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Thread: Expansion increase competitive game length?

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    Default Expansion increase competitive game length?

    Just an interesting thought. Since expansions mean MORE content in the eyes of consumers instead of refinement it is likely we will see the introduction of some new units in competitive play. However adding more units to the game will add to the options a player has avaliable but also the tech required to get such units. Do you think by adding more units (chess has been doing quite well without the addition of more unit types) do you think it is going to result in an increased average game time of matches (after the small reduction bump due to people figuring out how to use them)?

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    Ya probably due to more units=longer game...but could end it faster if some units seem OP/are really good counters to classic builds like MMM and in the expansion MMM get totally destroyed by some zerg flying unit and is super slow but can deal alot of dmg(or something of the short).
    -side note I do not mean the brood lord I ment more of a spire is up so u can get this slow weak but high dmging unit out.)

    Personally I would like to see an air unit or ground unit that must be on creep to survive and if its not it will lose hp every second(3 hp a second)...that would be cool if they could balence it i think. It would be kinda like a creep shark thing
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    Default Re: Expansion increase competitive game length?

    You mean like adding extra tiers? I don't think it will add substantially to the game length, because the tech trees aren't linear, it would be more like adding options, unless you require several tech branches to build something.

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    Default Re: Expansion increase competitive game length?

    they should really work more on early sub tech. like Ghosts.
    You can get em fast, but seriously what for? The gas/resources you spend on an academy could be better spent on reapers in a bunker.

    Cause one ghost alone ain't gonna take over the town.

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    You are very weird man. Have you no logic?
    And again you had to be pretty big noob about PC not to know about the change, I mean even the birds on the trees knew about it.

    ...Its like calling throwing stone an athletic competition. Get a grip man and don't write nonsense...
    Shot put anyone?

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