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Thread: SC:L Unit Contest Winners

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    Default SC:L Unit Contest Winners

    Zerg Barralisk - by Dread_Reaper

    Race: Zerg Life: 300 Energy: 0 Armor: 0 (+70 with ability*) Movement: Slow Cargo Size: Cannot be transported Attributes: Armored - Biological

    Producer: Evolves from Infestor Hotkey: B Requires: Infestation Pit Cost: 200 100 Supply: 4 Build time: 70


    Composite Carapace:

    If the Barralisk is attacked from higher ground or the air its "Composite Carapace" armor activates, giving it an armor value of 70 vs. the attack's damage. Ability does not activate if attacked from the same level or lower. *Passive ability*
    Attach to Wall:
    The Barralisk attaches to a cliff, forming a ramp. Once the Barralisk has been placed, it cannot detach from a cliff. Hotkey: A
    Living Ramp:
    Once a Barralisk has been deployed, it is permanently attached to the cliff and acts as a ramp that friendly and enemy units can use. The ramp can only be removed by killing it. If the Barralisk is destroyed, any units currently on it will immediately be returned to the ground level. *Passive ability*
    Tectonic Accelerator:
    Increases movement speed of Barralisk to Normal.
    Build time: 40 Cost: 150 150

    The Barralisk is a marvel of evolution, epitomizing exactly how quickly the Zerg are able to react to the changing battlefield with their specialized mutations. This massive creature borrows its base DNA from the dreaded Infestor, spliced with a gargantuan subterranean worm that Kerrigan encountered on the barren moons of Kelvon VII. The armor plating of these massive slugs, which towered over even the mighty Ultralisks, was revealed to be virtually indestructible. Kerrigan's initial experiments with the animals showed they were capable of shrugging off even Kaiser Blades without effort.

    Further research revealed how the shell of these extraordinary creatures became so strong: the worms were using a bizarre mineral mitosis to absorb the naturally occurring metallic ore of the moon into their own bodies, augmenting their natural chitinous plating with tons of nearly-invincible minerals. Kerrigan rapidly assimilated this astounding ability into the swarm and immediately set to infusing these properties into a devastating new creature. The Dominion first became aware of this massive Zerg species during the siege of volcanic planet Argir. Argir's surface, an endless range of towering mountains and vertical peaks, provided numerous locations for highly defensible strongholds for their Command Centers. For weeks the Terrans had held out against the Zerg onslaught, using their flying fortresses to move between mountaintops, until the valleys below were veritable choked with the alien dead. Victory seemed inevitable for the Dominion outpost as the Emperor announced that reinforcements were en route, and the Zerg showed no signs of being able to scale the sheer cliffs to breach the plateaus.
    One morning though, the soldiers of the Dominion awoke to see massive living mountains crawling towards them, followed by an endless carpet of Zerg.
    Shock Cannon rounds from Siege Tanks smashed against these implacable creatures, and whole squads of Marines fired down at them until their munitions ran dry, but no amount of firepower could even dent the rocky carapace of these behemoth. However, their initial horror paled in comparison to what they witnessed next. As the mammoth Zerg creatures approached the cliffs, they began to burrow their armored heads into the rock, powering forward with massive armored tentacles. Within moments, the Dominion forces were no longer protected by the sheer cliffs of their stronghold, as the creature's sloped body created a wide ramp for waves of Zerglings and Hydralisks to move directly into their base.
    When reinforcements arrived a week later, they found nothing but the shredded remains of Terran bases, and massive furrows carved in the sides of cliffs.

    For all its immense size and armor, the Barralisk's sole purpose is not to fight, but to act as a mobile ramp to counter walled-in opponents. Although it has relatively low hit points for a unit that will be absorbing an immense amount of punishment as it moves into position, this is countered by its unique armor value. Because its armor only activates if it is being attacked from a higher level than itself, including air units, the best way to combat the Barralisk ramp is to attack it from the ground level, where its armor will not activate.
    If utilizing a Barralisk as the Zerg, it is important to keep some of your units, particularly Hydralisks with the Grooved Spine upgrade, in reserve to guard the ramp's vulnerable flanks. Additionally, because the Barralisk's initial movement speed is low, it is important to keep a large support force ready while it moves towards its target, and to neutralize any forces that could attack it from the ground level. Its speed issue can be somewhat countered by purchasing the Tectonic Accelerator upgrade available at the Infestation Pit. Additionally, because Barralisks are incapable of burrowing or being transported, it is important to evolve them from an Infestor near your target, to minimize your opponent's ability to react.

