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    I noticed thay you were talking in the past , on how to get more members to the sitem so i'm wondering why SCL doesn't have any sites affiliates? The easiest way to get more members would be to have direct links on other sc sites that link to SCL

    Here are some sites that alredy have Site affiliates:

    I think you should really consider it

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    We're in the process of adding affiliates - however only one of those on your list is currently on our list.

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    Next thing you know that's the one affiliate they have on the list.

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    Oh come on Grad. Its not an insult when everyone knows its the truth.

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    "Don't insult him."
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    Would any joint projects come from this affiliation or is just exchanging icons?...

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    Depends on what kind of affiliation - we'll likely have partners which will be joint project related and maybe just plain affiliates which will be nothing more.

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