comeback, much like any sport legend, was mired with great defeats. Alongside the mediocre play and the many defeats suffered by a superstar past his prime, the spark would sometimes appear. This play is one of these moments.

The Emperor's rush is mythical. There is literally a generation of StarCraft players who have been the audience to it in competition, whether as a spectator or participant. Proxy is the word given to describe a blistering, creative rush. Or maybe the classic definition of the word just isn't good enough to define this play. Maybe it will simply daze you, as it did to ever)T(Sheis.

The diabolical ploy starts with Boxer sending out an early SCV from his base in the top left of the map and scouting one of the nearby empty bases. Finding nothing, he begins building his first Barracks with his SCV scout. Sheis plays the standard TvT build and scouts with proper timing. Knowing that there is a 50% chance that Sheis has scouted the correct way, Boxer has an SCV stationed on his ramp ready to deny entry to Sheis's scout. Indeed, the scout attempts to get up Boxer's ramp and fails miserably. Thinking that the SCV ramp block may just be Boxer trying to fake his base - Sheis continues scouting towards the main that contains the Barracks.

The SCV arrives as the Barracks is floating towards Sheis's base, inducing him think that the location of Boxer's main is really at the empty main. Two Marines killing the SCV on the ramp is confirmation for Sheis. He changes the trajectory of his own floating Barracks to the empty main, and he rallies his first Vulture there as well. Sheis is shocked to find that, after killing the Marine guarding the ramp, the base is completely empty. In the confusion, Boxer builds two Factories and produces Vultures. A stunned Sheis is overwhelmed quickly, and Boxer scores his first Air Force win.

Demonstrating awareness of his opponent both physically and mentally, the Emperor is awarded the 8th spot in this year's awards. That brings Boxer to a career seventeen Pimpest Play awards in six editions.

7) NaDa's Yamato Micro

NaDa is known for his incredible mechanics and hand speed. He is able to perform faster and more efficiently than even some of the very best progamers can. Dongrae was, unfortunately, caught in front of the tornado that is [ReD]NaDa.

Nada was in bad shape for most of his game against Dongrae because he had lost his main, Factories and all of his Supply Depots. Through some miracle he was able to secure another main and build up a large Battlecruiser force. Both players entered an extremely tense end game with masses of Battlecruisers on both sides. Yamato Cannon wars over no mans land were frequent and Dongrae continually tried to EMP Nada's Battlecruiser fleet. Nada was able to accurately tell which Battlecruiser Dongrae had targeted with the EMP blast, and before the blast could engulf his entire fleet, he split it off from the group to avoid losing all of his Battlecruisers' energy to power his Yamato Cannons and thus, lose the game.

Dongrae pushed into Nada's new base with everything he had, putting the squeeze on a slightly behind Nada. Then, from seemingly nowhere, Nada clones his giant Battlecruiser fleet and Yamato Cannons every one of Dongrae's remaining Battlecruisers. This inhuman feat of control resulted in Nada winning a decisive fight with 12 Battlecruisers to spare, securing the win. Had he not cloned perfectly, there is little question that he would have had a tough time defeating the composite Goliath/Tank/Battlecruiser army of Dongrae. For yet another brilliant display of execution from Lee Yoon Yeol, he takes away this years 7th Pimpest Play.

6) Jaedong's ee han timing mutalisks

Seemingly inhuman feats of speed and skill is happen all the time in a StarCraft match. Are you sufficiently astounded or simple dumbfounded? The Korean commentators, like you, are sometimes both. Pimpest Plays tries rewards those players who make a single, brilliant move to turn a losing game into a victory instantly. Jaedong achieved just this against Stork. After losing a number of Drones and units to Stork's Zealot harass, Jaedong was likely facing a loss. However, he saw a single timing opprotunity granted by an error in Stork's play and he knew that that it presented a possiblibilty that could mean a win instead of that loss. He quickly teched to Spire and created a number of Mutalisk and Scourge. Unfortunately for Jaedong, Stork had scouted and discovered Jaedong's plan with his first Corsair and he was completely prepared to handle the oncoming onslaught. Or so he thought.

In one swift motion, Jaedong launched his attack with impeccable timing and efficiency, destroying Stork's entire Corsair fleet, his defending cannons, and the entirity of his main. Stork knew he needed to counter, but Jaedong perfectly walled off his front with Evolution chambers and his Spawning Pool - preventing any counter from suceeding. In under ten seconds, Jaedong went from victim to victor. This off-the-cuff timing coupled with the flawless execution gives Jaedong well-earned 6th position in the Pimpest Plays of the year.

5) Iris's Mine Hide

BlizzCon 2007; Tasteless's screams echoed around the cavernous hall throughout the day. It's the semi-final, Nal_Ra vs. Iris and Savior is waiting. Iris uses Vultures to harass, denying Nal_Ra – by micromanaging beautifully – the first game. While waiting for the next game, Tasteless says: "This is why the Koreans are so good. It's not just their DNA that has StarCraft written all over it, it's actually that they are so disciplined. It's actually turned into a real sport."

Game two begins. Nal_Ra uses a proxy Pylon to confuse Iris's scouting. Tasteless comments: “These players are so good, they not only know what they have to have in their own base, they know [...] exactly what their opponent has to have.”

Nal_Ra dominates Iris's FD rush. “The purpose of the FD [(Fake Double)] is to buy time to expand while you lay a minefield.” Slightly after, Iris plants three mines on top of each other. His Barracks begins to move. The commentators pass over it casually. Iris's rush failed, an Observer is nearby, he will lose soon. The Dragoons are coming. Tasteless echoed “Check this out, he actually floated his Barracks over his mines so–”. In the first game, Nal_Ra targeted mines directly. Iris used the floating Barracks to prevent Nal_Ra target the deadly mines. Nal_Ra loses three of his four Dragoons, and Iris counter-pushes. Iris's clever display of brinkmanship is awarded the 5th Pimpest Play this year.

4) Crazy-Hydra Muta Micro

The match-up: Crazy Hydra vs. Min. The game is ZvZ, with both players spawning on opposite corners of map. Both players expand quickly and Min manages to take down the Hatchery at Crazy Hydra's natural expansion with Zerglings. Both players quickly begin evolving Spires. When Min enters Crazy Hydra's base, he comes perilously close to knocking down Crazy Hydra's Spire before it finishes building. However, it narrowly survives to finish and is subsequently destroyed within seconds, but not before Crazy Hydra gets the chance to morph three Mutalisks. Min would eventually come to wish that he had knocked the Spire down before it finished; the rest is self-explanatory. With uncanny unit control, Crazy Hydra manages to take out all the Scourge his opponent can throw at him while simultaneously crippling Min's economy. Crazy Hydra deservidly goes on to win the game.

3) Monty Hall Antics - Savior vs Light, Flash vs Bisu

If we did a pimpest map competition, Monty Hall would definitely be a contender - heck, it's mentioned several times on this very page. It is so different from the conventions of a standard map, so very odd compared to the mainstream battle arenas that shipped with the game (and even the popular fan-made contributions). How do you deal with barriers you can't remove with firepower? What do you do if your opponent has a complete mobility advantage? These plays showcase the best and brightest of the StarCraft pro scene getting to grips with what we can all agree is, frankly, a bastard of a map.

Light vs. Savior:

In the early game Savior attempted to rush Light, as fast as is possible for a Zerg player to do on Monty Hall. Yet, Light denied Savior further access to his base by building a Supply Depot near the minerals at his entrance. What followed was a match that highlighted the insidious nature of Monty Hall.

Flash vs. Bisu:

Monty Hall is usually considered a troublesome map in part because of the mineral lines that block off the bases, which require workers to mine through. For the Terran, this is normally compensated for by building a Refinery as close to the minerals as possible, setting SCVs to mine out the minerals, and instead of waiting for them to go all the way back to the main Command Center to drop off the mineral load, they are instead sent to get gas at the Refinery. This causes them to lose the mineral load that they held, thus regaining the ability to mine the wall again. Now, in this game, Flash does an early rush in the middle lane of Monty Hall by building two Barracks close to Bisu's base. Bisu then scouts both the outer lanes instead of the middle one. In addition he perfoms a tech build, which doesn't allow for many units that can be use to repel a rush. Flash serves up a rush; as reward for the intestinal fortitude required to pull off such a play, Flash storms into Bisu's base and cleans up the mess - game over.

2) Silver's Monty Hall Build:

Silver (Zerg) vs Shine (Terran)

Zerg are usually at a disadvantage on Monty Hall. But Silver makes an unprecedented move and expands onto Shine's natural expansion, which gives him significant proximity to leverage against Shine. This play revolutiones the Zerg gameplay on this map. Silver places a Sunken Colony in his new expansion, preventing his opponent from coming close to the minerals blocking the way out of his base. Silver goes on to win the game via Mutalisk harass and a combined force of Hydralisks and Guardians.

1) Casy's Fake FE vs July RLT

The number one Pimpest Play is, usually, either for a godlike feat or a tactically genius move. This year's is the latter of the two. Firstly, you need to consider some things with this play:

Zerg players have to choose between unit production and economy in the early game. This is especially the case in ZvT because the Terran player is looking to be very aggressive. The choice is, like most of the decisions StarCraft, a risk that can be calculated. If your opponent fast expands, you generally counter by doing it yourself. In the macro-first environment of the current pro scene, a Zerg can't be out-expanded by a Terran.

Zerg players rely on scouting Overlords in the early game. It's why the classic Wraith and revolutionary Corsair openings became popular at certain points in the games professional history. In this play, July changes to a more conservative build in an attempt to match Casy's expanded economy.

In ZvT, Sunken Colonies are the backbone for defending your natural. Zerg players time the construction of Creep Colonies (and upgrade to Sunken Colonies) to anticipate and defend against the Terran push. They try to postpone the process as long as possible, without being late, to maximize Drone mining time. It's why you see the Zerg player scouting proactively, then building three or four sunken colonies frantically while the Terran push is en route.

In this game, Casy sends some SCVs to mine his natural expansion while an Overlord watches. Casy knows the Overlord's sight range, so he knows that July can only see SCVs mining. This is important because at this level of play, knowing your opponent is everything. July immediately changes his build, if the Terran expands early it means they won't be attacking you early; so, July can focus on making more Drones. With Zerg, if you pump Drones then you're open yourself up to attack; you're very vulnerable. Casy basically fakes his expansion; July reacts incorrectly and Casy is able to go in and simply dominate him. It's not often that one pro can easily dominate another.

For this reason, Casy's Fake Fast Expansion is this year's Pimpest Play.


With the original StarCraft entering the latter stages of its professional career, soon to be replaced by its smarter, stronger, brighter and bigger offspring we find ourselves wondering how things may change. A revamped interface, new mechanics, a different design team... a strange new world. Will the impeccable balance be retained? Will we enjoy this new iteration as much as the last? Will there be opportunities for those same "... there is no way he just did that" moments? Who knows?

Blizzard willing, these questions will be answered soon enough. We can do naught but hope that, while something will inevitably be lost in translation between the two games, more will be added than will be taken away. We remain quietly confident that in the future, we will still hear Tasteless speechless, at the amazing skill on display during a clever mine hide or equivalent. We will still gasp in awe at the amazing plays we see each and every year. And we here at StarCraft Legacy, late or not, will still deliver the best to you every single year. Stay tuned, big things are coming - a legacy never dies.


Article by StarCraft: Legacy.
Special thanks to Plexa.
This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) feature in collaboration with TeamLiquid (http://teamliquid.net/).

Pimpest Plays 2007
StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.

StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2006 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft


2006-12-01 - Super Fight 3 - sAviOr vs Nada - Game 1 on Arcadia II

For a player who dominated like none other in 2006, at first sight Savior provides little in the way of innovation. He simply stands on the shoulders of his predecessors, and does everything they do, better than they ever did. However, he does have an arsenal of little tricks that, while not exciting, do show that when he's in the zone he's simply a level above everyone else.

This particular move was executed against Nada in the first game of the third CJ Super Fight, most likely solely for the purpose of demoralizing his opponent. When Nada's all-in rush fails and he attempts a last ditch attack, Savior sneaks a group of zerglings into his base and starts attacking the Barracks. Ever the master of the psychological battle, Savior moves a few zerglings out of the way with perfect timing, leaving Nada's firebats surrounded the instant they spawn.

Though it had no effect on that game, Savior has used this trick more than once since. In StarCraft, every unit counts, and even small moves like this one can give a player an edge.


Honorable Mention

2006-01-27 - 2005 Shinhan Bank OSL Ro8 Group A - PuSan vs Midas - Game 2 on 815 III

815 was the first pro map with narrow ramps. It had the potential to change the way StarCraft was played, but instead the players once again proved that they are more powerful than any mapmaker. Midas and YellOw showed us how.

YellOw rushes down to Midas' expo with lurker/ling, totally overpowering the Terran. However, Midas is counting on his narrow ramp saving him. YellOw has other plans though, and stacks his lurkers at the bottom of the ramp. Upon unburrowing, two of three lurkers make their way into Midas' base and suddenly YellOw has the game won. Who needs wide ramps?

Clearly Midas doesn't either. In a game against Pusan, Midas builds a proxy factory early on to destroy Pusan's expo. Sadly for him, Pusan has gone reavers, and all of Midas' tanks are on the lower ground. The reaver wreaks havoc on the poorly defended SCVs after a shuttle feint distracts Midas' wraiths. Midas responds by putting his tanks at the bottom of his ramp and one by one forcing them up the ramp by stopping an SCV on top of them.

Midas and YellOw share an Honorable Mention for handling these new ramps in a spectacular fashion.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number Honorable Mention

2006-12-04 - 2006 2nd Sky Proleague - Hanbit vs eSTRO Game 5 - Free vs UpMagiC on Longinus II

Talent, skill, brilliant execution - call it what you will, but sometimes there's just an amazing play that stands out. Free demonstrates that a play doesn't have to be game-changing to be worthy of mention.

Free's dragoon harassment starts early in the game. Sometime in the fifth minute Free's first real push into the Terran's base is set in motion. At the entrance to UpMagic's base, Free meets and pushes five dragoons against the Terran's force of 3 marines, 2 vultures, a tank, and 3 set mines. Free is well aware of the trap that awaits him, but it's nothing a Pimp Play can't take care of.