    Mantlet Assault Transport by GRUNT

    Race: Terran

    Cost: 250/150 3 Supply
    Build Time: 45
    Damage: N/A
    Hitpoints: 450
    Armour: 1
    Speed: 2.25 (immobile in Fortify Mode)
    Type: Ground, Mechanical, Armoured
    Requires: Factory with attached Tech Lab

    Repair Crew (Passive): Each Mantlet keeps a couple repairmen (and/or women) onboard
    who gradually repair any damage the Mantlet might have sustained.
    Sturdy Construction (Passive): Infantry units being carried by the Mantlet may use
    Stimpacks and will also survive in the event that the Mantlet is destroyed.

    Load/Unload: The Mantlet can only load and unload infantry. The Mantlet has ten ‘slots’
    as opposed to an unupgraded Bunker’s four.

    Fortify Mode (transformation time – 3 seconds): The Mantlet deploys into its stationary
    fortification mode. Because it is not a structure, the Mantlet can Fortify while on creep
    and other normally un-buildable terrain. Gains +3 Armour in this mode. Infantry can
    attack while inside and gain +1 range. Transport Mode (transformation time – 3 seconds): The Mantlet deploys into its mobile
    transport mode. Infantry being carried by the Mantlet cannot attack while it is in this

    Armoury Upgrades:
    Absorptive Plating (75,000 credits): If the Mantlet would receive bonus damage (vs
    armoured) from an enemy attack, that bonus damage is reduced by 50% (this doesn’t
    affect the attacker’s base damage).

    Automated Triage (110,000 credits): While in Fortify Mode, the Mantlet heals infantry
    inside it at a rate of 3 hitpoints per second. Costs no Energy.

    In the wake of the Viking fighter’s success, and realising the ever-increasing importance
    of flexibility in the field, Dominion engineers have been working to develop new
    weapons of war utilising the transformation technology pioneered by the Siege Tank.

    The most recent result of these efforts is the Mantlet Assault Transport – the Dominion’s
    answer for increased infantry staying power against the likes of the Protoss’ potent
    psionic assaults and the explosive biochemical attacks of the Zerg.

    Continuing the Siege Tank’s tradition of emplacement/advance tactics, the Mantlet
    combines the defensive strength of a Bunker with the ability to relocate around the
    battlefield, all while protecting its occupants from enemy attacks.

    Although the vehicle’s engineers have yet to devise a way to make it sturdy enough in
    Transport Mode to allow its occupants to attack while the Mantlet is mobile, many agree
    that the ability to quickly establish a foothold in forward locations makes the Mantlet a
    valuable addition to the ever-growing Terran arsenal.

    Thus far, the Mantlet has shone in wasteland operations where cover for infantry can
    normally be difficult to find. Its ‘wheels’ are not rubber, but are actually tracked like
    tank treads, giving the Mantlet the ruggedness necessary to function in a variety of hostile

    Although still young, new generations of Mantlet Assault Transports are already coming
    into existence, with these newer models featuring superior armour. Pressured for results
    by military superiors with an unsettlingly cheerful ‘try-again’ attitude towards new
    weapons of war, Dominion scientists have even attempted the installing of miniature
    automated triages. That said, many Marines would tell you that the experimental
    technology’s attempts at mending injuries have a tendency to result in its ‘patients’
    ending up worse off than before.

    The Mantlet doesn’t allow you to be quite as mobile as a pure bio-ball style army, as it
    takes a few seconds to transform between its different modes. Using Mantlets also means
    that you generally won’t have quite the same damage output as a regular infantry army,
    since you would probably have fewer total infantry units because you would have spent
    cash on the Mantlets themselves.

    However, the Mantlet does open up a different playstyle for the singleplayer campaign
    which is based around staying power and economy over raw damage output. One could
    ‘leapfrog’ with a few Mantlets, or use them in conjunction with Siege Tanks, keeping at
    least one Mantlet on either end of a tank line. If the Mantlet on the front line is taking too
    much damage, it can swap places with the one in the rear while its repair crew brings its
    hitpoints back up.

    So that the Mantlet isn’t undesirable to everyone, the tradeoff between damage and
    staying power isn’t too extreme – infantry inside the Mantlet may still use Stimpacks,
    which gives a fully-loaded Mantlet respectable firepower.

    You could also try a somewhat less-extreme composition and go for the best of both
    worlds by using only a couple Mantlets as shields while the bulk of your infantry slog it
    out on foot.

    Because there is only a short transformation period when alternating between modes, the
    Mantlet offers more flexibility compared with needing to constantly construct and
    salvage forward Bunkers, especially since Mantlets can Fortify themselves on creep.
    Furthermore, the extra troop-carrying capacity of the Mantlet is valued at chokepoints in
    defensive situations, where space is at a premium. Using Mantlets over forward Bunkers
    also requires no reliance on SCVs out in the field for construction, and Mantlets can
    repair themselves over time.

