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    Has anyone tried using the built-in voice chat in game yet? Like, to either talk with your opponent, or more importantly, to be able to talk with an ally in 2v2 games?

    I haven't messed with it all that much, but whenever I have, my friends and I can't seem to get it to work.

    Just an interesting thought, voice chat has lots of positive aspects.

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    PM KDraconis. He was just using the ingame voice chat on the sclgifted stream.

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    Default Re: Voice Chat

    There's a couple of problems with the voice chat. When I last used it, I could barely hear Hamshank. Sometimes people can't hear me. And I know it's not my microphone (which is part of my webcam) because the webcam is brand new.

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    There are some settings in the main menu you can change.

    Overall though, I think they try to keep the quality really low so that it doesn't lag the game.

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    It sounds so awful!

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    I can't get it to work at all since the last patch. My friend and I were fighting with the settings and it passes all the tests for both of us, but we still can't hear each other. Really annoying.

    Unfortunately, when I search tech support most beta testers just say "it sucks, use skype or vent". Not much of a beta test if we just work around the problem. =(

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    I use skype haha

    All i know is there is a annoying bug right now in that it always looks like I have voice chat on even when its turn off the bar raises and falls lol
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    same here, skype is the way right now. No way the voice chat can give decent result, i tried almost an hour...

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    I've tried using it and my friend said he could hear me fine on it. The only problem I had was that I couldn't hear myself while testing the playback for some reason.

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    Its very strange, a few friends can hear me perfectly fine in both, some can not hear me mid-game (gets very quiet). I've actually not used it all that much just due to that fact :/

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