*Cue sweet micro*

Free executes his attack by quickly advancing and retreating with his dragoons bit by bit to trigger only one mine at a time. When one pops up, the goons are ready for it, quickly dispatching it before it can explode. He repeats this for a second mine, this time with UpMagic's troops in range to draw fire. Somehow he manages to target the mine with exactly two of his dragoons, firing at a marine with another, before moving away again to pick off the advancing vultures. With UpMagic reduced to a few wounded marines and a tank, Free pushes onward. When the third mine triggers with a marine nearby, the closest two dragoons target the marine while two others target the mine, killing both with incredible efficiency.

In the end, the 5 dragoons are still alive and healthy, while UpMagic has lost much of his defense force. Free proceeds to deal some pretty significant damage to his opponent's base before UpMagic is finally able to clear out the invaders. Free goes on to practically dominate the game for its entirety before UpMagic's defenses finally break down to a massive Protoss ground force.

While dragoons are normally slow to respond and difficult to maneuver with precision, in this game Free displays a mastery of the unit that turns them into precision killers, earning him an honorable mention in Pimpest Plays 2006.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number Honorable Mention

2006-11-26 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - KTF MagicN's vs Lecaf OZ Game 3 - YellOw(Z)/GoodFriend(T) vs ShinHwa[Name](Z)/dOnGraE(T) on Vampire

In a 2v2 Terran/Zerg mirror match on Vampire, the Zerg players' zergling/drone balance, as well as timing and unit positioning, can change the game's outcome in an instant.

In this game, Yellow chooses to take his second gas significantly earlier than Shinhwa, resulting in approximately 200 more gas than his zerg opponent.

However, his lower zergling count creates a vulnerability that Shinhwa tries to exploit. To add to the situation, Yellow's lings are out of place on the map, and he has nothing to stop Shinhwa's zerglings from coming into his main - that is, other than his 2nd Hatchery placed at his choke.

As Shinhwa looks to run his lings through the narrowed down choke, Yellow morphs a drone from one of his idle larvae, blocking off the entrance and stalling his opponent. Yellow later explained that this was not a "spur of the moment" move, but had been discovered through practice beforehand. In that instance, Yellow had accidentally trapped his own zerglings inside his base.

By securing the safety of his superior economy, Yellow and Goodfriend are able to ride the advantage to an eventual victory over Shinhwa and Dongrae. Without this egg block, Yellow would have lost a significant portion of his economy, and victory would have been improbable.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 10

2006-01-15 - SCCL Season 1 - ToT vs Play - ToT)XiaOzI( vs Play.sataNik on SCCL S1 Rush Hour

Ask any stranger on the street about the entertainment value of Zerg versus Zerg games and he'll laugh in your face. "Mutas and lings," he'll say. "Always just mutas and lings. Where's the entertainment in that?"

Your first response may be a meek, "Well.. they use scourge, too," but we believe we've found a better argument. Coming in at number 9 on our list is this incredible game between )ToT(XiaOzI and Play.sataNik, two well-known foreign Zergs. What starts out as a typical ZvZ turns into a fifty-minute long slugfest that can only be described as art. Lurkers, guardians, devourers, queens, defilers, and even ultralisks make an appearance; this replay is simply a must-see.

The screen shots above showcase the action: stop-lurkers are used with brutal effectiveness, plagues decimate entire armies, offensive Nydus Canals wreak havoc on unguarded expansions. When faced with unconventional play, both players rise to the challenge and bring us a truly memorable game. The incredible creativity, the strategic decisions, the micro shown by both players, and the sheer entertainment value of this game place it at number 9 in the 2006 Pimpest Plays.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 9

2006-09-18 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - MBCGame HERO vs Samsung KHAN Game 4 - PuSan vs FireBatHero on Longinus

Sometimes you see something in StarCraft that just shouldn't be possible. Most the times such games will end up on the StarCraft Legacy Pimpest Plays list. Pusan's game against FireBatHero on Longinus in the SKY Proleague is just such a game.

Pusan puts on the pressure early on, but makes a mistake in double-expanding, thinking that FireBatHero has already started his own expansion. FBH takes advantage and advances on the Protoss. Pusan quickly cancels his mineral-only Nexus and retreats into his natural. The Terran sets up camp just outside the Protoss natural with some SCVs, half-built supplies, tanks, vultures and mines. This is where Protoss usually types GG.

Pusan eventually loses his expansion, while FireBatHero has gotten an expo up and running, as well as some turrets at his containment. Meanwhile, Pusan has been harassing so well with some zealot drops than the Terran has been forced to clump up all his tanks, despite a Turret being built. With his newly trained reaver, this is, of course, perfect for him. He draws fire with a zealot, and the reaver lets loose. The first shot kills nothing, but damages all four tanks. The second shot all but eradicates the tanks, and the containment is broken.

The game should have been over, but Pusan kept his cool and stuck to his plan. Despite FireBatHero not making any major mistakes, Pusan was able to break the containment and eventually come back to win the game, earning him the number 8 spot on our list.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 8

2006-05-18 - Pringles 1 MSL Ro8 - Boxer vs iloveoov - Game 1 on Rush Hour III

Boxer in a Pimpest Play list? Shocking. Once again the Emperor pulls off a strategy so ridiculous, so creative, and so ballsy, that it could only have come from him.

Proxy strategies are a dime a dozen these days, and Boxer's no stranger to them. But how could he fool his own teammate, his own protégé even, the Monster Terran iloveoov? Well.. why not build the proxy barracks right under his nose!

In an game several months prior against Saferzerg, Cloud surprised us by scouting with one of his initial SCVs, sneaking around the Zerg base until he found the edge of the creep. Knowing his enemy's position without being seen, he built a Barracks right under Saferzerg's nose. A smart move, but against a weaker player, and lacking finesse, as he still struggled to secure the win.

Boxer took things a few steps further. For years Zerg players have been using the overlord's greater sight range to scout without being seen. And Cloud had the advantage of being able to see the Zerg's creep. But what to do when playing Terran against Terran? Boxer, as always, finds a new trick.

He scouts with an initial SCV (after mining with it once so he'll still be able to make the 6th SCV as soon as possible), having a 50% chance of finding his opponent on Rush Hour III. Once he enters the 7 o'clock main, he stays out of sight range and sneaks around towards the mineral line. He slowly creeps towards it- still unseen, but unable to see iloveoov's units or buildings as well- until he hears the sound of an SCV mining. Knowing he's found his enemy, he builds a barracks in a corner of the base.He remains undetected until iloveoov scouts his nearly empty main. By then, it's almost too late. To ensure his victory, Boxer builds another proxy barracks outside of iloveoov's natural and, with the usual incredible micro, wins just three and a half minutes after his first SCV entered iloveoov's base.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 7

2006-02-04 - 2006 Blizzard WorldWide Invitational Tourney Ro4 - Reach vs YellOw on Coulee

Reach goes on the early offensive with double gate zealot harassment but Yellow is eventually able to fight it off. Minutes pass, bases grow as does the harassment from both players. In the tenth minute Yellow finally launches a relatively major attack against Reach's center expansion. The clever Zerg player dropped many lings and two lurkers, easily destroying what little defense Reach had there. Reach had no detectors on site and didn't have an observatory, so Reach did the only thing he could do to save his expansion - he executed a Pimpest Play. He loaded up a shuttle with twin reavers and flew it to the battleground. He deposited one reaver just out of the lurkers' attack range and dropped the other on top of the waiting lurkers. The Mantoss ordered his first reaver to attack the second. The reaver released the deadly scarab. As it zipped towards its intended target, Reach had his shuttle pick-up his second reaver. The scarab exploded in the middle of the lurker patch. Rinse and repeat. The second scarab destroyed the offending lurkers and the Mantoss reveled in his awesomeness.

While this is likely a variation of a similar Terran move (usually done with SCVs/vultures and tanks), ToT)iNcontroL( said it best: "The risk of this and the innovation of this make it an EASY PP. Fucking target his OWN reaver? Crucial unit.. expensive and have the gusto to do it perfectly? YES. Nothing else will be more "pimp" than this". We have to agree - even though Reach ultimately lost the game to a superior air force, the Mantoss has earned his number 6 spot among the year's greatest plays.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 6

2006-12-04 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - eSTRO vs Hanbit Game 4 - UpMagiC vsSaSin)bOy on Arkanoid 1.1

Quick, short, well-executed games have always been a big part of Pimpest Plays. The rush games display the total understanding of the map, the build, and the timing of oneself and one's opponent. This game demonstrates all of that.

The second season of the 2006 SKY Proleague pitted Hanbit Stars against eSTRO, or more specifically, SaSin)bOy versus UpMagic in the fourth game on Arkanoid 1.1.

UpMagic has been compared to Boxer by some, and displays partly why here. He uses a half-built supply depot to jump two SCVs past the two neutral buildings blocking his access to the rest of the map. He then proceeds to build two barracks outside his base, enabling his forces to arrive in the center of the map far sooner than a normal build would allow.

SaSin)bOy is playing a very standard Zerg, while UpMagic initially heads the wrong way from the middle. He's thought of that possibility though, and sends only a scouting SCV in that direction, while the rest of his forces start opening up a second path: this time the correct one. When the SCV sees an overlord heading across its path, UpMagic knows he's now heading the right way. SaSin)bOy has a third hatchery building near his main entrance, but UpMagic's rush comes much sooner than expected, and it cannot finish in time. The Zerg has no chance of defending, he's simply too late as UpMagic walks all over him.

UpMagic earns the number five spot with a move that displayed his complete awareness of all factors of the game. He was in total control from start to finish and proved that Terran has a lot of options of maps like Arkanoid.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 5

2006-05-26 - 2006 1st Shinhan Bank OSL Ro16 Group H Game 2 - YellOw[ArnC] vs Sea[Shield] on Shin Peaks of Baekdu

By now, Sea[Shield] and YellOw[ArnC] are two well-established pros. This Pimpest Play comes from the first season of the 2006 Shinhan Bank StarLeague. Both players had advanced from their respective groups to be pitted against each other in the round of 16, in a best of three. YellOw[ArnC] won the first game, but the Pimpest Play occurred in the second game.

The map was the original version of Peaks of Baekdu, and the game started out like many others. Sea went hardcore SK Terran, meaning heavy on the science vessels, without any tanks. YellOw started up with lurker/ling and soon added a lot of scourge to thin out what was becoming a massive science vessel fleet for the Terran.

The game was swinging in the balance as they traded bases; Sea struggled with his opponent's dark swarms while YellOw was getting desperate due to the increasing number of vessels. This pushed him to take a new approach to combat the vessels. Although today it's a common and often used strategy, plaguing vessels and following up with a single mutalisk was something we had not seen before. It was not a new idea, but it had not been seen performed successfully on TV before. And no one can argue with the success YellOw had with it. It was his first mutalisk of the game and it took down vessel after vessel, often killing two with a single shot of the muta's bouncing attack.

This move is number 4 on the list of Pimpest Plays 2006 for a few reasons. The way in which the move in general and the muta micro were executed was flawless. The reason it's so high on the list is attributed largely to the influence this trick has had on Zerg vs Terran; it has become a significant part of the Zerg arsenal in longer games versus Terrans. YellOw[ArnC] is probably not the first one to think about it, and not even the first one to execute it well. He is however our first well known example of really showcasing the power of plague and mutalisks in combination, and a deserving number four on our list.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 4


2006-12-02 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - OGN vs STX Game 4 - Zeus vs SoO on Arkanoid 1.1

Rare was the PvP match in which a game progresses so far as to use top tier units. But when you have two Protoss factions battling it out on Arkanoid, anything can happen. The Pimpest Plays feature has long rewarded plays that are original, unorthodox, and at times amazing.

The game started off relatively slow with much expansion, coupled with only minor goon harassment by Zeus at Soo's expansion. However, Soo had been warping in carriers since sometime early in the 7th minute. The battle raged for some time between Soo's carriers/goons and Zeus' sairs/goons (which were soon cloaked by arbiters). Then the game evolved into a chasing game. Soo took much of the offensive, periodically attacking Zeus' main and expansions - and each time being beat back by Zeus' tech - mostly his arbiters' Stasis ability and his awaiting corsair/goon force.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 3

Meanwhile, Zeus was acquiring a large force of dark archons. Each time Soo would attack Zeus' main the DAs were there in case any of Soo's carriers were stupid enough to venture into their range. Finally in the 22nd minute Zeus' patience paid off. Sooo committed his carrier fleet in an attack on Zeus' expansion. Zeus' dark archons may have been at Zeus' main - but not for long. Zeus used one arbiter to Recall an eight unit dark archon army to his attacked expansion - Soo immediately realized his error and tried to escape unsuccessfully. Zeus hunted down and Mind Controlled 6 of Soo's carrier fleet - of the mighty armada that attacked that expansion, Soo escaped with one lone ship. That play fundamentally shifted the game - it was only a matter of minutes before Zeus' now larger and more superior force destroyed the rest of his enemies forces.

Zeus' awesome move with his arbiter's recall and subsequent DA mind control to gain total dominance in the game earns him the #3 PP award. And like the happy bow Zeus gave to the crowd - it is well deserved. Two unconventional spells + high stakes + good speed = PP #3.



DownloadPP03 - Zeus
2006-08-14 - iStation ODT Group H Finals - July vs HwaSin on Rush Hour III

Eight years is a long time when it comes to video games, and when a game has been played at a highly competitive level for as long as StarCraft has, you'd expect that there would be little left to discover. The little tricks that still remained to be found would most likely be difficult to pull off or only usable in specific situations, like many of this year's other Pimpest Plays.

But StarCraft, while appearing simple compared to many newer RTS games, has incredible depth to it. In 2005 some members of the community discovered an interesting property of unit grouping, dubbed "magical boxes". They found that by keeping grouped units within a certain range of each other (inside the "box"), the units stayed in formation when moved. If a unit strayed outside the box, the group would clump together. At the time, they took advantage of this to allow area effect spells such as Psi Storm and Dark Swarm to be spread out when cast simultaneously by multiple units. A great trick, but its full potential remained to be seen.

In 2006 someone, somewhere, made another discovery involving the magical boxes, this time keeping a unit outside the box in order to clump the rest of the group together. The clumped units in question are, of course, mutalisks. By grouping them with a far away overlord or larva, the mutalisks stay stacked, and are able to move and attack as one. A meager five mutalisks can kill a marine in a single shot, and seven can kill an SCV.

