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Thread: fake gg?

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    Default fake gg?

    so did this ever happen to you? so like both our army clashed and mines pwned his army then he says GG so im all like "phew i won" but then he wont leave so again im like "ok ill just slowly clean up his buildings" so then i stopped macroing and relaxed a bit then before i knew it a HUGE mob of zealots came at me and im like "wtf he said gg" my main army died while cleaning up cannons and i had nothing except for some pheonix.
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    Default Re: fake gg?

    GG means absolutely dick all. The game isn't over until its over. Don't stop until the game says you win.

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    Default Re: fake gg?

    haha so many threads about 'gg'

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    Default Re: fake gg?

    When the enemy says GG, I answer GG and continue destroying his buildings until he leaves.

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    alls fair in love and war.  6

    Please stop the spread of Mass Effect!!!

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    One time in beta I called GG prematurely and just made one final push to his base for the hell of it. He had done the same thing. Cut macro, cut everything and just practically went AFK. When he informed me of these things, I actually felt alittle bad about it. He DID have me cornered fair and square... But yeah.. As said above... Never stop and always assume that they are trying to get you to let your guard down.
    Guess its not a good day to be a bad guy huh skank!?

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    Default Re: fake gg?

    I've always been paranoid about someone doing this to me, so I make it a point to keep going full-tilt until I win for real.

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    Default Re: fake gg?

    One game, There was a group of marines and marauders storming my base. I had put a spire down, but my drones were dying, and I couldn't see anyway I could stop him, so I called GG.

    About half a minute later, I had cleared away his marauders, and now had about 4-5 mutas in his base. It was back in beta, though, so I didn't feel bad about leaving and losing.

    Coincidentally, I just lost the game.

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    I don't trust GGs. Never been honestly threatened by what's followed them, but had enough "wouldn't respect me if I didn't try" last ditch attempts to figure out that people will do anything.

    Honestly, I think using chat to your advantage in-game in ANY way is extremely poor form. If someone does that, win or lose, I have no respect for them.

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    Default Re: fake gg?

    don't stop playing until you see the score screen.

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