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    I know it's on the verge of an inappropriate post but I need some advice.
    what domain sounds better:


    If this post is inappropriate than you are free to delete it..
    I'm just having difficulty in deciding and I want to know the consequences of having a .org and having a .com



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    About sound: I can understand ScUniverse, but ScuForums? What does "u" do there?
    And if "scu" means something oh, there you go - your twitter account: xeo_scu - then what does "niverse" mean?

    Anyway, universe is better. But you'll have a lot of work so that your site is appropriate for the title.
    Sh*t, something is seriously wrong with the last sentence...
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    it's for StarCraft Universe.
    so now that you know that u is for universe in
    what sounds better?
    I mean I discovered that search engines look favorably on your site if it's .com in the end..


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