Screen shots from 2006-10-21 WCG Grand Finals Ro8 - July vs Phoenix - Game 2 on WCG Gaia 1.1
Previously this was only possible by repeatedly moving the mutalisk group to a resource pile, and they unstacked quickly when issued other commands. Once a difficult, micro intensive task, stacking is now only a matter of proper grouping. Even in the hands of amateurs, a small number of mutalisks become a force to be reckoned with.

No one seems to know who invented the technique, though it's rumored to be either Shark[gm] or Luxury[GsP], but when it comes to effective mutalisk harassment, there's one name that stands out: JulyZerg.

This game was chosen as the quintessential display of death-by-mutalisk. Hwasin is an absolute machine when it comes to Terran vs Zerg, having earned a 65% win rate in the matchup in 2006, even defeating July earlier the same day on 815 III. But when July's nine mutalisks arrive, despite having two groups of marines and medics to defend, Hwasin finds himself utterly helpless. Nearly every shot fired by the mutalisk cluster results in a kill. July's first flight through the Terran base, lasting about a minute, results in over thirty dead marines, medics, and SCVs. July's death toll: three mutalisks. After his desperate attempt at a counterattack fails, Hwasin throws in the towel.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 2

2006-05-04 - Pringles 1 MSL Week 3 - Ro16 Group A Winners - Boxer vs ChoJJa on 815 III

In the history of Pimpest Plays one name stands above the rest. Far above. In the previous 4 years SlayerS_`BoxeR` was the subject of 12 out of a total of 45 Pimpest Plays not counting honorable mentions. If that doesn't sound impressive enough consider this: All other Terran players combined had a total of only 11. So it's no surprise that despite his military service forcing him to be inactive for a full quarter of the year the Terran Emperor makes two more appearances in this year's feature including the coveted number one spot.

Manifesto7 of TeamLiquid.net was in Seoul for the game and gave us his account of the action and atmosphere:

MANIFESTO7: "Surrounding the Plexiglas box that has served as the battle arena for MBC Brood War games was an audible hum of anticipation. The next match on the docket featured the nimble-fingered ChoJJa vs the Emperor Boxer. I had been to several live events both in Korea and around the world but there is something different when Boxer plays; a feeling in the air that only two or three other players can create and none with the fervor of Lim. It is the feeling that the limits of the game could be again expanded by this magician. The crowd knows he is the greatest but has no idea what to expect. Wraith micro? Nuke rush? Proxy everything? It is that expectation of the unpredictable combined with the confidence of superior execution that makes him the most popular gamer in history."

815 being a semi-island map with no gas at the natural expansion was generally a Zerg graveyard. Its successor Shin 815 attempted to improve its balance by adding small mineral patches on the islands to prevent Terrans from expanding to them without dropship tech. However this wasn't enough and in April 2006 the third in their line 815 III debuted. This version added a second gas geyser to each island allowing Zerg players to get their third gas much more easily. This map had an overall Terran vs Zerg record of 28-23 (about 55%) in official games much better than the previous versions' combined 9-3 (75%).

MANIFESTO7: "As Lim entered the set the cheering increased and the thick crowd parted respectfully for him. You almost felt sorry for ChoJJa who entered through the other side. Adjusting the height of his monitor his mouse settings his chair level Boxer readied himself for his match on 815. I positioned myself behind his screen as best I could using my baritone voice and ample size to create room. I wanted to witness this firsthand I wanted to see every click."

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 1

Boxer and Chojja spawn in opposite corners of the map. Both players opt for greedy builds: Boxer confident in his superior micromanagement on 815's small ramps builds a second Command Center before a Barracks blocking his ramp so Chojja can't spot it with an early drone scout. Chojja starts with a typical fast expansion build but gets both a Spire and drop tech as soon as his Lair finishes. When the upgrade finishes his intentions become clear: two overlords are in position to drop three drones each on the two adjacent island expansions. After making a handful of mutalisks to prevent Boxer from moving out too early he starts a Queen's Nest.

Boxer knowing his fast expansion will keep his unit count low fully expects Chojja to take an early third base. Devious plan in mind he starts two Starports and scans one of the island expansions confirming his suspicions. Tension mounts as while Chojja's Hive is morphing Boxer sends out his forces consisting only of marines medics firebats and the trademark ace up his sleeve. By the time Boxer arrives at the Chojja's front door the Zerg has a whopping nine Sunken Colonies in front of his natural easily enough to hold off Boxer's ground army until guardians arrive. However his mutalisk force is far away looking for blood after Boxer hinted at expanding to one of the other mains.

MANIFESTO7: "The game progressed rapidly with ChoJJa rushing guards to counter Boxer's quick expansions. There had not yet been anything to suggest this would be special simply a massing of forces and the procurement of resources. All at once however there was a subtle shift in the balance of the game. The unexpected appeared and it only took a couple units."

With Chojja seconds away from having a force capable of decimating the Terran infantry army and a powerful 4-gas economy that would ensure a swift victory Boxer reveals his secret weapon and pulls off one of the most beautifully executed attacks in the history of professional StarCraft. First two dropships start transferring his forces onto the high ground of Chojja's main. The Zerg appears a little unnerved at Boxer's brazen move but knows his guardians will be ready to fight off the attack shortly.

Meanwhile two inconspicuous dots appear on the minimap moving out from Boxer's base. In a matter of seconds the Emperor's plan becomes clear. Two more dropships have arrived one at each of Chojja's island expansions neither of which is adequately defended. In an incredible display of multitasking skill Boxer's troops simultaneously tear apart the Zerg's main 3 o'clock island and 12 o'clock island each attack being micromanaged as much as necessary to ensure victory. The guardians powerful but slow are unable to save even one of the three bases.

In the minute following his dropships' first arrival at Chojja's main Boxer eradicates Chojja's tech brings his economy to a halt and leaves him with a memory that will haunt him for the rest of his career. Shortly afterwards Boxer drops marines behind Chojja's last remaining mineral line eliminating all hope of recovery. Chojja feebly attempts a counterattack with his remaining guardians but Boxer anticipated this as well and had already amassed enough wraiths to make his opponent tap out.

MANIFESTO7: "When the observer on the TV flashed over the extra Starport there was little reaction. It looked as if Boxer was headed for a mass of SK Terran. When the first extra dropships appeared though the crowd buzzed with excitement. Even though I had been following the game from Boxer's own screen I was still taken aback at the speed of the destruction. As the MM crossed the map escorted by the two ships and were elevated into ChoJJa's main to avoid the mass of sunkens the commentators were in frenzy. The best was yet to come. Analyzing the weak defense in the zerg main Boxer scooped up two groups of MM and split them off heading to both 12 and 3. With ChoJJa trying and failing to save his main Boxer leveled his other two expansions and put his personal exclamation mark on yet another pro map. In an instant the game was over and Boxer's signature unit was again responsible. A game not to be forgotten."

The inhuman display of micromanagement multitasking timing and strategical planning in this game gives the Terran Emperor his well-deserved spot at the top of our list.
DownloadPP01 - Boxer

In our conclusion of last year's Pimpest Plays we questioned whether we'd have the material to create another edition of our feature. We wondered if there was anything new to be learned any original moves if there was any ingenuity left in the players. This year our question was answered: after nine years the game is mature players' dynasties have risen and fallen and the play has become more refined more incredible - it's been elevated to a level all its own: art. StarCraft's true essence - its legacy is an amazing combination of the incredible players the amazing balance the replayability and the fun that it has inspired and produced. It really is the standard by which all RTS games are judged.

This is StarCraft Legacy's fifth Pimpest Plays feature; every year it gets more popular. As more people are drawn into the competitive StarCraft scene and as more fans are drawn to StarCraft they see that this game has no ending; rather it is a beginning. It's the beginning of a journey a story and along the way maybe just maybe you'll execute that sweetest play or just have that amazing game. And that my friends is truly pimp. It's clear that after more than nine years the players - and the fans - will never cease to amaze us and as long as there is life and spirit in this game there will be a Pimpest Plays feature.

- The StarCraft Legacy Team

Pimpest Plays Team - LordofAscension SonuvBob cYaN
Guest Consultants - FrozenArbiter iNcontroL Tasteless rise
StarCraft Legacy Graphics and Coding Teams
Special thanks to - thedeadhaji Manifesto7 and the Team Liquid Progaming Database

[Editor's note: I would like to extend my personal thanks to SonuvBob for his extraordinary work on PP06. He is a true fan and his involvement and dedication has drastically impacted the quality of this feature and I am eternally grateful. ~LoA]




StarCraft Legacy's Pimpest Plays 2005

StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.


StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2005 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft..

One Ling to Rule Them All: Dream.t)dOnKK vs. SalGui

pp05 - oneling.rep

Two Zergs on Rush Hour: SalGui gasses up early while Dream.t)dOnKK gets another Hatchery, both typical ZvZ openings. SalGui attacks first with a group of Zerglings. Dream.t)dOnKK counters with Zerglings of his own and gets to his opponents base. SalGui gets his Spire and Sunken/Zergling wars commence as one Mutalisk forms in SalGui's base. Dream.t)dOnKK pushes with more Zerglings and finally kills off his opponents Sunken, Lings and Drones, but SalGui's lone Mutalisk has caused the same amount of damage in his opponent's base with the only units left being one Mutalisk vs. 6 Zerglings a little past the ten minute mark. The Mutalisk defends his base while the 6 Zerglings attack the three buildings left.


The Zerglings run around like crazy and are microed in such a way that they confuse the Mutalisk but the Mutalisk manages to pick off the Zerglings one by one until there are only two left! With overlord distraction, the last Zergling manages to kill off the Lair right before it dies. There were other submissions that dealt with similar situations but this game had the best execution. This was pure ZvZ entertainment.


Boxer's Wraith Dance: SlayerS_'BoxeR' vs. AnomiA

pp05 - wraithdance.rep

SlayerS_`BoxeR` is the Terran Emperor, being featured in more PP's then any other player. He makes his appearance once again proving he still is worthy of our awe.

In this play, we have BoxeR up against the rising Zerg sparring partner for SK Telecom T1 - AnomiA - on the Requiem. BoxeR ruthlessly destroys any Zerg he finds with no space for his opponent to breathe, but AnomiA is unfazed. In this straight-up micro war, AnomiA refuses to let BoxeR expand. This game is so close they both take each other down below their 40 supply count past the 25 minute mark.

A little past the 35 minute mark, BoxeR begins to mop up Guardians and Lurkers all over. At one point, Boxer has 4 Wraiths (2 cloaked, 2 uncloaked) and Anomia has 9 Scourge. 2 Scourge seek and destroy 1 Wraith. It looks bad for Boxer but he ingeniously takes the uncloaked Wraith and draws all 7 Scourge through dancing left to right, left to right, up and down with impressive micro. While this occurs the two cloaked Wraiths (low on energy) finish off the remaining Scourge.


Boxer's Comeback: Boxer vs.  Pusan

Mirror - Broodwar.de (105.143 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (133.57 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (94.7 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

So1 Starleague semi-finals. The Legend vs. the Protoss rising star in a best-of-5. Boxer was not the favorite that day; Terran vs. Protoss had never been his best matchup and Pusan had crushed nearly every single Terran on his way up here. Fast forward and Boxer has just lost the first two games. It's not looking good at all for him.

The "Emperor of Terran" didn't succeed in playing straight-up in the last two games, that's probably why he decides to go for a proxy double Barracks opening this time, right in the middle of the map. But Pusan spots the buildings right away. The Protoss player is now producing Zealots and Boxer hasn't even started his Factory yet. However, one can never doubt Boxer's godly defensive skills. The Emperor uses great SCV & Marine control to hold on until his first Vulture comes out.


From then on, Boxer makes effective Vulture raids while slowly accumulating his forces, and keeps on showing amazing defence against Pusan's continuous attacks. The Emperor then decides to move out at the perfect timing, just before Pusan's Arbiter tech kicks in. Setting up a great formation in the middle of the map, he punishes the whole of Pusan's army from upper ground and finishes the game shortly after.

That was it. By playing so flawlessly after such a terrible start, Boxer manages to slowly take the upper hand psychologically and exploit all of his opponent's mistakes. He then proceeds to crush Pusan in the following game, pulling off his trademark timing push on R-Point. On the map 815, the emperor looks more determined than ever and ends up on top again, countering every single one of Pusan's attempts.

This is the final GG. The crowd is screaming and chanting his name. And rightfully so, as Boxer has just pulled one of the greatest comebacks ever seen in a series.


Barracks Hop: NaDa vs. KTF_YellOw

pp05 - barrackshop.rep

This play of much pimp comes from the Blizzcon semi-finals, played at the end of October 2005. Yellow won game 1 of 3 on Roads to Antiga Prime, so Nada must win this game to have a shot at the finals.

Nada draws Terran on the right, with Yellow Zerg on the left. Both players take their gas early for faster tech. Yellow goes Lurkers and Nada goes 2 Barracks MMF, but curiously he has not started a Factory yet, and without Dropships he has no way of crossing from his half of the island to Yellow's half.

With a small number of MMF, Nada moves his army to the mineral blockade. He lifts one of his barracks over and...

Nada lands his Barracks beside the minerals, moving his army beneath it before it comes down! His units begin to scatter and slowly he moves them across to Yellow's half of the map! Nada mows down Yellow's few defenders and heads for his main. Yellow tries to defend by morphing a Sunken Colony and 2 Lurkers, but Nada stuns us again by killing them all! To mnm's great chagrin, Yellow GGs.


Boxer's Minetrap: Boxer vs. Anytime

Mirror - Broodwar.de (74.348 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (224.90 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (95.0 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

Game four of the So1 Starleague Finals. Boxer is down 1-2; this could be his last game. He must win this to play the fifth game. Map is Neo Forte. Boxer starts at 7 o'clock, and Anytime at 11 o'clock. As seen in most of the TvP games, the commentators predict an FD-Terran build from Boxer (few Marines, 1 Tank, Vulture with Mines and rush Protoss while expanding). Anytime uses the counter-build to an FD-Terran: the two-gateway power Dragoon push. However, Boxer is in fact not using the FD build.

