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5 Muta do nothing against Missile Turrets, Marines, or a Thor or two. All of which can easily be gotten once they see your Spire start building.

In short, no: you can't take advantage of a Terran who's paying attention.

Also, I'm curious how, as a Zerg, you even know they're going for Marauders. Any decent Terran will have killed all your pre-Lair scouting attempts. And if you get Speed and +1, that's 200 gas you just wasted when you find out that they're going for Reapers or Hellions.

Zealots? You mean those things that will never, ever get close to the Marauders due to Concussive Shells?

Safe behind his walls, a Terran is free to tech to whatever he wants.
To answer the first accusation, I believe I did with the other option of going infestor, stops his forces, deals damage, and allows you to counter. 2 infestors will destroy marines and keep marauders from running away from a zergling surround, Medivacs do little to nothing to stop it.

As for the second query: Any self respecting zerg gets speed for the counter and map control, and +1 doesn't just effect zerglings, it's a good investment for reaper harass, and late game teching. Zerglings > reapers if you have good scouting and good creep spread, which any zerg should be doing regardless of the opponent's race.

3rd query: If you don't want them to run away, or kill your stalkers fast, let them get up your ramp, FF behind them, then send a wall of zealots to clean them up, stalkers in the background applying additional assistance, it's been shown many times in PvT that it's a viable way to stop an early marauder push. Hell add a cannon or two, not like you believe you'll win anyway against marauders right? Might as well throw the kitchen sink at them.

4th insinuation: Terran has the ability to wall, always been there, always will be there. If you can't get past that fact at this point in this game series, you should just give up.