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Thread: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

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    Default Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    I got this idea from a post on the bnet forums and thought it through. Imagine a protoss carrier going red and a zerg spellcaster infecting it. It would grow a giant tumor on it and would fall to zerg control. It would retain its sheilds (they would still have to recharge) but have greatly reduced health that regenerates very quick like the roach.

    The Infected Carrier would be able to produce scourge (the suicidal zerg unit) and have the option to crash down on the ground and explode to take out enemies. I guess that ability would be useful for taking out a lot of peons mining minerals or finishing off damaged buildings. And could also crash into lifted terran buildings like barracks or a command center.
    Zerg players would get this ability researched at a high tier and it be costly in sp or even cost the spellcasters life.

    Edit: Fine. How bout the same thing for battlecruisers? and the zerg could get infected terrans to commandier the carriers if the ship itself becomes infected. I wasn't taking about zerg infecting the pilots, but the ship itself getting infected with the infected terran's help (lore wise)

    As for the unit iself, it would produce pairs of scourge 1 egg at a time thanks to a larva growing out of the tumor. It would take a bit of time for another larva to grow so zerg couldn't spam scourge unless they have 3 or 4 ships. Gameplay wise blizzard dudes can experiment and tweak to make it a normal unit, have a limited life (its time slowly counts down) or have its sp go down with every pair of scourges made which would kill it when it hits zero. I guess each ship should be able to produce 3/4 scourge eggs, and the scourge's attack damage could be tweaked. So players won't make scourge as much as they can and crash the ship then, the crash ability would itself take a lot of sp. Or simply be much more effective the more sp is left.

    Another Edit: So it'll work for carriers and battlecruisers, and blizzard could decide to have this ability from a spell caster or have this as an upgradable ability for flying zerg units.
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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    So, you want an ability that only works on a single unit. Like Infested Command Center, except that CCs are build in every game vs. Terran, while Carriers will be built only as the Protoss player needs them.

    Did you think about this idea even a little bit before you posted it?
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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    It doesn't make sense lore wise either.

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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicol Bolas View Post
    Did you think about this idea even a little bit before you posted it?

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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    No offense^^. There's nothing moronic about this post, it's just really really shallow imo

    PS: lore section perhaps? Not very SC2...

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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    No thx.
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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    Hm... It could be interesting, but not on carrier. Zerg can't infect protoss. End of story.
    - BUT! -
    Why not infest battlecruisers or old science vessels (if the unit model exist)? After some terrible, terrible damage they become corrupted, stationary but they (tumor or some kind of cerebrate or ..whatever) produce scourge swarm that flies around like bees around hive.
    I am sure this idea fit in SC lore, but i am not sure how will it work in game...

    Maybe: if enemy unit comes nearby, little creatures auto-attack; but zerg player don't have actual control.

    What do u think?
    IMO - this could be done in one of the campaigns.

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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    Sorry, I think this idea is awesome - just not for multiplayer. Come on guys, SCOURGE CARRIERS. HOW IS THAT NOW AWESOME?

    I mean, just imagine some mission, or between missions where it's P + T vs. Z infiltration force. The Zerg first must get into the Protoss base undetected and infect their carriers. The carriers then fly out of the Protoss base and head towards the Terrans. Some sort of cutscene shows the Terran forces noticing the Carriers but being unworried as they are allied - until one marine/medic/ghost/missile turret crew/whatever notices the tumours (convienetly nearly out of sight from their position). Too late they launch missiles etc. Shots of scourge hitting missiles, carriers crashing and so on. Mission continues as mopping up the Terrans with infected Carriers (crashing them into key buildings, pursuing fleeing aerial forces, taking out floating buildings and so on) and taking on the full might of the Protoss base, now sans air-support.

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    Default Re: Idea for Infected Carriers, opinions?

    I agree -- in spite any lore problems or imbalances or whatever, the idea itself is awesome.

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