Boxer begins to build a Factory just below the 3 o'clock expansion, as five Dragoons advance and hold Boxer's choke at 7 o'clock. As soon as the Vultures' upgrades are completed, Boxer sends three Vultures and plants mines evenly along the path of 7 to 11 o'clock. Boxer then sends five Tanks, four Marines and three SCVs to attack the five Dragoons that are holding his choke. As the Dragoons are forced to back up towards their 11 o'clock home base, they fall straight into Boxer's mine-trap, instantly melting five Dragoons. A boxeresque move which is followed by the most intense applause of a crowd one can possibly imagine.




Martyrdom: Boxer vs. Pusan

Mirror - Broodwar.de (183.136 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (243.87 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (94.4 MB)

It is the first match of the So1 OnGameNet Starleague semi-finals. Boxer (Terran of course) and up-and-coming Protoss Pusan are set to fight it out on 815, a semi-island map.

After taking the gas-bearing island nearby, Boxer pours his resources into 3-Starport cloaked Wraiths. Pusan counters this strategy by building Corsairs. But Boxer is undeterred: he attacks Pusan's only expansion with his Wraiths, using Comsat scans to kill Pusan's Observers. This leaves Pusan with a strong fleet of Corsairs but no detection!

However, Pusan isn't going to let a little thing like no detection stop him from saving his expansion...

Pusan attacks his own Corsairs and, despite their invisibility, the splash damage hits all of Boxer's Wraiths as well! In this way Pusan destroys Boxer's air force without any detection and saves his expansion.


Nada's Salvation Army: NaDa vs. GoRush

Mirror - Broodwar.de (83.828 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (85.12 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (85.12 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

Nada draws Terran at 7, GoRush Zerg at 10. At 24:30, GoRush charges Nada's expansion with 15+ Ultralisks from the center - aimed at Nada's forces, composed of a few Marines, 2 Bunkers, 3 Siege Tanks, and most importantly 10+ Medics as well as about 7 Science Vessels.

Nada spontaneously forms a Medic wall in the wide choke spaced 1/4 of a screen from his attack line. Nada then EMPs GoRush's Defilers, only allowing one Dark Swarm to slip through. The Medic wall is perfectly spaced. Only one Ultralisk gets through and the others cannot fit in between the evenly spaced Medics. Dark Swarm lands on the end of both lines, allowing all of Nada's units to fire at GoRush's forces. This move forces him to retreat and allows Nada to change the momentum of the game by retaking middle and razing two expansions.

EMP has been done in TvZ - albeit once in a blue moon - before.
Medic blocking has even been featured in a Pimpest Play before.
Medic blocking and EMP while GoRush is charging your base with Cracklings and Ultras - simply put, that's pimp.



Darkness: Anytime vs. Yellow

Mirror - Broodwar.de (119.046 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (119.65 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (95.3 MB)
Mirror - YouTube

You never Dark Templar rush a Zerg... right? Well, that is how it normally goes. DT rushes are for PvP and PvT, and when it comes to PvZ you don't waste your time on a DT rush because they have that pesky free detection. But this game is not normal, it is a pimpest play. We have Yellow, one of the best Zerg players in the world, versus Anytime, currently one of the top 10 players in the Korean E-sports Rankings, on R-point, bottom left Vs top right. Anytime goes 1 Gate tech and sends his first Zealot out to harass, while Yellow goes for a second Hatchery in his main followed the obligatory Spawning Pool as well as a third Hatchery at his natural expansion. Quickly Anytime gets Templar tech and 2 more Gateways while holding his ramp with 2 Zealots and 1 Probe.

The timing is perfect as before Yellow has any sort of mass production going on, 3 Dark Templars are leaving Anytime's base. Now, normally if you get to a Zerg base and there are 2 overlords in front with a handful of Zerglings and a few Hydras sitting about, you either try to run up the ramp and into the main or you back off. But, you guessed it, this isn't a normal game. Anytime attacks head on and micros his 3 Dark Templars, 2 Zealots and 1 Goon to maximum efficiency, killing all but 2 Hydras but losing his 3 DT. It doesn't matter though as 3 more DT arrive and the assault progresses.

Yellow keeps pumping Zerglings but they keep dying quickly to the powerful DT attack and the DT survive a long time thanks to Anytime's micro. As each Zerg defensive fails, and each attempt to make a creep is stopped, the girls in the crowd scream with joy. Anytime's macro allows him to overpower Yellow and defeat him while only producing 3 Zealots, 1 Dragoon, and lots of DTs. He did exactly what you should never do but he made it work against one of the best Zergs in the world during a live broadcast on Starleague, and that makes this a pimpest play.



Reach's Lockdown: Reach vs. Chojja

Mirror - Broodwar.de (345.619 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (346.40 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (94.4 MB)
Mirror - YouTube

This match is between Reach and Chojja on Rush Hour during the Uzoo MSL Losers' Finals. Near the end of an exhausting battle that lasted almost 75 minutes in which Reach and Chojja had been battling bitterly in what seemed like a race to the end. There were few minerals left and many of the expansions were worthless and/or had been repeatedly destroyed. Reach had several Carriers, High Templar, Archons, Corsairs, and many Dark Archons left. Chojja was amassing an army, consisting of many Mutalisks and lots and lots of Devourers, bent on the annihilation of the Protoss from that world.

Several times it appeared that their great forces would finally clash for the better part of a half hour; however they deftly maneuvered away from each other until finally the two armies engaged. Reach pulled out a brilliant move that left the crowd roaring, he maelstromed the Devourers and a couple of the Mutalisks thus allowing his Corsairs, Carriers, and Archons to destroy almost all of Chojja's forces. Having been down 1-2 in the best-of-5 series this excellent move tied them 2-2, allowing Reach to play in the fifth and deciding game, which he eventually won in the end and thus advanced to the Grand Finals.



Eye for an Eye: July vs. NaDa

Mirror - Broodwar.de (16.347 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (16.42 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (16.42 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

In this match, Nada plays against July live in the MBCGame Starleague. Nada spawns as Terran at the 7 o'clock position while July spawns as Zerg at the 5 o'clock position in the map R-point. Nada plays aggressively and Bunker rushes July's early expo with Marines and SCVs. The standard tactic is to use Drones and Lings to either destroy the SCV and Bunker or to kill the Marines before they enter the Bunker. Instead of trying to fight Nada off at his expansion, July runs his Drones past the offensive-bunker and counter-rushes Nada's base. He also manages to sneak a group of Zerglings past Nada's rushing units, giving him the power to kill off all of the SCVs and Marines in Nada's base!

Nada's base is in trouble but he decides to sacrifice it. It becomes a rush to see who can kill off the other player first as Nada's 3 Marines and 6 SCVs race up the ramp to July's undefended main base. However, July hatches 4 Zerglings just in time and continues to spawn more. In a beautiful move, July traps all 3 Marines and tears them apart. All hope is lost and Nada concedes to the God of War, July.



In our search for pimp plays, we sought out D22-soso, the originator of Pimpest Plays as stated in PP '02. According to him, a play is considered 'pimp' if it is "something that hasn't been seen before that was actually useful for winning games." However, as stated in the previous Pimpest Plays feature, it was more difficult to find new strategies that have never been done before. The focus this year was on the quality of execution under the circumstance given and of course the wow factor involved. As an added special in Pimpest Plays 2005, we are including an interview of D22-soso here: D22-soso Interview

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to this report:Bill307 - Barracks Hop Write-up, Martyrdom Write-up, Assets (Replay Clips);Carnac - Editing, Uploads;EvilTeletubby - Assets (VODs), Review; instantbunz - Boxer's Minetrap Write-up, Review; LordofAscension - Reach's Lockdown Write-up;mnm - Project Management, One Ling Write-up, Eye for an Eye Write-up, Design, Research, Video Editing, Interview, Uploads, Editing;PoP - Boxer's Comeback Write-up;Qyxvaz - Review;rise - Salvation Army Write-up, Editing;rS.Day[9] - Review;sMi.Newb - Darkness Write-up;T_v - Wraith Dance Write-up; XG3 - Naming, Editing, Design. Many thanks to Project: Revolution for allowing us to use their Hatchery in our PP banner/logo.

We look forward to a high quality product for next year, we hope you enjoyed the 2005 Pimpest Plays! Good luck, have fun, and let your creativity guide you!

- StarCraft Legacy

StarCraft Legacy's 2004 Pimpest Plays


StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.

StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2004 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft


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Unpimpest Plays Honorable Mention
10. Shadow Jump 9. Master of Disruption
8. Dunaj Tactics 7. Korhal Cannon Rush
6. Pylon Prison II 5. Good Lord
4. Marine Shock Squadron 3. Oov's Marine Spread
2. Boxer's Vulture Jump 1. Arbiter Reloaded



1. We would like to thank our following friends for hosting and mirroring the large media files available for you to download:

Without them we would not have been able to provide these VOD clips for your viewing pleasure.

2. Most of the replays are compatible with Patch 1.12. In the case that one or two of them don't work on your computer, please download BW-111.exe. Put it in your StarCraft directory, run it, and it will automatically open up the game in Patch 1.11 mode and you will be able to watch all the replays without hassle.



Kingdumb: Kingdom Protoss vs JulyZerg Zerg

Kingdom vs JulyZerg on Korhal of Ceres. Long story short, Kingdom tries a proxy Gateway strategy by making two outside July's base near a mineral line. Problem is, the positioning of the Gateways and the Pylon traps his Zealots in. At this point July's scouting Drone sees what's happening and with little to no hope of salvaging his strategy, Kingdom leaves the game 2 minutes, 40 seconds into the game. Yes, we all make mistakes and even progamers are human. This is so funny it earns a spot in the Unpimpest Plays of 2004.

Download pp04 - (u)kingdumb.rep

Can't Hear a Thing: Starcue vs Headphones

During the MBC Minor league in Korea, a relative unknown named Starcue was getting ready to play Tossgirl. There was something about Starcue's appearance that looked off but nobody could put their finger on it until after the game started, when the commentators realized that he had his headphones on backwards (so the foamy speaker parts were facing outwards). At first they were startled and said that a newbie can makes stupid mistakes out of pressure, but soon they burst out laughing and couldn't control themselves. If you watch the clip, the commentator to the right can't stop cracking up for several minutes. After that incident, Starcue gained fame and now almost everyone in Korea knows his name even though he never accomplished anything. Obviously one of the most Unpimpest Plays of 2004.

Download Streaming VOD



Rekrul's Fireball: Cincinnatikid Protoss vs Stylist[gm] Terran

The game is Cincinnatikid aka Rekrul versus Stylist[gm] on Mercury. Rekrul is reduced to his main with no workers left, one Arbiter, one Shuttle, and two Archons. Stylist has several depleted expansions throughout the map, and a good number of Vultures and SCVs left. What is a guy to do? In this case, use cloaking, Stasis, and Recall to the best of your ability. Unfortunately for Stylist, his only detection are two Turrets gaurded by Vultures, and Rekrul easily takes them out by Stasising the Vultures, who become helpless once their only form of detection is destroyed. The two Archons are able to destroy a large number of buildings and the game ends when Stylist loses his last Vulture. There was no single play here but it does deserve an Honorable Mention in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.

Download pp04 - (h)rekruls_fireball.rep

Race to the Finish: SleepyOverlord Protoss vs monkeywrench Zerg

This is more funny than anything, but in this game both players go on a suicide strat to eliminate the other's buildings before his own are destroyed. What ends up happening is that both players raze the last building within a split second of each other and both are declared eliminated by the game. Once again, not a Pimpest Plays of 2004 but definitely worth an Honorable Mention.

Download pp04 - (h)racetothefinish.rep



Shadow Jump: eXeCuToR[OrkO] Protoss vs TextBooK Protoss

Blocking ramps with Dark Templars are not uncommon these days, but when faced with a draw, eXeCuToR[OrkO] came up with an idea that turned out nothing less than pimp. His only barrier to winning the game is TextBooK's single DT on the ramp at 6. Behind the DT is a Probe and a Pylon. eXeCuToR takes three DTs and packs them together as far up the ramp as he can. He then takes the lower two and morphs them into a Dark Archon, pushing the higher DT past TextBooK's DT, reducing the last Pylon to rubble and winning the game. Enough said, he's earned a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.

Download pp04 - (10)shadow_jump.rep



Master of Disruption: PPPP Protoss vs Infinity[pG] Zerg

Some people say PPPP was ForU smurfing, but who knows. What we do know is that whoever he was, he was pimp. This replay isn't a single Pimpest Play, but rather a continued collection of several plays in one replay. Never before has such perfect use of Disruption Webs been displayed in a single game. At one point, Infinity tries to retake his natural at 3 by building three Sunkens to take out the Cannons warping in on top of the cliffs. PPPP sees this and rushes a few Corsairs over and DWebs the completed Sunkens, buying some more time for the Cannons to finish. In several other examples, PPPP is able to fight off waves of Hydralisks, Mutas, and Devourers by covering the screen with Disruption Webs, nicely countering Infinity's Dark Swarms. This is a very entertaining game, but the lack of a single pimp play that defined it earns it a low spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.

Download pp04 - (9)masterdisruption.rep



Dunaj Tactics: eR43-Dunaj Protoss vs BlackMasteR Protoss

If you need an excuse for the four month delay of Pimpest Plays 2004, you can probably just blame it on this one replay. The game lasted for 3 hours and 17 minutes. Yes, nearly 200 minutes of Protoss vs Protoss action. Now, any normal player would probably have given up in half that time to preserve his time or his sanity, but not Dunaj, a Polish player who apparently wanted badly to win and went to great lengths and patience to do so. The match begins on Plains to Hill as a standard PvP match, with both players throwing units at each other with little to no regard for money. At the one hour mark, 95% of the minerals are depleted and at this point both players must figure out a way to outsmart his opponent by conserving money and using each unit efficiently. Dunaj wanted to win, and so he spontaneously created a set of strategies to use when you are out of cash and have limited energy units, which we will call the Dunaj Tactics.

  1. When you need to chip away from enemy structures, such as a lone Photon Cannon, simply hallucinate your Arbiter three or four times and fly them using only the real Arbiter to slowly kill the Cannon. Rinse and repeat for every additional unguarded structure.
  2. When you are out of units, steal your opponents'. Fly an Arbiter into a clear area in your opponent's base. Either recall a Dark Archon or have one standing nearby. Lure a couple of units with your Arbiter and then mind control one using your DA. At this point you can a) run the stolen unit away to a safe place, b) fly your Arbiter out of reach but just enough to keep your new unit cloaked and then recall him, or c) keep a second Arbiter hotkeyed and have it recall the stolen unit immediately. Dunaj uses all three of these tactics throughout.