    Putting mercenary infantry into Mantlets can be a powerful combination, as you’ll get to
    enjoy the merc’s damage output while keeping them much less exposed to danger.

    Protoss Redeemer by Drake Clawfang

    HP: 80
    Shields: 100
    Psi: 3 (decreased from 4)
    Energy: 200
    Role: Aerial support caster
    Cost: 125 Minerals, 175 Gas. (decreased from 200 gas)
    Build Time: 50 seconds
    Produced From: Stargate, Dark Shrine required
    Hotkey: R
    Sight Radius: 9
    Armor: 1 (decreased from 2)
    Armor Type: Armored, Mechanical


    Pulse Cannon: Fires an orb of psionic energy at target. Does 6 damage in two attacks, +1 per upgrade. Attacks air and ground units. Range of 6, cooldown of 1.5


    The Redeemer is innately cloaked.

    Proton Charge: 100 energy. Target allied unit does 5 more damage for 15 seconds and has its range increased by two. Does not stack with multiple castings. May target air and around units, does not effect melee units. Units who deal damage in two attacks, like the Banshee or Viking, have the damage from both their attacks increased by 5. Costs 150 Minerals and Gas to research.

    Time Warp: 150 energy. Creates a space-time vortex at target area, units within the radius of effect have their attack and movement rates decreased, and cannot use abilities that target units. Range of 5, lasts 20 seconds. The Redeemer is immobile, cannot attack and is uncloaked while it maintains the warp, if the Redeemer is destroyed the effect ends. Harvester units harvest at normal rate, but move back and forth between mineral fields slower still slowing overall mining rate. Costs 200 Minerals and Gas to research.

    - To clarify, the follow abilities *cannot* be used while the unit is in Time Warp. Any abilities not mentioned can be used normally.

    -- Feedback, Graviton Beam, Heal, Snipe, Hunter-Seeker Missile, 250mm Cannons, Yamato Cannon, Corruption, Transfusion, Neural Parasite

    Appearance: The Redeemer is roughly the size of the Void Ray. It consists of a rounded core with a tapered point on one end, and it is on this end the pilot's cockpit is located. Four panels with orbs of energy surround it, orbiting it and rotating during gameplay. There are several smaller orbs and a large central orb. The central orb has a visible Khaydarin crystal within. The insides of these panels glow slightly and there is a slight visual distortion between the panels and the Redeemer's core, even when it is uncloaked. The three-pointed end of the panels as shown in the conceptual sketches face forward. The panels and the central core have a silver "DT" color scheme. The orbs on the panels change color according to the controller's team color. The panels thrust outwards slightly when the Redeemer attacks, and remain in this thrust-out position for a second when using Proton Charge. When using Time Warp the Redeemer de-cloaks and the panels draw in closer to the central core.


    The beginning of the second Great War revealed to the Protoss they were grossly outmatched in the battle for aerial dominance. Terran Vikings simply bombarded their new Void Rays and Phoenix from out of their ships’ range, and Zerg Corrupter and Mutalisk swarms overwhelmed their fleets through sheer force of numbers. The Protoss sought a way to improve the performance of their fighters, rather than create a costly new vessel. Though their Motherships were useful in combat, their value to Protoss history and slow movement speed made the Protoss hesitant to deploy them in the field. It was at this time the Dark Templar stepped forth and revealed one of their weapons of war kept secret from their Khalai brethren – the Redeemer.

    The Redeemer is a support caster unit powered by four shards of Khaydarin crystal which orbit it encased in thick armor plating. The central core of the ship is coated in shards of Argus crystal, and the Redeemer harnesses the distortion from the two crystal types in such close proximity to cloak itself while moving. This lets the Redeemer support its allies largely unseen, though if detected it is easily destroyed. Though the Redeemer is armed with twin Pulse Cannons that fire orbs of psionic energy, it is not a ship meant for direct combat.

    The Redeemer’s primary method of support is Proton Charge, where it focuses the energy of its four crystals through its weapons systems and temporarily increases the energy output of another Protoss vessel's weapons system. This increases the damage and range of the allied ship’s weapons for a period of time. The strain on the target’s weaponry as well as on the Redeemer’s power reserves mean that Proton Charge will cause critical damage to both unless ceased after only a few seconds, but this can often be long enough in key battles. Due to the Carrier’s usage of robotic interceptor drones rather than on-board weapons, Proton Channel has no effect on it.

