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Thread: Starting to learn zerg

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    Default Starting to learn zerg

    I have never been a really good player, I did play in the beta but I started rather late.

    I never quite understood zerg, but I think I am starting to. What do you think about this game? He told me I played well, and I think I did. Except for a few "srew-ups".
    *ZvZ 1v1-platinum
    Attachment 1003

    Also here's another one where I was "lucky". Maybe I was, or it was just him that was stupid not to attack me.....
    *ZvT 1v1-platinum
    Attachment 1004

    I usually always play random at the moment, but I played some terran and protoss some time ago (man did I love to micro blinking stalkers :P)
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    Default Re: Starting to learn zerg

    I'll watch tonight! In the meantime could you tell me what league you're in and if you started with another race before switching to zerg? What are the matchups here?

    i'll be back later for comments

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    Default Re: Starting to learn zerg

    Haha those two games were so original! Loved them both.

    I'll be succinct because it's late

    That was a VERY weird ZvZ there. It's kind like you both had some sort of a non-early aggression agreement haha.
    You would have destroyed him with a 13extractor, 13pool, first 100 gas into speed, then 50gas into bling nest, and spam both units until your banelings reach his mineral line.
    It's hard to comment on the rest besides the random "inject larvae more", which is what I tell myself everytime I watch one of my replays but that doesn't change much... ; )
    I really liked your infestor usage. Spreading creep was absolutely necessary and you did that well. You kind of suicided your ling/roach armies too much in terms of strategy, but then your hydra were out at a good time so that saved you the game right there.

    ==> The major flaw was your worker saturation though. You stayed for a very long time (perhaps the whole game? i didn't check back later) at 9/10 drones, instead of 16 (minimum) per base. That kind of defeats the purpose of expanding early : ) It's great you had an even spread amongts both bases, that's idea in fact, but you needed a couple more mining.
    Can't say much more since the game was so unusal by ZvZ standards. I would use fungal a bit more than IT in most cases, but when you were up on that ramp it was just too tempting so I can't blame you : )
    Very fun game to watch though!

    Haha he got you good at the beginning. I'd say the only lucky part about this game is that he didn't expand right, and somehow refused to make turrets : ) but your muta harass was very successful. I can't believe he kept on suiciding such costly armies as well, but that's good for you!
    I'm starting to wonder if I'm not a bit biased though: I disagree very strongly with your choice to make, and then protect, that roach warren. Blings and speedlings would have busted that door open in a second and you could have rushed to his undefended main in a second.
    He wasn't very smart in going for a block like that on blistering sands since there are two doors. He had to split his stuff a lot.

    I guess your early expand was for the achievement, but I still would have gone zergling baneling. Another good way to bust out would have been to make more roaches, and supplement those with queens. That would have done the job really well, but your counter-attack would have been slow, so that wasn't the ideal choice in this situation, but still something to keep in mind. Roach+queen takes a bit of time to get the hang of but it's strong.

    As you saw right at the end... muta/bling/ling is very strong against terran. Throw in an infestor (which is right on track to your ultras) and you can tackle almost anything, including good marine micro.

    Are all of your games so peculiar and close? Haha I'm kind of jealous, I always face players who do standard builds : )

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    Default Re: Starting to learn zerg

    Yeah, I forgot to add. That early expansion was for the achievement.
    I didn't save a lot of other replays yet but I guess I could make a portfolio of the "funniest to watch replays :P" I had a few other games which I maybe should have saved, but I have not played so many ladder games yet.

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    Default Re: Starting to learn zerg

    ZvZ: what hammy said; ZvZs kind of should be quite tense from the beginning. taking the gold isntantly is interesting and effective if you get away with it but a better player wont allow it - even if he doesnt realzie it at first, he'll be in your face ssoon enough, and then he will realzie something is up.

    ... you dont "have to" go ling + baneling thoguh, IMO. peedlings is a good foundation, and if you can force / scout baneling tech, roach + ling is a good rout, tho roaches are slow enough that it can be difficult to attack with the early - sometimes it feels feasable, and otehrwise, you can defend an expo with them (adding banelings if he responds to roach with sick zergling numbers)

    ... interesting game though. i understand the panick attack when you saw his first mutas : it would have messed up your game much worse to allow those mutas to descend on your bases and limited Anti air right then, than to delay them by forcing them to defend.

    still, even while launching that attack, i'd be worried about two things:

    mutas hitting your gold before you could defend it (hydras wouldnt move there in time - so set up spores ASAP - you waited until your distraction force was dead, which might have been too late)

    second, your hdyras being overrun by mutas + ground. (so position them carefully untill you can back em up with sufficent meatshield and either infestor or just "enough hydras" to feel safe vs air) ... he had an intimidating number of mutas - your hdyras were enoguh to take em out but had he sent in some 15 lings along with them, it'd be a different story.

    that ZvT was one funky game.. instant hatchery is so abusable by almost any terran opening, reapers probably being the best. needless to say, he didnt handle it that awesomely past pressuring with that first bunker (3-4 reapers with speed upgrade before lingspeed coulda been the end of you, pretty much.) ... but never the less. kudos for handling the situation!

    i understand the roach reaction; they rape reapers. but hammy is right. braking out with banelings and dominating with speedlings is what would have made the most sense.

    i think its a good thing to share only the best games / the games you feel something for - that is worth describing and discussing.

    gg's. keep em comming!
    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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    Default Re: Starting to learn zerg

    It wasn't really the best games, but one of the most interesting games where me and my opponent played somewhat alike. Those games where I've played my best seems to be boring sometimes just steamrolling :P

    Also I am still not that experienced, I haven't played alot of ladder games at all. So I am constantly learning and evolving my gameplay. So I never really get any of my "best" gameplays. But some games can be more interesting to watch. (I really liked your game where the toss was 100% sure he would have won and "gg'ed" so to speak and then you continued to win. It maybe wasn't one of your best plays, but it certianly was one of the best replays to watch)

    Since I play random I might start a new thread with interesting replays if I find some.

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