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    DreamHack - the biggest LAN party event - is held next week in Elmia hall, Jönköping, Sweden. The event will span through 4 days starting on the 25th and concluding on the 28th of November. If you haven't heard about DreamHack yet, check the official website of the event -

    Anyways, enough with the yippiti yap. The point of this topic is not merely to inform you about something you have most likely heard of already, but to help people get to DreamHack, meet some new friends and have on the way. So, what I would ask you fine chaps to do is leave some usefull info (usefull, mind you!). For example, you may inform people that you are going by sharing with us the following:
    1. What country are you from
    2. How are you getting to Sweden
    3. How are you getting to Jonkpong
    4. Where will you be staying throughout the event

    This will help people from your country to get useful travel information. If you see someone going to DreamHack from your city or country, you can join up with them and go together. Maybe someone can offer a carpool possibility. Maybe someone can house a couple of SCLegacy members at his place (if he lives Jonkpong of course .
    All sorts of good jazz concerning GETTING TO DREAMHACK is appreciated. Lets make getting to this event as fun as being there!

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    I am travelling to DreamHack from: Riga, Latvia
    I am getting to Sweden by: Ferry
    I am getting to Jonkpong by: Bus
    I am staying at: Elmia hall, sleeping lounge

    The whole trip with the travel expenses and the price of the event ticket is around 160 Euro. Add the food and you're set to go. Share your travelling plans and feel free to ask questions.

    See you next week at the DreamHack!

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    growing up, i heard Dreamhack was the largest LAN-party in the world. maybe it still is?

    anyway, i have no hardcore games among my RL-friends and its always struck me as highly inconvenient to go - as i dont drive & dont have a friend to tag along with. ... taking my stationary computer on train or bus, bleh..

    ... im not good at planning ahad for this type of thing anyway. maybe next year?

    any questions on the sweden-trip in general, just ask and ill do my best to answer.

    Have fun! ... and be nice to Day[J]
    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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    ^ dito

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    funny how we can live so close to these major lan-events yet can't manage to make it to them, unlike so many other people from all over the world...

    say hi to day-J's bunny Manfred for me...
    blasted sweden....

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    Yeah I only live about 10 miles from jönköping xD

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    hm... i have a little more than 30 swedish miles (mil) and i've never felt the need to ever attend such a place...
    they say it's filled with (fjortisar) though whether that's true or not, it doesn't matter...
    everyone i know going there's only going to be playing either WoW or CS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by senervo View Post
    funny how we can live so close to these major lan-events yet can't manage to make it to them, unlike so many other people from all over the world...
    I know how it is. I live in the same city as another large LAN event held each easter that was considered the largest in the world for some time. "The Gathering". Have been living there for 4 years, last year I went to the event for the first time.
    I kinda regretted not going there the other 3 years. It was truly epic and well worth the price.

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