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Thread: A few questions that came to mind.

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    Default A few questions that came to mind.

    If I Corrupt an Immortal, does it reduce the damage to ten, and then take the extra on top, or vice versa?

    I'm aware that for a unit to "smart fire", or whatever it's called, where they don't overkill a target, they need to have no projectile to the attack. What about Spine Crawlers? They have no projectile, but it's also not instant, which the smart firing units seem to have.

    Do burrowed units still take no splash? Can they be hit by psi storm/nuke?
    Can you Graviton Beam one if you can detect it? Do Hunter Missiles work on them, or at least the splash? What about EMP, Fungal? I'm guessing yes on those two, but who knows.

    Do burrowed roaches/infestors move faster UNDER creep?

    Finally, does anyone else find it weird that burrowed roaches/infestors can only move under a supply depot if it's IN THE GROUND, where it should impede their movement?

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    Default Re: A few questions that came to mind.

    I can only answer your last question. Gameplay will always be different to reality. They can move through lowered depots, because this involves the low guard of the player. If they are down any units can come in (cloaked and underground) It would be OP for them to move through every structure.

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    Default Re: A few questions that came to mind.

    Burrowed units take splash, and roaches and infestors move faster on creep, even when burrowed.

    EMP, Fungal, PDD, Psi storm and nukes all work, and I would assume Graviton also.

    The reason units "smart fire" is because every attack is milliseconds off. A unit cannot target a unit that is already dead. However, if the unit begins it's attack, and the enemy unit dies before the animation is complete, the attack does damage to a dead target. As such, attacks that deal damage instantly, such as the void ray or the siege tank, will never attack a dying target, because the target will be dead before they fire. However, any attack that takes time between initiation and completion, such as the spine crawler's, has the chance of it's target dying before the attack is finished.

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