Tactics 3, 4, and 5 you'll have to watch for yourself. Just look for a combination hallucination, mind control, recall, psi storm, and stasis in the last two hours of the game. Despite the replay's length, I guarantee you'll stay awake.

"I have enormous respect for the way Dunaj handled this situation. His creativity was simply amazing and only very few people could have displayed what he did here when being put in the same situation." - Liquid'Nazgul

"The Dunaj game is great. Some people have made the claim that it's not impressive cause his opponent was AFK for long periods of time, but the fact is that made no difference. Dunaj had great, great patience and creative spell usage which allowed him to beat tons of units and cannons losing virtually nothing. Which is normally unheard of in a same race matchup." - Eriador


There are reports that BlackMaster was so bored he alt tabbed several times throughout the game. Dunaj's patience, creativity, and determination has earned him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.


Download pp04 - (8)dunaj_tactics.rep



Korhal Cannon Rush: TiQ.DanY. Protoss vs ToT)Strafe( Protoss

Out of all the games that were played in WCG 2004, this one received the most buzz. It was the first round of the entire WCG StarCraft finals, and would prove to be DanY's only win in the entire tournament, but what he did shocked many and as a result generated a lot of attention. It was a PvP on Korhal of Ceres with DanY at 5 and Strafe at 11. At 9/9, DanY sends a Probe to Strafe's main while warping in a Forge in his own base. It is clear that he already has a strategy planned out and is going for it. His Probe runs behind the mineral line in Strafe's base and immediately summons two Pylons blocking himself in, and as soon as the Forge finishes he builds a Cannon right inbetween the Pylons. Strafe's Probes work furiously to destroy the bottom Pylon and a Zealot even arrives in time to get in two swings, but DanY is ready and able to plop down a replacement Pylon the split second after it is destroyed. At this point, the single Cannon rush is complete and the game ends in 3 minutes flat.

How could something so simple and so effective be such a late discovery? The answer is that it wasn't. To be honest, this technique - although relatively unknown - had in fact been used before with a few people who should deserve credit. HnR)Pride explains:

The history behind the cannon rush on korhal: It's been butchered a fair bit...so I will clarify it a bit. Sometimes ingenuity is to be found not with the gosus but rather with the plebes of WGTour. As far as I know my friend was the first one to have this cannon rush done to him on korhal. The first victim of the cannon rush on korhal was 88)cod, formerly SuperCod. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of him. He placed #32 in TLT and now usually ranks between c3~c5 on WGT due to rust and lack of caring.

Anyways... like I said some c5 WGT person (not c5 and rising but rather just c5) whose name I can definitely not remember did this to him. He showed me the rep a few days later and I took great interest. It, at first glance, is the be all and end all of PvP on korhal. It is faster to make the cannon then the zealot and you can remake pylons that are killed quickly. I refinded this build in about June-July of this summer. In August I was on vacation in the USA and JianG[tC] asked for a game (August 7th, 2004). Considering that I wasn't on my home mouse / keyboard I decided to play on a map where I could cheese, korhal. I used this build against him. He took notice of it and used it 2-3 times at the Alberta WCG qualifier in Canada. I later used it in the WCG Canada finals against Veg. Veg stopped it with a bunker.

This is the origin of this cheese as far as I know. Whether or not DanY came up with it independently or saw a rep of JianG doing it at the Alberta qualifier I do not know. Refined it is a very good strat, although nothing really impressive it is insanely original. The remaking of the Pylon after the other one dies is incredibly easy to do as well. As soon as you see that the Pylon is almost dead, just have one ready to be built and keep clicking over where the Pylon is dying. As soon as it dies, the new one makes. It looks impressive and they don't really have time to stop you from doing it. Actually I would be more impressed if u were able to get a worker in to stop the pylon from being built. Also I do not think it should be a Pimpest Play without giving credit where credit is due: some random WGT newbie, this one is yours.


So who should get credit for thinking up this play? According to Pride, some random newbie from WGT was the first to use it. ToT)Tomson( has also mentioned the fact that he had thought of something like this but never actually used it. And apparently three other people have used it before DanY, even a few times at a Canadian WCG preliminary. However, all of these people would agree that DanY was the one who made it huge if not only for the fact that it was used in such a high profile international tournament. Whoever the inventor was, this strategy has definitely earned a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.

Download pp04 - (7)korhalcannonrush.rep



Pylon Prison II: Kingdom Protoss vs TheMarine terran

Pylon Prisons have been done many times in various scenarios, including Pimpest Play #4 2003, but never before has a situation broadcasted on Korean TV presented itself where Pylons could be used so effectively on Terran Factories. Kingdom fully exploited the situation when it came up on a game on Into the Darkness versus TheMarine. Kingdom recently built two proxy Gateways near one of TheMarine's expansions and is scouting the expansion with a single Dragoon. He spots two factories on the southern wall, one of which is still building and another (with Machine Shop) which is researching Siege Tech. He spontaneously takes advantage of the situation by realizing that he has a Probe (who built the proxy Gateways) nearby and brings it in immediately to seal off the completed Factory with Pylons. As he brings in more Dragoons from his close Gateways for an offensive, a Tank pops out of the now sealed out Factory and the scenario completes itself with an ironic twist. TheMarine's Tank cannot siege itself, since it is still currently being researched, and he cannot lift his Factory for the same reason so he has effectively helped trap his own tank. At this point, there is nothing he can do against the continuous flow of Dragoons into his base and the game ends within minutes. Kingdom taking full advantage of a rare situation earns him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.



Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4
Download Mirror 5




Good Lord: Yellow Zerg vs Boxer terran

It's Yellow versus Boxer on Nostalgia in an OnGameNet G-Voice match. Yellow has expanded to 11 with a single Hatchery. Boxer scouts it with an SCV and builds a Bunker close to it as the creep is still oozing out. The commentators cut away to some action, and when they come back the Bunker is finished and filled with Marines. Yellow sends in a group of Zerglings to take out the Bunker but they are slaughtered. The fire from the Bunker turns its attention to killing the Hatchery and even the SCV is helping out. Time is ticking and the Hatchery is red and nearing death when Yellow sends in and sacrifices an Overlord to draw fire away from the Hatchery, giving it just enough time for the Zerglings to hatch and finish off the Bunker. The Hatchery is only at a sliver of life at this point to Boxer ignores the Zerglings and focus fires the Marines on the Hatchery to finish it, but the Zerglings quickly slaughter them in time. The only thing left is an SCV and it looks like it can finish the job, but the Zergling are able to kill it just in time. The audience and the commentators scream in delight. Boxer later sends in a small group of SCVs to finish the Hatchery off, but Yellow's exciting and bold move with the Overlord earns him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.


Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4
Download Mirror 5




Marine Shock Squadron: TraToss[S2] terran vs ? Zerg

Warning: The following play is so good, it's bordering on unreal. It was first revealed in dyo's movie about clan Shock Squadron, which you can download here (dyo was also the compiler of the Pimpest Plays 2002/2003 movie which you can download here). The play involves three Marines vs two Lurkers. The Marines are positioned in a triangle while one of them walks left and right to dodge both Lurkers, one positioned above him and one below. Then the two lower Marines run up to the second Lurker, once again forming a perfect triangle. Except this time, all three Marines shoot, then rotate simultaneously clockwise, and then again counter-clockwise, and so forth until the Lurker is dead. The thing is, it looks as if all three Marines are moving at the same exact time, which is near impossible for human hands. At first people were shocked and amazed, then they began questioning if this was authentic. To be honest, it does seem very much set up. Someone suggested that it had something to do with putting it on the slowest setting. Some said it might have been lag, and others were thinking hacks. So TraToss decided to explain it himself:

It's quite easy to explain how it works. Imagine that each Marine has one clip. It takes 0.9 seconds to empty one clip. So I bind these Marines with the ctrl buttons 1, 2, and 3. Then I order them all to fire at the Lurker. Even if I'd order a Marine to move while he's still shooting at the Lurker, he won't because the 0.9 seconds to empty his current clip isn't over yet. But when the clip is finished, he’ll follow the orders that were given to him while he was firing. So after these Marines began to fire, I ordered the first marine to move on the 0.2th second, the second - on the 0.5th second and the third – on the 0.8th second. And after the 0.9th second they all moved together so it looked like this order was given at once. If you’d look carefully, you’ll see that there was a short delay between when the first and the second Marine began to move. The cursor was moving around the lurker and I was clicking in the same rhyme.

Even then, some people continued to question him, so his final word on the matter was:

I've spent a month to be able to do this. A month for a 15 seconds. Is it really so hard to click four times per second? Some one told that it's impossible to kill one Lurker with a Marine. But the one gamer named Lim Yo Hwan (Boxer) didn't agree with that and proved everyone that it is possible. Today every pro-Terran can do this trick. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do believe that there is much more to know about StarCraft, and we have not reached the perfection yet. I'm just trying to find something new in this boundless universe of StarCraft and if you really want to believe that it was a fake and i'm just a low-skilled-fellow who conceited himelf as a professional, than I won't attempt to reconvince you.


Spoken like a true innovator. TraToss' desire to think outside the box and determination to perfect this amazing tactic earns him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.


Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4
Download Mirror 5



Update [4/15/05]: After Pimpest Plays 2004 was launched people took to the boards accusing it of being fake. The issue has been resolved after TraToss and his clan released a few demonstration replays and matching video clips of it in action. It is real. Althought it was likely more or less staged in some way it is still an incredible display of micro and that is why it is near the top, but not in the top three.

Mirror 1



Oov's Marine Spread: Iloveoov terran vs JulyZerg Zerg

A great TvZ on Into the Darkness. This Pimpest Play demonstrates exceptional micro at a critical and hectic point where five of July's Lurkers are flanking three groups of Oov's infantry. July aggresively sends the Lurkers past the choke in pursuit of the infantry and burrows them as he puts up a Dark Swarm. With nearly perfect precision, Oov separates the three groups of M&M and one group of Science Vessels into a flawless three way split, missing the Lurkers' spines by a hair and losing a grand total of zero units in the process. The sight is indeed an amazing one to behold. Oov's incredible demonstration of micro earns him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.



Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4


Boxer's Vulture Jump: BoxeR terran vs Terato Protoss

While this play neither decided nor greatly altered the game it does - once again - show Boxer's incredible ingenuity when it comes to solving problems and shocking an entire fanbase. The map is Neo Guillotine. Boxer had been harrasing one of Terato's expansion using a few Dropships and Vultures foiling Terato's Pylon/Gateway wall which actually kept his own Dragoons out while Boxer killed a few Probes. A few minutes later Terato once again walls in the same expansion using a Forge this time and Boxer approaches the choke with three Vultures but without the advantage of a Dropship. He selects all three Vultures and lays their mines in the same spot forcing two of the Vultures through the buildings.

"Boxer's 'vulture mine rub' move against Terato where Boxer uses his mines to rub his vults IN-BETWEEN AND THROUGH two buildings set up at the entrance to Terato's expo to stop vult incursions. Garimto was commentating the match and all he could do was laugh like a maniac he was so surprised." - Mensrea TeamLiquid


Boxer's ingenuity earns him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4
Download Mirror 5


Arbiter Reloaded: Nal_rA Protoss vs GoodFriend terran

Nal_rA vs GoodFriend on Parallel Lines. Here's the deal: GoodFriend knows Nal_rA is going Arbiters. Nal_rA knows he knows he's going Arbiters. GoodFriend has lined the borders of his main with Goliaths and turrets so what is a Protoss to do? Nal_rA brings his Arbiters over to a few High Templars two Arbs become ten he flies them into GoodFriend's main in perfect formation with the hallucinations soaking up all of the anti-air and performs two perfect recalls. The game ends shortly after.

"Forget about whether "anyone could have done it." Nal_rA actually did it in full competition in front of a live audience and the execution was perfect. And it so wowed the crowd and the game commentators all you can hear for the final minute of the game is nothing but screams of joy and astonishment. It still sends chills up my spine watching it. Former pro gamer [NC]Rookie was one of the commentators for that game and he had this to say afterwards: 'Of course the arbiter hallucination recall is a strat that's been talked about in theory for a while now among StarCraft players. But the chances of it working at this level of play is so remote it was never considered a viable strategy at the pro competition level. What Nal_rA did was so amazing because of how perfectly he executed such a risky move.' Best SC moment of the year for me so far." - Mensrea TeamLiquid


Nal_rA's perfect execution of such a risky strat has earned him a spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2004.



Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4
Download Mirror 5



And so we conclude the Pimpest Plays of 2004. Unfortunately we must admit that the number of new things that can be found in this game is decreasing by the year. Will there be a Pimpest Plays 2005? If the upcoming year proves itself to be fertile for ingenuity then yes but we will not sacrifice the quality of this feature by making a Pimpest Plays 2005 just for the sake of making one. Regardless we hope you enjoyed this year's edition and look with us to the future. As long as StarCraft is alive in the hearts of its players so will this feature be.

- The StarCraft Legacy Team




StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.

StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2003 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft


Quick Links
Honorable Mentions 10. Boxer's SCV Rush
9. Ghosts and the Shells 8. Yellow Swarm
7. Frosting 6. Oddysay's Manner Rax
5. ForU Web Slinging 4. Liquid'Drone's Pylon Prison
3. Giyom's Maelstroms 2. Boxer's Base Move
1. Nada's Amazing Maze | H.O.T-Forever's Divine Wind



Rekrul Barricade: Rekrul[pG] [P] vs Hero77 [T]


When you have a game featuring two of America's most talented players, you know that you are bound for an interesting game. In this game, Rekrul takes advantage of two Protoss technologies that allows effective blocking of Terran ramps, keeping the opponent's units either inside or outside the base, depending on where you don't want them:

  1. Dark Templar Barricade: (7:40 @ 12 ramp) Involves holding position a single Dark Templar on the opponent's ramp. If the Terran lacks nearby detection or a ComSat, he might not notice that his units aren't getting anywhere. Rekrul is undoubtedly not the first player to use this trick, but deserves credit for such appropriate use in the game in question.
  2. Stasis Barricade: (24:50 @ 12 ramp) Stasis Field is one of the Protoss Arbiter's greatest abilities and it allow you to immobilize quantities of enemy units for a long period of time. It can also be used, in certain situations, to your own advantage if you say...stick three Zealots on an enemy's ramp and Stasis them. Rekrul does exactly this, blocking all enemies on top of the ramp from coming down to the natural expansion and letting him kill the expansion with impunity.

