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Thread: Todies Replays, Reflections and Ramblings

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    Default Re: Todies Replays, Reflections and Ramblings

    im still playing nearly as much, but not posting as much replays.

    im getting more picky with what i find to be noteworthy games.

    tonight was a good night though, especially for my infestor use; from what i can recall, the earlier games posted here seem like average games by now, as is now, im beginning to actually make informed decisions in the midst of my infestor usage. but i still feel i can go much longer with this.

    the opening of this ZvT on Caverns was quite ordinary; lingspeed before expand and then fending off a thoroughly scouted helion harass.

    .. this guy mixed up his army really well however and used it all together in a push to great effect around then ten minute mark; banshees, helions, marauders, marines and a few well positioned tanks.. fortunately, i pull my roach based force back to main choke and cut my losses before its too late.

    a few minutes later im about 25 food behind and at a much lower worker count; the initial comeback was a bit of a fluke, though hopefully just as entertaining as the rest of the game; its quite close for a while in terms of economy, and every confrontation is tactically intense.

    big part of why this felt like a good game was his unit composition; much tanks and good MMM support; its basically what i fear the most in terrans.. or until now anyway :P (marines werent very many or impressive; i shoulda probably thrown in some mutas, but thats less gas for infestors!)

    ... Help me out here; what was my main mistakes in losing hold of my expo to begin with? (that should have cost me the game, despite cutting my losses)

    Enjoy & comment?

    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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    Default Re: Todies Replays, Reflections and Ramblings

    I think you were needing a lot of larva at that point. Your forces were just outnumbered.

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    Default Re: Todies Replays, Reflections and Ramblings

    Hi again! So ive been knocked out of the SCL EU tournament; couldnt make it past round of 8 (Bash and Hammy...) After this, iv started playing more again, at my own pace and at my own terms.

    ... i still love the idea of sharing some games and thoughts around them; ive just become increasingly picky about what i view as worthwhile games to share. as for most of us, games make more sense to me when i win them, and sometimes when i paly a game, i forget to save t even if it was a good one - mostly when i lost it.

    to kick things off again, here is one replay per matchup;

    Hidden Content:

    This will always be an intense matchup for me. lately, im struggling against canon contains in different variations. this promts me to scout at 9 and start a pool at 13, even if im intending to FE; if i scout a normal build (gate & preferably gas) i can cancel my pool and get the hatch up asap, as i did here.

    This game got pretty long, and the first part of it is uneventful, but pay closer attention after 19 minutes: seeing his early blink i forgo mutalisks in favour of infestors. a LOT of infestors.. trying to hold that golden third, i postpone teching further for quite some time.. in retrospect, it woulda been nice to have some hydras, especially with all those fungal-covered zealots to shoot at...

    i thought this game took a cool turn, and another cool turn when he responded with HT's ... im sorry to disappoint, but i failed to pull any epic NP's .. i kind of forget about it when there arnt any BIG targets, though HT's make sense to NP. next time. i promise.

    Hidden Content:

    ... this matchup is onesided for me lately. one way or another. a few days ago, i lost alot, and now im winning it easily again. this was the best ZvT of my 10-15 latest league games.

    on Xelnaga caverns, he responds to my FE with 2rax->expo->MMM and heavy preemtive anti-air defenses.. my reaction to this is taking a quick 3rd and eventually pulling the infestor card.

    in retrospect, i could have made this win even safer by being a bit more dynamic with my agression; coulda rolled some banes into his expo minns aswell as hit em with infsetors .. while / instead of hitting the cliff when i did.

    Hidden Content:
    This matchup generally drives me insane. lately iv been fastexpanded against two times. this was one of them... i like to keep a readiness for earlygame combat by getting pool at 12-13 and scouting sort of early; watch pool timing and larva count... im not sure it was wise to combine roaches and banelings;i do know i intended to plant my bling nest sooner, witch might'a changed things alot. either way, earlygame is packed & back n forth. as it turned out, i stuck with it for slightly too long adn ended up with a big disadvantage.

    from this situation i felt like my opponent played a rational game; he took a 3rd, got some mutas and owned the map with OL's. maybe he was slightly overeager to attack when he did, but his position looked convincing. it took some luck to get back, but it swinged in my favour, even though my infestor use wasnt spot on.

    so yeah, thats all my ramblings for now. Any and all comments and questions are most welcome, even after all ive said, hopefully you can find something in my game to be constructive about, one way or another

    .. hopefully ill start updating this a little more frequently. feedback is encouraging!

    Peace out!
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    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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