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Thread: Cataclysm decals?

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    Default Cataclysm decals?

    These 2 screenshots look like worgen, and goblin decals.
    anyone who knows about these decals? included cataclysm CE?

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    Default Re: Cataclysm decals?

    Blizzcon... you got them from being at the event or buy the direct tv ticket!

    cool stuff!^^
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    <-Is it just me or does it look like the Mohandar avatar is... jacking off o.O

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    Default Re: Cataclysm decals?

    the 2010 blizzcon decals were both warcraft, but they were murloc decals. Murlocalypse Now and the Tidehunters. Murlocalypse Now is a skeleton-like murloc head, and Tidehunters is a shell with a long gash through it.
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