Both of these tricks have been used before, the latter was featured in the original GX Pimpest Plays as well as SCL's Pimpest Plays 2002. However, Rekrul does deserve credit for his incredible use of Stasis in the game and most appropriate and effective use of both Protoss barricade forms in a single game, which is why this replay is featured as an Honorable Mention entry in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - rekrul_barricade.rep



Million Man March: EchoOfRain [P] vs (='.')o~DoO~ [T]


The Protoss High Templar's Hallucination ability has the potential to deal an enormous amount of damage to the opponent, if used the right way. In this replay, EchoOfRain gathers an enormous amount of Zealots (13:20 @ 6 mineral only) and starts hallucinating them. After all of his Templars have run out of energy, he merges them into Archons and beings the march up the map to attack his Terran opponent. The Hallucinations play an important part here: they trick and lure five Spider Mines into coming out...right into the Terran's own tanks. Nearly all of the tanks are taken out, leaving the Protoss open to wreak havoc with his real units. This replay has earned its place as an Honorable Mention entry in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - million_man_march.rep



Nada's BBQ: CSwcgchampion2L [T] vs iSt- [Z]


This game features Nada (CSwcgchampion2L) using a new strategy/trick involving a near invincible Firebat. With several infantry units standing outside the choke of the Zerg base, he brings in a Dropship and drops a Firebat and one or two Medics on 3's cliff (7:40 @ cliff above 3 choke). The Zerg, seeing this, sends all of his Zerglings...to their death. Nada uses some incredible micro, dropping and picking up a few Marines as well as the Firebat and Medics to kill the Zerglings in the most efficient way possible. The Firebat ends up with 29 kills before it gets killed itself. We recommend you watch the replay at the slowest speed to see the Firebat's BBQ in the best possible "light."

Eriador's Comment
Dropping the Firebat there and surrounding it with Medics in such a fashion that the amount of Lings capable of attacking it is not enough to kill it while it is constantly healed by the Medics, is really good. But after all, it's just 30 Lings, and the Zerg didn't have to lose them; he lost them because he attacked when he didn't have to. This makes it less pimp than most of the next games on the list.

Even though the strategy worked so well partly because Nada's opponent didn't play as smartly as he could of, it nevertheless deserves an Honorable Mention designation on the Pimpest Plays of 2003.


Note:This replay originally received 10th place designation on PP2003. However, a better replay was found and fit into the top ten, so this was pushed down to an Honorable Mention.pp03 - nada_bbq.rep



Boxer's SCV Rush: SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Yellow [Z]


This MBC Game KPGA Winners Championship finals game was the third in a series between SlayerS_'BoxeR' and Yellow. For some reason, BoxeR felt very confident and was willing to take many risks during the first few games in the series. In this game, he rushed with twelve SCVs and a few Marines after scouting a second Hatchery building under Yellow's ramp. Because Yellow's scouting Drone happened to be near Boxer's base as the SCVs were leaving, he immediately built two Sunkens at his new Hatchery. Seeing that Boxer sent all his SCVs down, he similarly sent all of his mining Drones to rendezvous the incoming enemy units. Boxer used the SCVs to block the attacking Zerglings and Drones as his two, and later four, Marines shot at them from afar. The Korean audience and announcers scream in delight as the SCVs and Marines take out the first Sunken a split second after it's done building, and later the second Sunken before it even finishes. Yellow, having nothing in his main besides a Hatchery and Spawning Pool, admits defeat with a GG.

Eriador's Comment
What makes this game special is the fact that it was done in a huge tourney which really really mattered, and against Yellow. In addition, there's no doubt in my mind Boxer was at least 90% certain the rush would work, which he saw entirely based on his opponent's build order. I'm not even sure if it was something he had planned on doing pregame.

In addition, the execution is flawless. The reason why it's not higher is that quite honestly, almost every good Terran has at some point used the same or a very similar rush with success. It's not really innovative or anything, but I admire his confidence.

Unfortunately, this game was taken from a VOD, so we do not have a download for your enjoyment. Boxer's flawless execution of such a risky strategy at this important finals tournament game makes it our number ten pick in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.




Ghosts and the Shells: igOr[pG] [T] vs z7-devaztaYta [P]


Why did Blizzard choose to center its first sequel in the StarCraft franchise based around a single unit, the Ghost? Simple: the Ghost is both incredibly versatile and intriguing. Last year you saw SlayerS_'BoxeR' launch six lockdown missiles within a second. This year we give recognition to igOr[pG]'s extraordinary use of Ghost tactics in a game.


After landing on top of his opponent's natural cliff (16:00 @ 9 natural cliff), he uses a Ghost to keep his units safe by locking down incoming Shuttles. Three minutes later, he launches a Nuke at his opponent's expansion (19:10 @ 6 natural cliff). Immediately afterwards, he brings his six Ghosts to the island at 5 and attacks the Nexus and Pylon warping there (19:50). As he is attacking, he sends his Dropship out a little to scout for any incoming Shuttles. Lucky enough, the three Shuttles fly right into view of the Dropship. igOr locks all three Shuttles down in time and later a fourth. He kills all of the Shuttles as well as a few Dragoons that were dropped successfully. He finishes off the expansion and flies back to 6 natural where he launches a second Nuke (23:30 @ 6 natural), this time taking out a Nexus, several Probes, a Pylon, an Assimilator, and a Cannon in a huge explosion.

Eriador's Comment
Not picked just so much because of the ghosts on the island, but because of the general strategy used, with both M&M, Vessels, Tanks, Ghosts, a really sweet nuke, EMP, DMatrix, Lockdown and Blind are all used.

In fact, igOr takes advantage of nearly every single Terran spell to frustrate his opponent, and doing it in style. This is why it is our opinion that this replay deserves a spot at number nine in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - ghosts_shells.rep



Yellow Swarm: YellOw [Z] vs Korean gamer [T]


Although losing to Boxer in one of the previous entries in this feature, Yellow is an amazing player in his own right. Terran vs Zerg is always interesting to watch, and Terrans do have many advantages they can put to use in the matchup. Unfortunately, they also have a giant weakspot: the lack of a versatile melee unit. The Zerg, on the other hand, have the perfect spell to exploit this weakness, the Defiler's Dark Swarm. An often overlooked and underused ability due to how high it is on the tech tree and the high amount of micro necessary to use it effectively, Dark Swarm can in a matter of seconds level the playing field, as Yellow demonstrates amazingly in this replay.


Seeing that he is basically on the losing end of the game, Yellow makes a Defiler and launches it from above the battlefield, on a cliff and uses Lurkers to run in and smite all of the attacking Terran units. He uses this combination with Hydras mixed on to take out expansions and generally frustrate his Terran opponent. The anonymous Korean gamer does not know how to react, most likely because there really is no simple rock paper scissor counter to this strategy. At one point several cloaked Wraiths chase down a Defiler, brining it down to 6 health when the Defiler launches a Dark Swarm above itself (38:20 @ center of map). The Defiler stands there invincible and untouched, as five Tanks, four Wraiths, and six Marines attack it from outside. There could not be a more awesome metaphor of the power of Dark Swarm from that single, harmless Defiler standing there at the center of the Lost Temple, protected from an entire Terran army.

Eriador's Comment
This is one of the most insane comebacks ever, Yellow being one third of the Terran's supply at several stages of the game, and coming back to win. Unfortunately I was feeling that Yellow didn't win purely because he was playing amazing (although he was), but more because the Terran kept losing units. I guess coming back from 62 vs 180 supply is pretty much impossible unless the Terran fucks up though. Some very cute moments like when Yellow's Defiler is attacked by Wraiths and saves itself with 6 hp left by throwing a Dark Swarm on top of itself. Would have been higher, but Terran could have ended the game whenever he wanted between 15 and 20 minutes.

By using a combination of Dark Swarm and Lurkers, Yellow shows Zerg players how to effectively bring a Terran army to its knees. For this, he deserves the number eight spot in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - yellow_swarm.repNote: This game was played on Patch 1.09 and is not compatible with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download this file. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.




Frosting: Obi-1_ElkyNobi [T] vs uT)BeastyZerg [T]


Elky is one of the very few foreigners to successfully make it on the big professional gaming scene in Korea because in many situations, he knows exactly what to do and how to do it. In this game versus uT)BeastyZerg on Bifrost, Elky uses a Terran trick on Bifrost by building a Barracks on the cliff above 6 (1:45) and floating it across the river to wallin his opponent. He then makes a few Marines after landing, and the Marines harass his opponent's SCVs from above. In the meantime, Elky sends an SCV into Beast's base to scout, and finding the choke open upon exit, he closes it off with an unfinished Supply Depot (3:20 @ 7 choke). This delays Beast's Vultures almost exactly long enough for Elky to bring in a few Vultures from behind. As Beast turns around to respond to this new threat, Elky brings in a few more Vultures from the front, through the open choke Beast had just created by destroying the Supply Depot.


Elky did a very similar strat on Neo Bifrost during a 2003 OnGameNet Olympus tournament versus SM_Kingdom [P]. During this game, he simply sent an SCV in from behind and built a Barracks at the same landing spot, and then used some SCVs to make Bunkers above the Probes. Good game.

Eriador's Comment
I'm not sure if calling it the Elky wallin is correct or whatever, simply because I think someone else did it before him. I'm not certain of that though, but I think it's the case. Either way though, the lifted barrack has been copied by all Terran players on bifrost, and has given very many easy victories against unsuspecting opponents. In addition, cool moves like blocking Beast's wallin with an unfinished depot and then coming with Vultures from behind and then when units move to kill that Vulture, he comes with Vultures from the front, make this game stand out. The only problem is that nobody who has played Bifrost before loses against the floated Barracks anymore.

For the lack of a better word, we call this strategy "Frosting" since it is a very Bifrost specific strategy requiring walling in the opponent and hitting him up from above. Precision is key. This is why we are giving Elky an honor for being the seventh Pimpest Play of 2003.


Note:We are aware that "frosting" is also a derogatory term used by the NoHunters community in reference to a stupid, ignorant, or trolling forum post. We assure you that this is an entirely different type of "frosting."pp03 - frosting.rep



Oddysay's Manner Rax: EsSay_kr [T] vs sOOv' [P]


One of Korea's high profile, professional gaming elite is EsSay_kr, otherwise known as Oddysay. The game in question features a combination of last year's Use Your Illusionand Rax Wall. Basically, both players tried to be cute by building away from their respective base, sOOv' building his Gateways near Oddysay and Oddysay building two Barracks in the center. Soon, both sides take out most of each other's bases. After chasing each other around, Oddysay succeeds in reducing sOOv''s base to a Nexus, a Probe, and two Zealots. With 42 minerals in the bank, sOOv's Probe is about to bring one last shipment to make it an even 50 minerals for another Probe to be warped in. Unfortunately, Oddysay times it perfectly so that he landed his floating Barracks directly inbetween the Probe and the Nexus (8:10 @ 12 main). As the Zealot tries desperately to destroy the intervening Barracks, Oddysay makes one Marine and attacks the Probe immediately after popping out. The Zealot cannot get all the way around the Nexus in time to kill the Marine. GG.

Eriador's Comment
Apart from the first Use Your Illusion, this one has some really nice micro in it. However it also looks even more staged. The ending is really really cool, with the protoss having one Probe WITH minerals trapped behind a Barracks, 42 minerals in the bank (thus if the Probe had returned it's cargo, he would have money for more), the Terran having one SCV at the island, and then the Probe's death. Unfortunately this defeat could have been avoided by the Protoss, which is never cool. Letting his probe mine one of the mineral fields it could get trapped in was such a bad move it moves this one down from the very top of my list. Still, it's definitely a really cool game. =]

Oddysay's Manner Rax echoes the excitement we saw last year when Boxer pulled a similar but not identical trick on Valhalla. The audience roared in excitement then, and we do not doubt that they would have done the same for this game. That is why this game deserves recognition as number six in the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - oddysay_manner_rax.rep



ForU Web Slinging: [PrO]GunS.. [P] vs blaze.s-power [T]


Your professional gamer Terran opponent is Tank pushing along with Vultures and Turrets. What is a Protoss player to do? [PrO]GunS.. aka ForU had a pretty unorthodox solution in this situation versus blaze.s-power aka Sync. Massing Dragoons, he built a few Corsairs on the side and flanked Sync, who had taken over the center of the Lost Temple, from both sides. Using his Corsairs, he launched several Disruption Webs over the sieged Tanks (13:00 @ center of map). The immobile Tanks were forced to endure several free shots from ForU's Goons as they took their time unsieging and moving away from the pounding Protoss units. Once they resieged away from the Carnage, ForU simply launched a few more Webs over the Tanks, effectively killing any chance Sync had of coming back. A replay that you really need to watch to appreciate, ForU Web Slinging makes our list at number five on the Pimpest Plays of 2003.pp03 - foru_web_slinging.rep



Liquid'Drone's Pylon Prison: RANDOMINATOR [P] vs sexygirl [P]


Don't you hate it when your units get trapped behind a building after they are made due to poor base layouts?


So did sexygirl in this case, but it was definitely not her own fault.


For some reason, there is a certain fascination that comes with making buildings in your enemy's base and that is why so many of them have been featured as Pimpest Plays. The game you are about to witness is no exception. In one of the most crafty and spontaneous StarCraft moves ever, RANDOMINATOR, better known as Liquid'Drone or eriador[pG], uses his scouting Probe to do more than harass his opponent's workers and buildings. He uses it to create a wall out of three Pylons next to his enemy's Gateway, in effect fencing in whatever unit was next to pop out (3:00 @ 12 main). A Dragoon comes out but is helpless as Liquid'Drone's scandalous Probe and a Zealot attack sexygirl's Probes. For some reason sexygirl warps in another Dragoon through the same Gate, and both are trapped until they eventually break out after killing one of the Pylons. This move is enough for Liquid'Drone to weaken his opponent and win the game not long after.

