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Thread: Can't go back?

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    Default Can't go back?

    I just beat all 25 missions on hard... but apparently there is a 26th secret mission that needs to be beaten before I can get the Acturus Mengsk portrait. Do I really have to do campaign over to beat it? That's rather annoying...

    Also, I must say, the story was pretty... un-epic. I'm annoyed Tychus is killed since he was the most entertaining. And a lot of the dialog was super corny. Anyone else a little disappointed?

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    There's two discussions over the ending on the first page alone.

    Let alone all the reviews that are out. You should probably look into those instead of starting up the same thing in a different place...

    edit: as for the 26th mission, you need to do the campaign up to Media Blitz, or find a saved game from before you went to Char, fire that up, redo Media Blitz and access it that way.

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