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Thread: Protoss' language project

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    Default Protoss' language project

    En taro Tassadar, my friends!

    As a life-long conlanger I'm starting to work in a project to create an unofficial Protoss language. Taking into account all the canon, phrases and words and trying to work out the best structure possible to give them sense.

    Some of the phrases appearing will be old time favorites: "En taro Tassadar", "Adun toridas!", and even some acknowledgements from Protoss units and many more still in development.

    The blog's address will be

    This, of course, is not trying to be the "only" or even the "real" Protoss language, just a project to create what could be a consistent and fully formed Khalani for the Protoss and for all the Protoss' fans and to all who want to know the meaning of these phrases. I hope you will all enjoy it.

    Any questions, comments and so on will greatly appreciated in the blog

    Taro ruulas!

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    apparently blizzard has a book in ther HQ with a dictionary of khalani terms go steal it and post it online

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    Quote Originally Posted by Brutaxilos View Post
    apparently blizzard has a book in ther HQ with a dictionary of khalani terms go steal it and post it online
    Lol I wish I could!! But for now we'll have to settle for this, hehe.

    I think what they have at the HQ is basically a book with "Khalani-sounding" words, but this will include grammar.

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    B.3 Protoss Unit Quotes

    "Life for Aiur!"

    "What now calls?"
    "Issah Tu!"
    "I long for combat!"
    "Gee house!"

    "Ga gura!"
    "Thus I serve!"
    "Honor guide me!"
    "For Adun!"

    "En Taro Adun!"
    "All for the Empire!"
    "Doom to all who threaten the homeworld."
    "I have returned."

    "Awaiting instructions."
    "Input command."
    "Kah karadas"
    "Make use of me."
    "I am needed."

    "Lok tide"
    "Meto ra"
    "Nagat soon"
    "For vengeance."

    "Unauthorized transmission."
    "Incorrect protocol."
    *Beeping sounds* "Drop your weapon, you have 15 second to comply."
    "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" *Phase shot*
    High Templar
    "Khassar de Templari."

    "Your thoughts?"
    "Sarag ha!"
    "I heed thy call."
    "State thy bidding."

    "You think as I do."
    "It shall be done."
    "My path is set."

    "Your thoughts betray you."
    "I see you have an appetite for destruction."
    "And you learn to use your illusion."
    "But you find your lack of control disturbing."
    "The merging is complete!"

    "We burn!"
    "We need focus!"
    "Thorsoh cop"
    "Power overwhelming."


    "It all looks so different on this side."
    "Break on through!"
    "It's beautiful!"
    "They should have sent a poet."
    "Teleport successful."

    "Awating command."
    "Standing by."

    "Koh rak"
    "It will be done."

    "Signal unstable."
    "Psionic link dissipating."
    "Adjusting neural transmission."
    "Noissimsnart laruean gnitsujda."
    "Warp field stabilized."

    "We feel your presence."
    "Gun Adun"
    "We are vigilant."

    "In kas-meen."
    "Jepaka zoen."

    "We sense a soul in search of answers."
    "Do you seek knowledge of time travel?"
    "We'll take that as a yes."
    "And now for your first lesson. Hahahaha.
    *rewinding sound* "Do you seek knowledge of time travel?"
    "Carrier has arrived!"

    "Your command?"
    "Loh klas."
    "Isch nu"

    "Kokal tula."
    "Gau ju."

    "Our enemies legion!"
    "And still you procrastinate!?"
    "Command, or you will be relieved!"
    "This is not an idle threat!"
    *formulation sound*

    "I sense a soul in search of answers."
    "It sounds like... a huge gargantuan swollen bloated mushroom!"
    "One small step for man, one giant..." *static sound* "Stop poking me!"
    *short music clip*
    "Warcraft." *gibberish* "Expansion set four." *gibberish*
    Dark Templar
    "Adun Toridas!"

    "Zerask gulida!"
    "I'm waiting."
    "Neraz gulio."

    "For Aiur."
    "So be it."
    "Very well."

    "Your taunts are inadvised, templar."
    "Do not provoke me to violence."
    "You can no more evade my wrath..."
    "...Than you could your own shadow."
    "It is a good day to die!"

    "Ready for battle!"
    "May I be of service?"
    "I stand ready."
    "Let us attack."

    "Adun Toridas!"
    "Ahhh, at last!"
    "I thought you'd see it my way."

    "Look at all the pretty lights!"
    "I wonder what this button does."
    *siren noise* "I think this was a big mistake."
    "Zefram Cochrane is that you?
    "What did you do to your hair?"
    Dark Archon
    "We are as one!"

    "Must have energy!"
    "We hear you."
    "Thoughts in chaos!"
    "Must feed!"

