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    StarCraft: Legacy Social Groups Guide

    Welcome to the StarCraft: Legacy Social Groups Guide! Social Groups are a wonderful function here on the StarCraft: Legacy Forums that will allow you, our members, to enjoy a more comfortable community experience and get to know your fellow members of like interests. First, let's answer some of the basic questions about Social Groups.

    What are Social Groups? How can I join one?

    A social group is a band of members that have discussions separate from the main forums, usually based upon the topic on which the group is formed. To join a social group, click on the Community tab, then select the Social Groups link. Find a group that appeals to you, and join. There is no limitation to how many social groups you can join. However, there are some social groups that do not allow open enrollment. Social groups have three different types of enrollment:
    • Public: Any member can freely join the social group without any permissions necessary.
    • Moderated: A member must apply to the group creator, who will then accept or deny the request.
    • Invite Only: The group creator will send out invites, the only means to join.

    When you join a social group, feel free to introduce yourself and jump into the discussions. Please note that some of the permissions of social groups may differ, and that some groups may only allow the social group leader to start a new discussion.

    For a list of our current Social Groups, click here.

    Side Note: Posts made within the social group do not count toward the member's overall post count.

    Can I make my own social group?

    Yes, each member has the ability to make their own social group. The process is very simple in creating your own social group. Simply make a group name and description, choose one of the three enrollment categories, and then check which additional options you would like to include, such as:
    • Enabling albums
    • Enabling messages
    • Allowing only group members to view discussions
    • Allowing group leader-created discussions only

    What are the rules of participating in Social Groups?

    As previously mentioned, the creator of the social group has the power to moderate their group, and can steer the direction of discussion topics at their discretion. However, the discussion topics must still follow StarCraft: Legacy's site rules, in that flaming, advertising, pornography, and other such topics and posts are forbidden. Although the group leader is expected to moderate their social group, the StarCraft: Legacy staff may step in if serious issues arise. Since social groups are meant for casual conversation, serious discussions are not necessary, as this is for enjoyment of the members and the up-building of our community.

    If you haven't checked out the Social Groups section, we highly encourage that you do. As always, the staff is here to make sure you enjoy your time at StarCraft: Legacy. See you there!
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