    Through a great force of will of the pilot, a Dark Templar, the Redeemer can channel the space-time distortion that cloaks it and project it out in a time warp. Enemy units within the area of effect fire and move slower. However, this massive projection of psionic might leaves the Redeemer highly vulnerable: it cannot move while its pilot maintains the Time Warp, and with the energies of its crystals focused to create the warp the Redeemer’s cloaking is shut down. Because the Redeemer’s original construction plans have been lost to time, the Dark Templar loathe losing the vessels and so strongly encourage their pilots to only use Time Warp when protected by a garrison.

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    Default Re: SC:L Unit Contest Winners

    Early Barralisk concept art by Gradius:

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    Default Re: SC:L Unit Contest Winners


    Of course I enter contests with the hope to win, but it's always a surprise to see it actually place in the top 3 . Thanks SCL! <3

    I have to say that the Barralisk is my favourite of the bunch . It's the singleplayer campaign, and rather than designing something that might be balanced even in that context, it's a lot more fun to have done something as 'out there' as the Barralisk . I especially like that it needs to be attacked at the tier that it's on, because that's just a dynamic that's especially suited to creating exciting moments in singleplayer .

    Congrats also to Drake Clawfang and Dread Reaper!
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    Default Re: SC:L Unit Contest Winners

    Little dissapointed I didn't make it in the top, but these submissions clearly outdo my submission.I think I'll share my unit anyways. I think I based mine on more multiplayer than singleplayer, might have been my downfall, but honestly I don't really care, just glad I summoned up the courage to actually do this.

    The Nocturlisk (Lore)
    A week or so before Raynor’s assault on Char, a large group of zerglings were made to morph into banelings. However, one zerglings was having issues. Try as it might, it could not turn into a baneling. Try as IT might, the hive couldn’t figure out why the zerglings couldn’t turn into a baneling. A few days passed… no development. Another day passed and the zerglings was deemed a dud. Instead of becoming frontline fodder, the zergling was cast out. The very next day, the zerglings who couldn’t turn into a baneling was the last thing of the mind of the Swarm.

    As the assault on Char grew near, the Queen of Blades was deploying troops out to best overrun the Terran as they landed. One of these many deployments came across a freshly opened zerg cocoon among the ashen fields of Char, but didn’t make anything of it. When nightfall came, said deployment mysteriously vanished. When zerglings were sent to investigate, they found the mutilated carcasses or the zerg deployment, which strangely had signs of both claw and acidic damage. There was no possibly way a lone rogue zergling or baneling could have caused both signs of damage, let alone kill that many zerg and survive.

    This development caused the Queen of Blades to investigate the matter. She sent mutalisks throughout the immediate vicinity, finding nothing. However on the way back, part of the hive cluster came under attack from an unknown threat. This time though, the mysterious zerg did not get away…

    It had a sleek body, and possessed a speed slightly less than that of a zerglings. It was about the height of a zerglings, maybe a little bit longer. Six short stubby horns lined it head. Green bulges were scattered around its body, filled with acid that dripped from its many claws. As it tore through groups of idle zerglings like a hot knife through butter, hydralisks in the vicinity senses a threat and aroused to oppose it. After finishing with the zerglings, the unknown zerg faced the hydralisks, growled, and leaped, appearing a mere moment later upon the back of one of the hydralisks. It quickly tore the poor hydralisk apart, but before the unknown zerg could ravage another, it sustained enough damage to cause it to collapse.

    When the Queen of Blades arrived, she was impressed with the carnage the one nocturlisk had created, and wanted this “nocturlisk” to be assimilated into the swarm, albeit tamer and easier to control. As the zerg had just finished deciphering the nocturlisks genetic code, the siege of Char had been underway for a decent length of time, and Raynor had activated the Xel’Naga artifact, captured the Queen of Blades, and destroyed most of the zerg on the surface of Char, including any nocturlisks in production and the body of the original. However, the Swarm still retained knowledge of the nocturlisk…

    Stats and Abilities
    Requires: Spawning Pool, Baneling Nest, Lair
    Weapon: Acid Claw Attacks: 1 Move Speed: 3.2, 3.9 on creep (3.4, 4.1 with Metabolic Boost)

    Damage: 5 (7.5 vs. Light) Weapon Speed: .9 sec.

    Costs: 150 Min, 75 gas, 3 supply (2 lisks per egg) OR
    75 min, 50 gas, additional .5 supply, morphs from zerglings

    Health: 70

    Abilities: Acid Claws-Attacks ignore ALL base armor
    Leap-Allows the Nocturlisk to leap the distance a stalker can blink, travel time is one second
    Armor: Light-Biological

    • The Nocturlisk can be used as a T2 harassment unit that can scale cliffs with the help of an air unit, like a reaper. It can quickly kill workers and escape should there be a need.