Eriador's Comment
I feel this move is the best move I've ever made that I have a replay of (anything better was done 4+ years ago and might have been enhanced by my memory). When Eriador's Zealot arrives in sexygirl's base, the two players are fairly even. However, due to the Pylon block making the Goon unable to help the poor Probes, after the Zealot is dead Eriador has a 12 supply advantage. However, the best part of this move is that it is doable against every Protoss who makes Gate Core Goon while skipping Zealot, which is a fairly common opening (well, okay, if they have their gate right next to their ramp making it impossible to make a Pylon there, no, but that would be stupid in most other ways. And, it's game deciding. The rest of the game isn't very good, but that's due to the Pylon wall winning the game.

What an awesome play that PvP players will now have to watch out for. This move that changes the way some will look at the early game, even slightly, definitely deserves its spot as the fourth Pimpest Play of 2003.pp03 - eriador_pylon_prison.rep



Giyom's Maelstroms: GiYoM [P] vs LeeChangHoon [Z]


"The best game I have ever seen in my entire career as a game caster."
- MBCGame Commentator



X'Ds~Grrrr..., four R's three dots. A name recognized since before StarCraft blew up into the international sensation it is today, he remains a dominant figure on the StarCraft progaming scene. In Korea he is simply known as Giyom, the way Koreans have adopted in pronouncing his first name, Guillaume. In what can be considered one of the most action packed games of the year, Grrrr revolutionizes the way anyone will ever look at the Dark Archon's Maelstrom ability again. The map is on Blade Storm and Grrrr is playing against Boxer's teammate ZergLee. The game begins normally and soon transforms into anything but. The game does not finish until every expansion, except for the islands, are mined out. This Pimpest Plays is not a specific event, but a strategy that Grrrr uses throughout the game so you cannot miss it. At 16:00, watch 5's natural as ZergLee spawns several Guardians. This is where the carnage begins.


I don't think I can explain it better than Mensrea and Eriador of TeamLiquid.net, so I will just let them explain what happens in the game as well as add their personal comments:

Mensrea's Comment
Grrrr played the game of his life, countering wave after wave of mass adrenalings and Ultras with Archon/Dark Archon/maelstrom combos. ZergLee gave up after 40 mins when his econ flatlined. Just incredible to watch. The MBCGame center commentator swore it was "the best game I have ever seen in my entire career as a game caster." Even members of MBCGame's other programs could be seen in the background glued to the big screen overhead they were so amazed. Geezus what a game.

But the real reason why this match may end up being a classic is what it showed Protoss could do against Zerg on an imbalanced map. ZergLee didn't make any mistakes. He should have won it with the ultimate Toss killing mass Adrenaling/Ultra combo. But, Giyom played for the mid-long game and just beat him with a different strat (guess no one should be surprised).

Eriador's Comment
What can I say. Protoss players have been struggling with fully upgraded Ultra Ling for years now. Here Grrrr not only shows how to beat it, he shows how to beat it with style. [In] every battle he Maelstroms the Ultras, making the Lings easy victims for his forces when the Ultralisks aren't able to soak up damage. And then when the Maelstrom is gone, the Ultras are able to soak up damage quite nicely, but the lings, who are supposed to deal it, are long gone.

This game just rapes in general, with very solid micro from Grrr. And it's quite apparent, at least to me, that he has an idea of how he thinks the game's outcome will be after the first half is complete.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Grrrr at his very best. This is for everyone who has criticized him for being "washed up" this late in his career, when in reality this very game defies all of those claims. Congratulations Mr. Guillaume Patry, for the third Pimpest Play of 2003 and for the game of a lifetime.pp03 - giyom_maelstrom.repNote: This game was played on Patch 1.09 and is not compatible with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download this file. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.




Boxer's Base Move: SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Yellow [Z]


- MBCGame Commentator


You may remember the tenth Pimpest Play in this feature, when Boxer successfully rushed with SCVs and a few Marines to beat Yellow during an MBC Game KPGA Winner Championship finals game. That was game three of the series, and the play we are about to show you is the second of the series. Apparently Boxer felt very daring, for some reason, during this championship tournament.


The game takes place on Blade Storm, where Boxer is at 11 and Yellow is at 5. Boxer's original plan is to proxy Rax at the center of map, which he does from the very beginning. Yellow sends out a Drone, first scouting to see if Boxer is at 2. Seeing that he isn't, Yellow sends his Drone towards 11, where Boxer's base is of course. Moments later, Boxer, in a spontaneous moment of pure genius (or craziness depending on how you look at it), lifts his Command Center (the only structure in his base, the Barracks being at the center) and floats it toward his mineral only expansion. He sends all of his SCVs there to anticipate the landing. That very moment, Yellow's Drone enters Boxer's former base, stops, and turns around.


Although Boxer succeeded in confusing his opponent, the move slowed him down enough to lose the game a few minutes later. Regardless, his move was pure genius and you can tell it was spontaneous and totally thought of on the spot because he cancelled a building Supply Depot moments before the move. Notice that this move could only be possibly done by Terran on Blade Storm or a very similar map, where there is an expansion behind the main.

Eriador's Comment
The #1 Pimpest Play on my list is in fact a strategy which failed. What can I say. It's the one strategy so insanely innovative that I've never even thought about doing anything similar. And Boxer does it with tons of money on the line, facing none other than Yellow. Surely he must have practiced it like 50 times to get the timing down but nonetheless even thinking out a strat like that (which is totally map-dependant mind you that would not work anywhere else then on Blade Storm) gets my respect like nothing else could.

Boxer is the number one pimp in my eyes.

Boxer is undoubtedly the king of the Pimpest Plays. He has done so many things to change the way we look at the game to make us look outside of the box to make us see that StarCraft can be pure art. The true Emperor of Terran. Boxer's Base Move truly deserves its spot as the second Pimpest Play of 2003.




Nada's Amazing Maze: Nada [T] vs H.O.T-Forever [Z]


The only person that could possibly have a chance at taking the throne away from SlayerS_'BoxeR' is none other than fellow Terran Nada. A GhemTV match played between Nada and Zerg H.O.T-Forever this year was an amazing showdown between the best of T and Z on Isles of Siren. It is not surprising that a game featuring two of the best from both worlds would produce two incredible Pimpest Plays both of which we consider to be equally Pimp. Thus they are tied at #1.


The first Pimpest Play of the game was by Nada. About 26 minutes or so into the game he dropped twelve Marines and four Medics onto the edge of HOT's base. After popping three nearby Overlords Nada makes a dash with his troop of M&M into the heart of HOT's base. HOT conveniently has nine Ultralisks in that base and he sends them all to attack what should have been only a small enough threat. Nada's alert Marines quickly dash past the incoming Ultralisks with one target in mind: HOT's Greater Spire. Using some incredible micro Nada moves one or two Marines/Medics at a time to absorb the least amount of casualties possible. With two Marines and two Medics left and the Greater Spire at 1/3 health it seemed obvious that the mission would be a failure. Someone should have told Nada.


The two Marines made a mad dash down crossing inbetween the Greater Spire and an adjacent Hatchery. The bulky Ultralisks of course could not follow the Marines through the narrow mazelike path of the Zerg base so Nada had effectively bought some time for the two Marines to do as much damage as they could before the Ultralisks could go around the base and reach them. As they finally approached Nada sent one Marine away and let the other do as much damage as it could with one Medic healing him. Eventually the Marine died so the live Marine ran up and around a Hydralisk Den to where they were before once again losing the Ultralisks in the maze. A group of Science Vessels arrive and give the Marine one last chance with a Defensive Matrix. However even this safety measure proved to be unnecessary as the Marine finished off the Greater Spire a split second before the Ultralisks reached him.


And that is the story of how twelve Marines thwarted nine Ultralisks.pp03 - amazing_maze.gif

    - Animated GIF for your enjoyment. To download right click the link and click Save Target As...


H.O.T-Forever's Divine Wind: H.O.T-Forever [Z] vs Nada [T]


- Nada


The second Pimpest Play of the game was by H.O.T-Forever in what could only be described as an equally stunning moment. With around eight to ten Battlecruisers Nada is about to attack one of HOT's expansions when his BCs are intercepted...by around eighty Scourges. HOT micros the swarm of Scourges so that they are perfectly clones. All nine or so Battlecruisers are demolished with four Scourges left to spare. This was enough to get a "T_T" out of Nada which one of the commentators mistook in a particularly comedic moment for GG. For the most of us being at the receiving end of such a jaw dropping move would have definitely been enough to immediately admit defeat.pp03 - divine_wind.gif

    - Animated GIF for your enjoyment. To download right click the link and click Save Target As...


Thanks for joining us in our celebration of the greatest moment in StarCraft for the year 2003. Once again we hope you enjoyed this feature and we hope you look at StarCraft differently from now on whenever you play. StarCraft is far from being just a game and we hope this feature has helped you realize how much deeper StarCraft is than meets the eye. We hope that 2004 will be another year of StarCraft greatness so that we will be able to invite you once more at the end of the year to enjoy the Pimpest Plays of our time.


- The StarCraft Legacy Team



One of the greatest StarCraft websites ever by the name of existed years ago by the name of GX StarCraft, ran by the legendary D22-soso. GX StarCraft had an awesome feature called Pimpest Plays where it showcased all of the best and most original strategies ever used. Since the time of the original Pimpest Plays, there have been many other greatest moments in StarCraft with the rise of professional gaming and the deeper experimenting with the fundamental art of StarCraft.

We have compiled a list of the top fifteen "pimpest plays" of all time into an updated version of the feature, now known as Pimpest Plays 2002. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft, a five year old game, is still the best real time strategy game that has ever existed, revolutionizing and setting the industry standard for all RTS games to come. Enjoy!

Quick Links
Honorable Mention: Boxer Dropship Mechanics
15. Reaver War
14. Boxer's Multi-Rax Float Rush
13. The Stove
12. Yare's Revenge
11. Drone Drill
10. TillerMarine
9. Kain-The-Feared's Halt
8. Boxer's SCV Escape
7. Boxer's Rax Wall
6. Boxer's Blind Spot
5. Boxer's Nuke Rush
4. Heat's Overlord Feint
3. SiR@SoNi's Trail of Tears
2. Boxer's Lockdown
1. Use Your Illusion

Honorable Mention: Boxer Dropship Mechanics

If there is one unit SlayerS_'BoxeR' is well known for using, it is the Dropship. His skill in utilizing the dropship to its full potential is unparalleled and he often finds new, incredible methods to use them. Since his use of Dropships is not uncommon, the Boxer Dropship Mechanics earn an honorable mention in the Pimpest Plays 2002. We bring you three replays showcasing his fascinating skill in manipulating dropships.

1. SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs [rapiEr]-acE [P]

In this replay, Boxer [limyh] uses his Dropship as a diversion. At 6:00, watch the left edge of 3 main. Boxer drops off two tanks at the tip of the cliff out of sight. He then uses the same dropship to fly around acE's base, catching the attention of three dragoons, luring them away from the base. As he is doing this, he brings the two Tanks to the top and sieges them, which blast away at the probes.

2. SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Smuft_ca [P]

Neo Jungle Story is incredibly suited for Terrans, with cliffs behind each main. Boxer of course knows this and he takes full advantage of it as he drops two tanks above to harass Smuft. At 5:50, watch the cliff at 7, then at 10:10. At 11:10 watch the expansion at 9 and prepared to be amazed as Boxer's Tank/Dropship takes on a reaver.

3. SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs LiquidNazgul_nl [P]

It's probably a coincidence [or not] that all three of our Dropship Mechanics replays are of Boxer owning a poor Protoss with his dropship skills. This replay, a WCG 2002 quarter final game, is very similar to the above game with Smuft in that both were played on Neo Jungle Story with the same positions for both races. At 8:00, watch the cliff at 7 once again as Boxer manages to kill four dragoons, two on each side, with two tanks and a dropship without losing a single unit.

15. Reaver War

[Lx13]TuSH [P] vs Rush)_Season- [P]

To start our list of top 15 Pimpest Plays is the Reaver War between [Lx13]TuSH and Rush)_Season-. It was a simple PvP on Temple in which both players went reavers. Nobody expected what would happen next. The thing about the reaver is that it itself cannot attack. Everything relies on scarabs and scarabs cost money. At the end of the game, both players were out of money since their attacks on each other had eliminated virtually every probe on both sides. TuSH's Nexus is also razed to the ground, and although he has three probes left, he doesn't have anywhere near the amount of minerals needed to build another Nexus. Using a shuttle and one reaver, TuSH is able to outplay Season, who has three. TuSH pulls off an amazing move by dropping his reaver for a split second and picking it back up, drawing two unecessary enemy scarabs, costing Season a precious 30 minerals. TuSH's target, of course, is the single probe that Season has left, and he eventually out-micros Season to kill the probe with a scarab. Both sides out of scarabs, the game looks like it will end in a draw when TuSH, realizing that he still has three probes sitting in his base, brings them in for the kill. Season, who still has three reavers, but no money to build a scarab, watches helplessly as TuSH's probes slowly start tearing down his base. This is a great game displaying excellent micro, coming down from an almost fully developed tech tree to the most basic unit. Reaver War is number fifteen in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

14. Boxer's Multi-Rax Float Rush

SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs War3 [Z]

SlayerS_'BoxeR' is responsible for six of the top fifteen Pimpest Plays, not including the Honorable Mention, and the Multi-Rax Float Rush starts us off is displaying his incredible talent for thinking outside of the box. The idea was simple. Boxer [at 6] scouts and discovers his Zerg opponent right next door at 9. He builds one barracks in the middle of his base without walling, and erects three additional barracks along the cliff near 9. He then floats the four completed barracks over to 9 main where he builds four firebats and goes on to pump additional marines and medics, following up with a complete raping of the main base at 9. GG. Boxer's Multi-Rax Float Rush is number fourteen in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

Update [11/18/03]: Replays involving the Zerg will be buggy with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download starcraft109brip.zip. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.

13. The Stove

sKy.Proct [P] vs eNr.HellGhost [T]

When The Stove was widely released to the public on StarCraft Legacy in the 16th of October, it opened to mixed opinions on its effectiveness. Some people hated it, while many others loved it. The Stove consists of three stages. The strategy opens up with a Protoss Scout rush. This accomplishes two things: it serves as a...um...scout and it also forces the Terran to rush to ebay/turrets decreasing his unit count. The second phase is Dark Templar harrassment which can frustrate the opponent and increase the time it will take for him to expand. The last stage is the Arbiter with stasis ability. The entire point of The Stove is to confuse and frustrate the opponent...because come on...who the hell goes Scouts five minutes into the game?

