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Thread: Idea of a Council Research

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blasterion View Post
    hmm maybe they can dodge shots while charging>? realistic in gameplay they'll be taking reduced damage when they're buffed with "charge" behavior
    50% reduced damage taken while charging
    What if it's just a visual effect for charge and blink? What if it's just an afterimage? IMHO it would be better than a research to auto-magically make zealots/stalkers create hallucinations, which could risk balance no matter how weak those are as long as those are targetable units.

    I would add some visual/sound effects that I miss from SC1 a lot:
    For charge I would add the Zealot's stabbing animation with them grunting so the first attack they make after charging would be like in SC1.
    Yeah, just as an eye candy for nostalgic people... It would just be a visual effect but it should have the characteristic zealot grunt sound.

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