    "We'll go."
    "Oblivion awaits!"
    "We move!"

    "Must consume."
    "Or oblivion will take us."
    "Adun, save me."
    "Darkness overpowering!"

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project
    Translated Phrases

    * Adun Toridas! (literally "Adun hide you", oft interpreted as "May Adun give you sanctuary)[3]
    * Alysaar ("Keepers of Wisdom") [3]
    * Alys'aril ("Sanctuary of Wisdom")[3]
    * Anht zagatir nas ("The gods watch over you")[1][4]
    * Dae'Uhl ("great stewardship")[5]
    * En Taro ("in honor of")[6]
    * Ihan-rii (A name for the xel'naga during the Aeon of Strife)[7]
    * Khala ("Path of Ascension")[5]
    * Khas ("He who brings order")[5]
    * Khaydarin ("Focuser of the heart")[8]
    * Khor-shakal ("Great forum")[1]
    * Kwah-kai ("Little hands")[1]
    * Ni Monn Adun ("Heart of Adun")[9]
    * Shel'na Kryhas ("Those Who Endure")[1]
    * Tal'darim ("The Forged")[1]
    * Und lara khar ("Be at peace")[1][4]
    * Zerashk Gulida ("Oblivion awaits")[4]

    [edit] Acknowledgements

    These phrases are uttered by protoss units in the games when first selected. Their meanings presumably vary, but all are linked to a protoss acknowledging a superior's presence in some form or another.

    * Bothorus ji'en![10]
    * Dunad'wynn[11]
    * Galahoslos?[12]
    * Gee'hous![13]
    * Ischk'nu?[14]
    * Issah'tu![13]
    * Kenala Atuhn[15]
    * Khas Arashad[16] (Note that Khas was an individual,[5] so "Arashad" is presumably its own word)
    * Khas Naradahk![13] (Note that "Khas" was an individual[5] , so "Naradahk" is seemingly its own word)
    * Khassar'Detemplari...[17][18]
    * Jakul nnacht[19]
    * Joh'giiv? (stated by scout pilots in StarCraft when selected)
    * Ju'ros?[20]
    * Loh'Klahs?[14]
    * Mundorum malacai![10]
    * Neraz gulio[21] (pronounced "Neraz "Squeel")
    * Nhas berhu uhna'dha![19]
    * Oranj ishtal![18]
    * Thorasoh'cahp![22]
    * Uhn anaq paruh![23]
    * Uhn orokai atum[24]
    * Za Khaladas[12]
    * Zerah'hah...[17]
    * Z'Rai'Ect krioh![25]

    [edit] Affirmations

    These phrases are stated in the games by protoss units when affirming given orders. The exact meanings, which could range from passive to agressive in intent, are unknown.

    * Gau'gurah![26]
    * Gau'ju![27]
    * Gou'ron[11]
    * Koh'koh rii[20]
    * Kokal'tulah![27]
    * J'tokoh Zohl[11]
    * Lok pii[12]
    * Metonah[12]
    * Nagat Zuul[12]
    * Nach nagalas[28]
    * Ner'Mah[21]
    * Nihn'kas Neehn[11]
    * Terrie Khala![29] (Note that as Khala translates as "Path of Ascension",[5] "Terrie" is seemingly its own word.)
    * Typical uz'hul[11]
    * Zzz'togh[17]

    [edit] Untranslated Phrases

    * Khas'lor (seemingly someone very close to a protoss, likely a family member)[8]
    * Na Adan Atum! (seemingly a warcry)[30]
    * Ul'as Addari[30]
    * Shaou Za'k ma'k nu'n [31]
    * Taro ruul asz (seemingly a way to say goodbye or "May honor guide us")[32]
    * Var'un ruul asz (seemingly a counterpart statement to Taro ruul asz)[32]
    * Zmer'Glars (a number)[18]

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    Yes, that's exactly the material I'm working with, thanks.

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    Very interesting.
    I always wanted to know how to make good Protoss names. I intended to use Ebon for that, but didn't have enough names to feed the application. I have to try that with the new names revealed during WoL.

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    Awesome! Good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project.

    Yours Truly,

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    hmm dts say gulio and gulida maybe guli means shadows or dark or somethin' check what dts say in english and which words are overused

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    Default Re: Protoss' language project

    Hi. I finally gathered 80 names from, and put them in an EBoN file. It seems to work fairly decently, besides leaving everything at the defaults. I'll attach the chapter file.
    In the program, it appears under "unbound", or something like that. See if the names inside are of any help (it's just a plain text file).
    Note: the file must be renamed with a .ebn extension, and thrown inside EBoN's folder for it to be loaded. EBoN means Everchanging Book of Names.

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