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Thread: tosh's shadow?

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    Default tosh's shadow?

    after i got slightly bored of playing multiplayer, i started the single player campaign again on brutal, but i noticed that tosh, who is permanently cloaked has a shadow

    here's a picture

    not sure if nova has a shadow but i thought cloaked units arent meant to have a shadow...

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    depends on how the cloaking work - if it works like modern-day "cloaking," where the suit is literally a screen that displays what's on the other side, then yeah, there would be a shadow. if the cloak works by bending light around the object being cloaked, then there shouldn't be a shadow.

    in any case, that's probably just because of how the engine works or something.

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    Default Re: tosh's shadow?

    The observer used to have a shadow too but I think Blizzard removed it because enemy players could see the shadow.

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    Well, let's see here. The instructions said not to stand in direct sunlight while wearing the one ring so... oops, wait a minute, wrong universe!

    Lol. Anyway, interesting find. Maybe because Blizz knew he wouldn't be in multiplayer, they didn't care to remove the shadow.
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    Maybe it's a graphic level issue. I have medium graphics and saw a shadow. Maybe super-high graphics doesn't have it.
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    If I recall correctly, all the cloaked stuff leaves a shadow, even on Ultra settings. Your opponents don't see the shadows that your cloaked units leave, though. :]
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