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Thread: New Zerg Leader?

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    Smile New Zerg Leader?

    I may have missed it somewhere and i may be called a total noob for even posting this but i've looked everywhere for this answer so anyway we all know how Jim Raynor is the main Terran hero of the campaign and in the way our Avatar during the more social part of the game my question is who will be the Zerg hero or villan that will be our main avatar

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    Its 100% confirmed that HotS will be centered on Kerrigan regaining her control over the Zerg and building her forces. Just because shes no longer mindwashed and evil doesn't mean shes no longer a part of the swarm.

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    Didn't Blizzard already say that the focused character will be Kerrigan and that the whole campaign is about her gaining new evolution strains for the swarm?

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    I'll build on DS's answer:

    It has been stated by Blizzard, multiple times, that the structure of the Heart of the Swarm campaign will be the same. Plot is still being developed, but it is most likely to follow this imperialistic structure.

    What some theorycrafters and myself attempted to find out before Wings of Liberty was, "How would Kerrigan interact with the universe around itself?" The main problem we encountered was that she was infested all along and an assosiation with the Protoss or the Terran was close to impossible. Novels started to look backwards and we had a weak current lore support to great a stable ideology of what could happen. Most of us thought that Kerrigan would dwel on an imaginary universe where she could manipulate the very Zerg DNA or do the casual research while killing terran/protoss prisoners after attacking a planet. If Blizzard started to think this way when creating Wings of Liberty, they might have noticed that it would have a weak depth and a lack of contribution from other characters. Blizzard could always evolve Zerg Queens into cerebrates, but this would ruin Kerrigan's "Lone Queen" title.

    Aside from the significant lore contributions to the lore on Wings of Liberty due to the importance of Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades, this lack of fun might very well be one of the main reasons that took Blizzard on taking the decision of saving Kerrigan.

    Now, at this year's Lore Panel Blizzard avoided lore specific questions related to the campaign of Heart of the Swarm, but they also ignored generic questions related to the structure. They were really carefull not to give up a whole idea, but as an organization they follow patterns and as human beings they produce small errors.

    First of, Metzen supported the idea of devoping Kerrigan's relationship with Raynor, but he started talking about something that was not implied on Wings of Liberty, something the dev team oviously talked about. Their own posture on the secuel.

    Chris Metzen: Although we don’t want to give a whole lot away relative to HotS at all. I think we can talk thematically about this girl about this guy for sure. So the whole crux of this thing, is what will this girl do now. She has only ever been manipulated by, whether it was the Dominion and then Mengsk and then, you know this Overmind, right. Has she really ever made her own decisions? Has she ever really known who she is and chosen who she wants to be? So essentially HotS is, aptly named, it is exactly about that. What will this girl do? Do these two lonely wonderful people have a chance in hell?
    Well, we knew Kerrigan and Raynor were going to live in hell itself, but now Blizzard stated that they would wave a greater emphasis on Kerrigan/Raynor. Are they going to destroy it or support it?

    After, the panel started to talk about the future of other important characters. Dr. Ariel Hanson, Gabriel Tosh and Tychus.

    According to the now canon information, both Dr. Hanson and Tosh survive and in some way join your union. We could face both characters on Heart of the Swarm with a similar role they had on Wings of Liberty, but I have to call out that the key character fromt the two would be Ariel. Why? Well because she is the only character left on the StarCraft universe that can research the Zerg Virus antidote. Tosh in some way could annoy Kerrigan with his psionic powers, just as ghosts did in the past.

    Brian Kindregen: Sure, yea I can say that we do say that the A choice that you made, was the canon decision. So, in terms of the SC canon, Raynor sided with Tosh and Raynor helped the colonists against Selendis. That said, I really would like to not have any player feel like their choice has been invalidated. In general, except for when the implications become overpowering, I think I'm going to try to stay away from going back and examining that stuff except when we really need to, so that you can play the game and really feel like your choices are being carried forward, and we do have the technology to check your save-game by the way.
    Then we met Tychus on the meeting. It is important to note that Blizzard is currently battling if they want to bring Tychus back or not. Tychus could clearly be an antagonist to Kerrigan, but he can't be properly infested without external help because the Zerg Virus is so volatile. Here we see the possibily of an aliance with the Dark Voice and Duran as they are the only entities with enough power to develope a new super infested terran. If Tychus lives then all the investment devoted towards this character wouldn't be depresiated and it would reduce the chances of a cliche Overmind. A downside is that Tychus has a psionic power of null on its human form. It would keep with the current plot, but it might not be necessary.

