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Thread: Jim Raynor's Weapon of Choice

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    Question Jim Raynor's Weapon of Choice

    We all know that Jim's gun of choice is his Revolver. This old weapon looks outdated but as we all know it can still pack a punch(though weird as it may be) how would a gun be able to do that? What is the real world equalivent to this revolver (blizzard had to base the gun off of something).

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    This is something I've questioned myself.

    This just leads me to suspect that while conventional gunpowder weapons (it might not be conventional gunpowder but I'm assuming it is because it looks the part) like his revolver CAN still kill a Zerg if you blast it through the brains, it's simply a time piece of symbolic value for Raynor. It is in no way an effective weapon because it holds like 6 rounds, uses gunpowder, and is nowhere near as strong as Gauss Rifles which most likely from a realistic perspective shred through multiple Zerg targets with each bullet and hold a large amount of ammo.

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    Yeah I am sorry that I am not commenting much ( I am 5 blocks from parliment hill) but I agree with you, it seems like more of a symbolic icon than anything else. Example when he was a Marshall he didn't have to have a gauss rifle because he was just there to keep the peace. But why didn't have access to this ammo if so and restocked if this theory I'd correct. What I am also wondering is why did blizzard chose this as his weapon and what real world revolver matches the look of this one.

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    Raynor went from revolver to gauss to sniper rifle. anyways I think the revolver was probably a standard issue from back down at mar sara as confederate marshal, a trophy perhaps to him, but hey in the most brutal combat situations he went sniper rifle

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    i think he only saves it for something special, since he only seems to have one bullet in it at a time. strange that he ends up using it on _______. and the tv, of course.

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    My gut says the one bullet thing is because he plans to use it to personally kill Arcturus.

    As for why a revolver, it's because revolvers are just better.

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    Ah, tvtropes, the bane of time and life itself. The soul-sucking beast will draw your attention towards infinite links.

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    I don't think that the pistol is much more weaker than the gauss rifle, since it looks like they both use the same standard 9mm spike ammo, with the only diference that the gun has 6 rounds and the rifle has about 250.

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    The cool factor of a revolver is inestimable though. I'll say he likes the revolver best, for whatever reason, but in practical application the Gauss rifle or sniper is best. The sniper rifle is probably his favorite though, he seems to have it customized, what with the special rounds and whatnot. His gauss rifle seems pretty standard though.
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    It seems less to do with rule of cool and more to do with western in space.

    The gun itself has an intricate design, so I'm guessing it's either an heirloom or issued to Mar Sara marshalls only. By this point in the StarCraft history, it may be the only one of its kind left in the universe.

    I don't think it's nearly as powerful as a gauss rifle. That said, it will give a human a new orifice regardless.
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