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Thread: Late game macro?

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    So, lately I have been having a bunch of trouble keeping my minerals as low as possible during late game and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips because I feel I could win more games if I was better at late game macro.

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    Generally the bottle neck is supply and production make more unit producing structures and aim to quickly hit the supply cap. It is not unusual to take 1 or 2 more expansions at this point and finish of the upgrades. Make sure every thing that can produce something is producing (except SCV if you have way to many but the late game).

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    usually go in this order: more production facilities, upgrades, getting pop cap 200, if all that done, try expanding some more! experiment
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    Actually, even if you spend all you can gas will still limit you more than minerals. If I ever had a game where I needed to bring down my mineral numbers and had no gas I'd probably build defensive buildings at all my expos.

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