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Thread: Worse Pathing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandwich_bird View Post
    I really haven't see a difference between release and beta. Reapers are as dumb as they always were. So are Thors and Ultralisks.
    Both need to be able to walk over units like a colossus especially the ultralisk.

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    SCV's stuck by a simple rock. Yeah I had 3 SCV's stuck behind a single rock and couldn't just move a little left and move on, they constantly pushed right towards the small rock.

    Thors stuck behind buildings in the SP in the expose Mengsk mission, etc...

    Roaches can't move through narrow edges when other units in front of them...

    Yes, a lot of path finding issues.

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    I want to mention that I am noticing a lot of this as well. I have had a lot of issues with SCV pathing and they will even sometimes over-rule my move command and repair...seriously...

    I think they are definitely acting differently.. I wonder if there was a change after beta was over and there are bugs or this was purposely to make AI dumber when they knew tons of people would buy the game anyway.

    I dont know... but i have noticed dumber ai also.  6

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    I found reapers to get stuck several times in bet. *shrugs*

    On a side note, I usually want to send my scout to find out if, and if so what he's walled off with, not to look at the side of a cliff.

    And units will move through paths that have been opened even if you have not scouted the rocks being destroyed.

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