    Chris Metzen: Well I guess I’ll say, if I had my way and I know this would be unpopular, I would say, “Totally.” However, the artists on the dev teams they refuse to believe that Tychus is dead. They envision him with tentacles coming out of his face and things like that, so we’ll see who wins that war when we get back home, but you never know. You never know with us.
    Then, we have the Zerg. On the lore panel Brian Kindregen stated that the Zerg will always be violent, despite what could be interpreted on the plot of the Protoss sidemission. How can Kerrigan stop the Zerg from killing her friends without harming them? Will she have enough power to do so? Pressure is inmense and the stakes are high. She had problems controling the swarm on her Zerg form, so will she eventually control the swarm now?.

    Brian Kindregen: Yea, I think and I agree, I think it's safe to say on that topic, on the StarCraft part of your question. I have actually been really surprised that people have been jumping to this conclusion that we were saying that the Zerg were you know just misunderstood; and would turn out to be these great noble beings. I can understand that there's some fear in the community that that might be the case. And pretty soon you'll see Zerg you know weaving baskets and carrying flowers around. That's not gonna happen. And the Zerg, as I have said, are absolutely the worst thing that can happen to your day so.
    Kerrigna is exposed as a scary character by default because that's the only way of life she gets and knows. This condition definitly supports her internal conflict and thoughts. But how could this end according to Blizzard? We can evaluate this through two escenarios... She lives or she dies.

    Yea, there is a lot of stuff in their back story it's complicated it will all be revealed but have no fear that they will turn out to be misunderstood. And as to the Kerrigan part, I also really think that, I see the parallel that you're kind of talking about, but I don't really think it applies because Thrall was a character who underwent a sort of enlightenment and sort of understood his place in the world better. Kerrigan, well the Queen of Blades, was an evil terrifying creature, Sarah Kerrigan was not. Sarah Kerrigan is scary, she's an assassin, right? But, but I don't see it as one character that's just kind of, you know, becoming nicer.
    Escenario #1:

    According to a previous conceptual art, Blizzard has thought of a reinfestation on Kerrigan. From what we know she is still infested on her hair at the end of Wings of Liberty. A progressive infestation could eventually amplify her problems and make Raynor feel like shit on the moment he has to take the decision of whether to kill her or not. She might be in favour of this decision or against it, but ultimatly she has to live far enough to save the universe. Hanson kicks in here with her antidote, but Kerrigan also has to keep her Zerg powers far enought to save the universe. Interesting internal/external plot and Blizzard style.

    Escenario #2:

    She is completely uninfested but keeps her powers. Enough said she would have a smaller internal conflict and she could love Raynor unless she dies in some way. Good alternative, but Blizzard is more likely to follow the first escenario.

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    I don't think Kerrigan will go full mindless rage again. From the arc perspective, she'll most likely hold a portion of Zerg, just like in BW. Issues of trust and all will come falling on her head, and raynor becomes torn.

    If blizzard pushes the envelope the entire hyperion crew will be in disagreement, while the other terrans will probably start hunting them down for different purposes. Good for more missions.

    Now, from the prophecies, Kerrigan is the solution -- the one missing link in that destined path that led to that final mission. This means, and given Blizzard don't usually go for the hard turns and twists, she'll eventually have a small portion of Zerg and comes the protoss in the end.


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    Default Re: New Zerg Leader?

    Pity there is no alternative where Kerrigan and Raynor stays together in the end. Possibly it's a cliche, but anyway

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    I bet after mission 3, Kerrigan will leave the hyperion for some reason.

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    Default Re: New Zerg Leader?

    Quote Originally Posted by GnaReffotsirk View Post
    I bet after mission 3, Kerrigan will leave the hyperion for some reason.
    That is of course IF they have reached the Hyperion until mission 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan13 View Post
    That is of course IF they have reached the Hyperion until mission 3
    Good point. Had all the broods on char gone wild as in Aiur, that last scene would quickly turn into action/suspense/thriller/escape mission.

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    I reckon HotS will start at a Moebius Foundation facility, with Valerian Mengsk either hiding Raynor and Kerrigan from Arcturus Mengsk or having convinced/forced Raynor into handing Kerrigan over for experimentation. Here, it's discovered that Kerrigan can still manipulate/control Zerg. This will serve as a tutorial mission to introduce any new hero mechanics Blizzard implements for Kerrigan (they said HotS will feature RPG elements with Kerrigan growing in strength over its course).

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