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Thread: Best method of beating Insane AI 1v1 and 2v2?

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    Default Best method of beating Insane AI 1v1 and 2v2?

    Laaaaaaame! I was waiting to come to NA servers before I started massing achievements, but now the AI is smarter, which makes cannon rushing the AI significantly harder .

    Now I'm wondering - what are the fastest/most reliable methods of beating the Insane AI in a 1v1 and 2v2 situation?

    I hear that cannon rushing is still viable, just harder. Are there any tips or replays you guys have to illustrate what techniques need to be used to pull it off now?

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    Default Re: Best method of beating Insane AI 1v1 and 2v2?

    As protoss playing against every other race using sentries and forcefields to block off ramps should gurantee that they either run up there and take so many free hits that when the battle hapeens you win, or they either retreat and then you should be able to tech to either carrier or colossus(colossus tends to fair better).

    as for zerg you willl probably be forced to get a late expo and a lot of lings and spinecrawlers, and its more of a slow game. Then teching up to either muta or infestor/ling/baneling depending on the situation.

    As for terran going for early siege tanks and bunkers with rines will stop most early pushes and then just go on from there.

    as for bunker/cannon rushing zerg is almost impossible since then tend to build building close by, as for the 8 player ffa achievment you can still do the cannon rush but in a different way as the enemy which should be zerg will constantly suicide drones to kill your nexus, you should be able to kill almost all harassing drons with minimal lose with your probes, but eventually the zerg player will send all his harversters by this time you should have a cannon finished or morphing in and instead of placing it next to their base you should place it halfway, then bait the remaining drones to the cannon, and expect multiple probe casulties as there will be a lot more drones, then mass cannons before gateway at front since the AI tends to attack you more often and faster, once you feel safe build a gateway and produce one zealot and rally it to the enemy zerg base, and just let it kill it off, remeber to constantly produce drones and cannons. Probably one of the most annoying things of the new changes due to the fact that you lost workers and delayed so much minning, the zerg will attack and you willl be behind either tech wise or cannon wise so you should have at least 10 cannons before even attempting to build a cyb core, also note its much better to mass cannons and then get double assimilator and just pump out pure workers and cannons once you have around 200 gas then you should get a cyb core, continue to make cannons remember to wall of with gateways, pylons, or cyb cores. A lot of people tend to wall off with stargate but due to gas demand its a lot better to just build double gateways. Remember to capture expo and set gas asap. By the time your first carrier is starting you should face a lot of roaches and hydras. Which probably wont be to bad but the problems is theirs almost always 2 players left and they will both attack you. so continue to get cannons and carriers and a smart move would be to move a probe out and place a random pylon or nexus in case your attacking then enemy base and the other player counters and kills all your buildings and then you will lose. This is a lot better with a teammate to help tell you where the zerg players are.
    hope it help
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    Default Re: Best method of beating Insane AI 1v1 and 2v2?
    This works well, just takes about 10-20% longer.

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