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    Before I begin I wanted to state that this idea is just a suggestion. It's only to be considered, and if nothing's done, it's fine. It's just a vague idea, and it isn't an attempt to demand anything.


    You may have heard about something called the Guild Wars or some random thing named Aeon of Strife. Or maybe a friend told you about something of a 6 pool or a cheese proxy. But what the heck is that? I'm pretty sure most people around here are lore masters or amateurs but many are not. Nor are common visitors/forum lurkers. So I just came with the idea: why isn't there some Starcraft magazine?

    The Deal.

    You probably have seen those magazines that promote learning history or science or useful stuff. What if instead it teaches about Starcraft? Not forcefully a strategy guide, but something more complete with lore, strategy, and all Starcraft but in a brief, atractive and easy to read (relatively). So what if Starcraft: Legacy made that magazine? The Koprulu Monthly, (lame name suggestion) made by the content staff under supervision of Gradius (Content Lead). A Starcraft magazine made by people who know Starcraft and know how to write. It would attract me. And I'm pretty sure that at least it would to some people. This magazine would contain sections like strategy, lore, updates, mapping, etc. in a nice presentation so it would attract more people to learn about the game itself and the universe it spawned.


    [Note: Just suggestions]
    -It would be released every 15 days or monthly, since the staff have other things to do.
    -The sections would be constant and contain new info every issue.
    -Lenght: As needed. The shorter each text is, the more attractive it can be, but less info is provided.
    -It can be done by various staff (strategy, content, etc.) that work together or individually then join it.
    -It would be a SC:L Featured (like Legacy Weekly, but instead of News it would inform about other stuff).


    -It would give more visitors to the website (always good).
    -It would make more conscience about the Starcraft Universe.
    -Many casual gamers would get more knowledge about Starcraft.
    -It would show the writers' skills.
    -It would give more depth to the site (not that it doesn't have)
    -Other members could give ideas and participate.
    -The proyect members would learn (or develop) how to work in team


    -It would need time, work, organization.
    -There may be more important stuff to do in SC:L.
    -It would demand research (lore) and analysis (strategy)
    -At some point the magazine would become void. (Not soon enough but at some point)


    What if SC:L would make a Starcraft Magazine that contains in each issue Starcraft Info in an attractive format that would give the casual reader knowledge about the Starcraft Universe, be it in lore facts or strategies, and would promote learning all the things the Koprulu Sector has to offer?

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    Hey Arkalis,

    I removed the [hide] tags to improve readability.

    Currently, we have a weekly general StarCraft release and a bi-weekly strategy release. It is possible to include a Lore release to the production cycle.

    I feel that beginner-level strategy content could be produced more effectively outside of a larger release. The larger the project, the greater the inertia, so a consistent "column" by one or more players could address beginner-level questions adequately. Also, Blizzard is releasing a lot of content aimed at this market, so we would be competing with them. It's why I'm hesitant about a release that includes that knowledge. Blizzard can cover the easy stuff, but it's the more complex things that they will be unable to cover; we're focusing on that more complex content.

    Short, related articles about the lore of StarCraft could really work in a ezine/release format. Again, we focus on larger articles for lore because no one else does. If we enter into shorter stuff, we're competing with other sites and, increasingly, with Blizzard itself. I'll think about it further, and I'll post some more feedback soon.



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    Sounds like a great idea to me.

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