    • The Nocturlisk can be used to close in on and kill sieged siege tanks, suffering little damage from the tank.

    • Nocturlisks do bonus damage vs. light units such as marines, zerglings, and zealots, and take quite a few hits to kill, making the especially effective against groups of zealots and zerglings, and massed marines to a point.

    Don't have a way to actually embed the image in here, but I attached the file. (It did it anyways!)

    EDIT: Forgot, congratz to the winners!

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    I know I won't be getting any rewards, but I've had this idea in my head for ages. Thought I'd throw it out there.

    AT-DU7 Nuclear Dropship

    Basic Info

    Race: Terran
    Life: 225
    Energy: 200
    Armor: 2
    Movement: Normal
    Cargo Size: Cannot be transported
    Attributes: Armored, Mechanical
    Requires: Starport with attached Tech Lab, Ghost Academy
    Hotkey: N
    Cost: 300 Minerals, 200 Vespene
    Supply: 4
    Build time: 75


    Acquire Nuclear Payload:
    (15-second loading time) The AT-DU7 Nuclear Dropship docks with a Ghost Academy and loads its nuclear arsenal into the firing bay. The Nuclear Dropship cannot move or perform any other actions while loading. Loading can be cancelled. Can store up to 2 Nuclear Missles.

    Reactive Molecular Underplating:
    The Nuclear Dropship is designed with a rare molecularly reactive metal-mineral composite. Protects the Nuclear Dropship from all nuclear strikes at a cost of 25 energy per strike. *Passive*

    Deploy Nuclear Payload:
    (4-second cast time) The Nuclear Dropship drops its Nuclear Payload directly beneath it. Nuke deals up to 300 (+200 vs. structures) damage in a large radius. 15-second cooldown.

    Armoury Upgrades:

    Dynamic Energy Converters (125,000 Credits):
    The Nuclear Dropship no longer has its energy depleted when it absorbs the shock of a nuclear explosion. Additionally, it slows the energy depletion rate of Cloak by 50%.

    Improved Fuel Injection (80,000 Credits):
    Improves movement speed of the Nuclear Dropship from Normal to Fast.


    Cloak: Enables Banshees and AT-DU7 Nuclear Dropships to use the Cloak ability. Cloak renders the Banshees and Nuclear Dropships invisible to enemies unless the unit is revealed by detectors or effects.

    Lore: Orbital vessels were the preferred method of planetary nuclear bombardment, however they were slow to use and expensive to build.

    On New Folsom, there was a discovery of a rare mineral deposit during a reactor meltdown caused by a prison riot. Rather than causing terrible damage to facilities nearby, the explosion was reduced to manageable levels by minerals in the lava flows of the area.

    Dominion Scientists greedily mined the entire area and conducted numerous tests on the fascinating mineral. The mineral, it seemed, could almost completely negate the effects of a nuclear explosion. It didn't take long for this to become quickly militarized.

    Equipped with thick armored plating and state of the art cloaking systems, the latest line of Nuclear Dropships were created from the Advanced Tactics section of Dominion Unit 7 research facility. The AT-DU7 Nuclear Dropship was quickly put into testing against civilian uprising, and found to be quick, silent, and deadly efficient.

    Description: I am far too tired to come up with one right now. Perhaps I will later.
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    Cool, I won! I feel special .

    Congrats to the first and second place winners.
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    June 2007 - I predicted the Protoss campaign would give you new tech as you conducted diplomacy among tribes.

    Hidden Content:
    July 18th 2010 - I predicted Raynor would broadcast information of Mengsk's actions on Tarsonis to discredit him and incite rebellion.

    Hidden Content:
    June 16th 2010 I predicted the Voice in the Darkness was the commanding force behind the Hybrids. I'm calling it half-right.

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    Congratulations guys
    I really need to change this...
    Check out my maps: Maul's Spirial Turret Defense and Maul's Risk: Bel'shir

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    Congratulations to the winners!
    Great concept Dread_Reaper, I see you have learned from the master himself

    Scientists measure a second as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods
    of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine
    levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom.
    Or the duration of 9,192,631,770 matches where David Kim crushes you head to head in StarCraft 2

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    Default Re: SC:L Unit Contest Winners

    Quote Originally Posted by Equiliari View Post
    Great concept Dread_Reaper, I see you have learned from the master himself
    I want to understand this in-joke!
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    Baralisk concept is awesome. Congratz to da winners!

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