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Thread: SaharaDrac's Livestream - Russian Proleague!

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    Default SaharaDrac's Livestream - Russian Proleague!

    So, I finally decided to join the modern world and stream my horrible misadventures in the world of StarCraft ii. If you are a fan, or would like to one day be a fan of a 6'6" goofy white dude trying to win on the ladder, calling people horrible names, and listening to 90's R&B, then please directa your feetsa to the following link:

    I will also be casting the Russian Language Proleague starting tommorrow morning, 12/20/10. IT will feature many famous SC2 players from Russia, Croatia, and other Serbian Slavic places!

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    I might tune in one of these days - what time are you normally gaming? You Amerikaners tend to play games at funny times!
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