The origins of The Stove is sketchy. Proct is the generally accepted inventor of the strategy. Proct played a person by the Battle.net name TheStove, who used the first two stages of the strat. He then added on the Arbiter part and named the strat The Stove. A NoHunter player by the name of Nate claims to be TheStove.

Regardless of whether you think this strategy is particulary effective or not, it is interesting and different to say the least. The Stove is number thirteen in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

12. Yare's Revenge

JiNyare [T] vs JiNBorN [Z]

This TvZ on The Bifrost is very entertaining and it shows the incredible mobility of the Dropship. The play in question starts at about 13:30 at the bottom left hand corner of the map. yare attacks BorN's base from behind with 1 Medic, 7 Marines, 1 SCV, 1 Tank, and 1 Dropship while BorN destroys his base with impunity. What happens next is difficult to describe in words but it consists of yare destroying both his opponent's base and expansion while the helpless Zerg can do nothing but watch. In the end, yare finishes the job with only three survivors: the SCV, the Tank, and of course the trusty Dropship. Yare's Revenge is number twelve in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

Update [11/18/03]: Replays involving the Zerg will be buggy with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download starcraft109brip.zip. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.

11. Drone Drill

rage82 [Z] vs study83 [P]

The Drone Drill pulled off by rage82 in this game is extremely effective and simple. Let me set you up. study [at 9] has taken his natural expansion and has a wall of many Zealots blocking the choke, making it very difficult for a group of Zerglings of any size to break through. However, rage has a solution using a trick that takes advantage of a thing in the game that forces units to spread out if they are on top of each other. At around 7:00, watch the middle of the map and you will see all of rage's drones and zerglings rallying to attack. He sends all of his drones to the center of the Zealot wall without attacking. This sends all of the drones to one spot, and once they arrive, they start spreading out, breaking the wall. At the same time, rage sends in all of his Zerglings. The poor Zealots have no good way of reacting, as they are being confused/pushed around by the drones. Note that the drones used were ALL of rage's mining peons, so this was largely a do or die effort. The Drone Drill is number eleven in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

Update [11/18/03]: Replays involving the Zerg will be buggy with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download starcraft109brip.zip. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.

10. TillerMarine

TillerMan [T] vs qioppa[iU] [Z]

This is the story of the lone Marine that was able to kill off five Zerglings with the help of four Medics. Not a major factor in the outcome of the game, but it is undoubtedly one of the best displays of micro you can find. First, TillerMan stimpacks his Marine and shoots at a ling. The lings are attacking him, so he forms a wall with his Medics and runs around it, escaping the lings and regaining health at the same time. He repeats the process several times in varying fashion and is able to defeat all five Zerglings. The entire thing lasts 30 seconds and it is amazing how TillerMan cared enough to concentrate on killing those five Zerglings with that one Marine (he had around 1200 minerals sitting around at the end of this as it is difficult to micro and macro at the same time). This Pimpest Play happens at 11:00 at the 3 main; keep the Marine selected and watch his health fluctuate from full health to near death and everywhere in the middle. TillerMarine is number ten in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

Update [11/18/03]: Replays involving the Zerg will be buggy with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download starcraft109brip.zip. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.

9. Kain-The-Feared's Halt

Kain-The-Feared [P] vs :+:jolly:+: [Z]

This strategy was one of the featured strats in the original Pimpest Plays on GX and is the only one that firmly stands in our mind. The idea is just incredible and demonstrates the reason why StarCraft is the unchallenged best RTS game ever made: it has incredible versatility. What do you do when there is a huge number of Zerglings and Hydralisks knocking on your door? Kain-The-Feared had the perfect answer: he put a probe on his ramp and an Arbiter used Stasis on it. Nothing could get through. Kain used this strategy against :+:jolly:+: before replays existed, so we have a screenshot reenacting the godly strat that still amazes us to this day. Kain-The-Feared's Halt is number nine in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

8. Boxer's SCV Escape

SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Garimto [P]

We mentioned earlier that SlayerS_'BoxeR' was in six of our top fifteen Pimpest Plays. Does it surprise you that the other five are all in the top eight? This next strategy was used by Boxer in the SKY 2001 Ongamenet finals against Garimto on Incubus. Boxer's scouting SCV ran into Garimto's base and was quickly pursued by a madly chasing Dragoon. The SCV ran behind the minerals with the Dragoon close on its heels, then blocked the Dragoon with a partially built supply depot to block off the access point behind the mineral patch. The Dragoon sees this and goes all the way around to get to the SCV, and Boxer cancels the supply depot and the SCV makes its escape back behind the mineral line. He does the same strat one more time and is able to increase his stay in the base long enough to find out Garimto's battle plan from a warping robotics facility. The strat drew "oohs" and "ahhs" from the crowd, and someone from Blizzard who was there at the finals smiled and shook his head in awe when Boxer did this. Mensrea, who was at the tournament comments that it is "all the more amazing he pulls cute stuff like this when the stakes are so high." The game was recorded as a VOD and not a replay, so we only have a few bad quality shots of the strategy in action for you to look at. Boxer's SCV Escape is number eight in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

7. Boxer's Rax Wall

SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Grrrr... [P]

In yet another display of his amazing talent to think outside of the box, Boxer invented a strategy on the spot in game one of the special three game Boxer vs Grrrr... series. The game took place on Hall of Valhalla with Boxer [T] at 3 and Grrrr... [P] at 6. Boxer built and floated a scouting barracks to Grrrr...'s base and flew around before it finally landed...right next to the mineral line. He then built one Marine, and it popped out to the barracks' right, which is also right behind the minerals. A Zealot tries to reach the Marine but it is blocked by the barracks. The Marine is able to attack the probes from behind with impunity until Grrrr... is able to summon a Dragoon. People in the audience were amazed by this and were laughing and clapping when Boxer did this. The simple strat was talked about all over the internet and many people tried to create variations of the strat on non-island maps with changes such as SCVs for repair. Again, this game was recorded on a VOD and not a replay, so we have reenacted the event using the campaign editor with every unit and structure in the exact spot. Boxer's Rax Wall is number seven in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

6. Boxer's Blind Spot

SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs didi [P]

In a famous 2001 game between Boxer and IntoTheRain, Boxer used an incredible strategy that had many people shaking their heads in awe. After this, Boxer did it again after that versus Grrrr... in the Gembc Race Masters series. Most recently, Boxer did it one more time against didi in a WCG warmup game. The game was fairly long, but this is what happened. didi in a final plan goes mass carriers and starts razing Boxer's bases to nothing. Seeing this, Boxer starts pumping an unexpected unit: the Medic. didi's fleet of destruction consists of eighteen Carriers and six Observers. As this force passes through his base, Boxer ingeniously drops seven Medics behind where the fleet had been. The Medics catch up to the fleet and one by one each tags a different Observer with an optical flare, blinding them all. Then Boxer comes in with his own fleet of cloaked Wraiths and starts cleaning up the helpless Carriers. The Carriers start heading desperately towards the nearest cannon and eventually arrives. Unfortunately for Boxer, he did not have enough Wraiths and time to kill all of the Carriers, and didi went on to win the game.

Watch the replay and concentrate on 3 main at 41:50. He will drop seven Medics. The main reason why Boxer's Blind is so amazing is because of the extreme difficulty of differentiating and clicking on each separate Observer. Only Boxer. Even though it wasn't as successful this time, the idea of it is incredible and it has been very effective for him in the past. Boxer's Blind Spot is number six in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

5. Boxer's Nuke Rush

SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Terr@n-[Nes] [P]

This replay is pretty well known. As the name implies, this is a Nuke rush, but it is not so much the strategy itself that is so amazing, it is the perfect execution of the strategy on Boxer's part. You see something new every time you watch it. You can tell that Boxer has the plan in mind from the beginning of the game from his lack of a comsat. He wants to hide his plan of course, so he lifts his ebay and hovers it over the nuke silo as it starts to build because he knows there is an Observer nearby. The first nuking starts at 11:00 at 6 main. Boxer drops a couple of accompanying infantry/metal to keep the enemy busy while his Ghost cloaks and aims the nuke at the Nexus. Boxer then EMPs the Nexus and goes the extra step by getting a Medic and blinding a nearby Observer. This is all executed perfectly. Boxer does this one more time at Terr@n's expansion at 12:15 at 3 main and once again his performance is flawless. GG in the aftermath of two well placed nukes. Boxer's Nuke Rush is number five in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

4. Heat's Overlord Feint

Heat [Z] vs sVEN [T]

This incredible replay showcases one of the primary tactics of war: the diversion. In this game, Heat [Erik[DiM]] executes a perfect diversion, or feint, with a fake drop. At 23:15, his Overlords start the journey south from 12 to 6. They come down just enough for sVEN [iG-NiNa] to see them on the way into his base. sVEN, seeing the Overlords, panics and is fooled enough to send his Science Vessels into a frenzy, irradiating four Overlords. Not only that, but sVEN sends all of the Marines, Medics, and Firebats that were guarding the 6 mineral only back into the base to defend against what he thinks is a drop. Once this happens, Heat immediately sends in all of his Zerg troops from three locations to successfully rape the hell out of sVEN's expansion at 6 mineral only. The perfect execution of Heat's faked drop is incredibly entertaining to watch and marvel at. There is also a lot more incredible action in the same game, including the Dual Science Vessel Irradiate trick as well as an amazing Medic Wall so be on the lookout. Heat's Overlord Feint is number four in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

Update [11/18/03]: Replays involving the Zerg will be buggy with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download starcraft109brip.zip. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.

3. SiR@SoNi's Trail of Tears

SiR@SoNi~ [Z] vs Chunsang [T]

This replay is a great game, and the Pimpest Play in question, which comes at the ending, is just insane. If you watch the replay, pay close attention to 3 mineral only at 46:45 because that is where the real action starts. Situation: SiR@SoNi has one drone left and no anti-air. Chunsang has enough money to produce one Wraith and he does so secretly on the cliff of 9 natural by attempting to block his starport with another building. His Wraith is completed seconds before two Ultralisks nearly demolish the starport. His objective is to hunt down that one drone so that he can win the game since Zerg has no anti-air. Unfortunately for Chunsang, SiR@SoNi is not ready to die without a fight.

To keep his drone alive, SiR@SoNi employs several awesome tricks in keeping it away from the Wraith's burst lasers of death including dark swarm, an overlord, and burrow. First, with 15 health left, SiR@SoNi picks up the drone in an Overlord. He casts a dark swarm with a Defiler nearby and drops the drone into the swarm a split second before his Overlord is killed by the Wraith. Then, he burrows the drone while rallying more units for the Defiler to consume. SoNi's objective now is to get his drone to the nearest extractor, where it can mine enough gas for him to build two Scourges to hunt down the Wraith, winning him the game. In a brilliant move, SiR@SoNi builds a trail of around eight dark swarms to the extractor, where he can mine under the safety of more dark swarms. Chunsang, in an act of desperation, moves his buildings over SoNi's hatcheries, hoping the Scourge will explode upon hatching. SoNi, knowing this, sets a rally point away from the buildings and successfully hunts down the Wraith, ending the game.

One of the reasons why this play was so incredible is because of the numerous close calls that took place...the Ultralisks nearly tearing down the starport in time, the drone nearly dying before it was lifted by an Overlord, and the Overlord almost dying before dropping the drone into the dark swarm. The whole thing plays out amazingly and you must watch it to understand it completely. Just for background information on the players, Chunsang is aka [joypop]zodiac, and SiR@SoNi is Lee Jae-hang of IS, Boxer's former team. SiR@SoNi's Trail of Tears is number three in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

Update [11/18/03]: Replays involving the Zerg will be buggy with Patch 1.10. To view the replay properly, download starcraft109brip.zip. Unzip the file, place it in your main StarCraft directory [C:/Program Files/StarCraft], and double click the icon to execute StarCraft in Patch 1.09b mode.

2. Boxer's Lockdown

SlayerS_'BoxeR' [T] vs Chunsang [T]

Chunsang makes a consecutive appearance in our Pimpest Plays 2002, this time against Boxer. Unfortunately, he suffers the same fate...losing at the end of a long and drawn out epic game. This game is considered by many to be the best TvT, if not overall, replay ever. The game is very long, but the play in question occurs at 22:30 at 12 main. Chunsang has seven Battlecruisers, while Boxer has eleven Wraiths...and seven Ghosts. Boxer drops off the Ghosts on the edge and proceeds to lockdown all seven Battlecruisers in the span of one second. He then cleans up the helpless Battlecruisers with his Wraiths. Boxer's losses: one or two Ghosts. Chunsang's losses: 2800 minerals and 2100 gas within twenty seconds.

Boxer accomplished this near impossible feat by hotkeying each Ghost, but like the Observers before, it is extremely difficult to differentiate and click on each Battlecruiser. Boxer accomplishes all of this in a single second. Which is why this deserves to be number two in our Pimpest Plays 2002.

1. Use Your Illusion

KIROFF [T] vs Tapoto_kopele [P]

Nearly everyone we consulted in creating this feature answered with the same response..."Remember the PvT at 6/9 where the Terran got rushed but lifted off and blocked the P base with his buildings and finished him off with his SCVs" and "Terran vacates his 9o'clock LT premises and proceeds to wall in toss's 6o'clock main, you know the one."

And yes indeed, Use Your Illusion is number one in our Pimpest Plays 2002. The game is very short and sweet. Tapoto who is Protoss at 6 sends a probe to KIROFF, a Terran at 3, and begins an unorthodox strat, building three pyons and two offensive gateways while running around the base with an SCV on its heels. KIROFF, seeing the first Zealot pop out, comes up with an ingenious plan. He lifts his command center and barracks and flies them over towards 6, and sends all his SCVs there as well. Once his SCVs arrive, two of them start walling in the PROTOSS's base, finishing it off with the barracks that just flew over from his base. KIROFF does this because he knows that Tapoto has no units in his base other than the probes since Tapoto had built his gateways in his base. Since the Zealot is blocked from entering his own base, KIROFF kills off all of the probes and finishes off the nexus with his SCVs. GG.

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed this feature and we hope you look at StarCraft differently from now on whenever you play. StarCraft is far from being just a game and we hope this feature has opened your eyes to realize how much deeper StarCraft is than meets the eye. This is our Christmas present to you. Good luck in all your future gaming endeavors and we hope you will have an opportunity someday to use one of these plays or perhaps even invent one of your own. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

- The StarCraft Legacy Team

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